MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Biology Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10th Biology Quiz with Answers

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Control And Coordination Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Control And Coordination Questions and Answers

Control And Coordination Quiz Question Answer
What would happen to the person if cerebellum of his brain is damaged?
He will be unable to coordinate and stand properly
Thinking part of the brain is located in: Forebrain

Heredity And Evolution Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Heredity And Evolution Questions and Answers

Heredity And Evolution Quiz Question Answer
Stete whether the given statement is True or Fale:
Humans will not evolve anymore.
F$$_1$$ generation means: First filial generation
In heredity, the genes are obtained from
State whether the given statement is True or False:
One species is eliminated to give rise to a new one.
What are alleles? A pair of genes governing a specific trait such as tallness or dwarfness.
The term for similarity in organ structure seen in great diversity is Homology
The belief that the mother is completely responsible for the sex of the child is wrong, because the child
Gets sex determining chromosome only from the father
State whether the given statement is True or Flae:
Variation does not occur in humans.
State whether the given statement is True or False:
Variations occur in animals, but not in plants.
The wings of birds are homologous to man's Fore arms

How Do Organisms Reproduce Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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How Do Organisms Reproduce Questions and Answers

How Do Organisms Reproduce Quiz Question Answer
Fill in the blank:
_____________ is stored in the female gamete and is used by the developing zygote.
On reaching puberty, a woman's ovaries usually release ........... egg each month. One
State whether the given statement is True or False.
Sexes denote the distribution of living beings into two main categories, i.e. male and female.
Identify the wrong pair from the following.
Hydra - Multiple fission
In human female, immature eggs are seen for the first time in the ovary during which stage? At puberty
The production of offspring by the sexual or asexual process is known as:  Reproduction
Which of the following is the part through vegetative propagation occur in a jasmine plant? Stem
Binary fission in Amoeba is a type of: Asexual reproduction
.............. are the reproductive organs of flowering plants.
The production of the same type of organism is called:  Reproduction

Life Processes Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Life Processes Questions and Answers

Life Processes Quiz Question Answer
In what condition does a person require artificial kidney? Both kidneys are damaged
Blood pressure in the pulmonary artery is: More than that in the pulmonary vein.
Which of the following medicines is used for indigestion?
........... involves in the intake of complex material prepared by other organisms.
Heterotrophic nutrition
The movement of soluble products through the vascular tissue of plants is called:
The largest artery in the human body is:
A plant that prepares its own food is called?
Man is .......... in nutrition.
To remove chlorophyll, the leaf should be boiled in _______. Alcohol
Human body loses water by
All of the above

Our Environment Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Our Environment Questions and Answers

Our Environment Quiz Question Answer
Match the following:
List 1List 2
(a)Fourth trophic level(i)Snake
(b)Second trophic level(ii)Vulture
(c)First trophic level(iii)Rabbit
(d)Third trophic level(iv)Grass

(a) - (ii), (b) - (iii), (c) - (iv), (d) - (i)
Ozone hole means
Decrease in the concentration of ozone
Food chain starts with Photosynthesis
The first link in any food chain is always a green plant, because
They alone have a capacity to fix atmospheric $$CO_2$$ in the presence of sunlight.
The transfer of energy from one organism to another organism in a natural community establishes:
Food chain
The consumers are All animals
Energy and nutrients enter a community by  Producer
Which of the following belongs to the category of primary consumers? Cattle
In an ecosystem
Movement of energy is unidirectional.
Ecosystem is defined as:
Relation between biotic and abiotic components

Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources Class 10 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources Questions and Answers

Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources Quiz Question Answer
Sardar Sarovar dam was built on  Narmada
The oil present in the earth's crust for use is called oil ______.
Chipko Andolan (Movement) which was started in 1980 in Garhwal/Himalayas (Gopeshwar) near Alkananda river was for the first time initiated by Sunder Lal Bhaugauna
Petroleum is ________ natural resource. Exhaustible
Which of the following items cannot be recycled? Plastic bags
Our resources like forests, wildlife, water, coal and petroleum need to be used in a____________.

Sustainable manner
The management of ............... resources requires a long term perspective. Natural
A kulh is a system to harvest water in the form of a Irrigation canal
Which of the following is considered as the major source of fresh water? Ground water
Coal can be used as a Fuel

CBSE Class 10th Biology Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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