MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10th Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Acids, Bases And Salts Class 10 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Acids, Bases And Salts Questions and Answers

Acids, Bases And Salts Quiz Question Answer
The $$pH$$ of blood is:
slightly basic
Chemical formula of gypsum is:
$$CaSO_4 . 2H_2O$$
$$pH$$ scale ranges from: $$0-14$$
$$Na_2SO_4$$ has a $$pH$$ of: 7
A solution of $$CuSO_4$$ in water is __________ in colour.
Turmeric is a natural indicator. On adding its paste to acid and base separately, which colour would be observed ? Yellow in acid and red in base
Which of the following statements is not correct? All metal oxides react with water to give salt and acid
After heating, copper sulphate crystals turn : white
Identify the acid-base reaction from the following.
$$NaOH + HCl \rightarrow NaCl + H_2O$$
Sulphurous acid turns ________. blue litmus into red

Carbon And Its Compounds Class 10 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Carbon And Its Compounds Questions and Answers

Carbon And Its Compounds Quiz Question Answer
During hydrogenation of oil, the catalyst commonly used is: $$Ni$$
What is a homologation reaction? Conversion of one member of a homologous series to the next member of homologous series.
Assertion: In O/W emulsion, soap is mixed.
Reason: Soap reduces surface tension.
If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

Which of the following will give a pleasant smell of ester when heated with ethanol and a small quantity of sulphuric acid?

$$ CH_{3}COOH $$
Micelle formation take place when soap is added to water? Will a micelle be formed in other solvents like ethanol also?

$$ NaOH+{ C }{ H }_{ 3 }COOH\longrightarrow C{ H }_{ 3 }COONa+{ H }_{ 2 }O $$

This reaction is called : 

neutralisation reaction

 What is the name of the compound shown in the figure?

The IUPAC name of the compound $$CH_3CH = CHC \equiv  CH$$ is : pent-3-en-1-yne
Which of the following pairs of compounds of carbon will undergo combustion as well as addition reactions?
$$C_2H_2$$ and $$C_3H_6$$
Which of the following is known as the Black lead? Graphite

Chemical Reactions And Equations Class 10 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Chemical Reactions And Equations Questions and Answers

Chemical Reactions And Equations Quiz Question Answer
If you pour a few drops of petrol on your palm, it will feel cool as the petrol evaporates. This change is a/an: endothermic reaction
Complete the chemical reaction $$Mg(s)+H_2SO_4(aq)\rightarrow$$?  $$MgSO_4+H_2$$
In a balanced chemical reaction, the electric charge and total number of moles before reaction and after the reaction are : conserved
Which information is not conveyed by a balanced chemical equation? Whether a particular reaction is actually feasible or not
If hydrogen is added to a compound (or an element ) in a chemical reaction, the reaction is known by which reaction?
$$Lead\ Sulphate + Ammonium\ Hydroxide \rightarrow Ammonium\ Sulphate + Lead\ Hydroxide$$

Identify the type of reaction.
Double displacement reaction
Which of the following is not a decomposition reaction?
$$H_{2} + Cl_{2} \rightarrow 2HCl$$
In the reaction, 

$$Zn+NaNO_{3}+NaOH\rightarrow Na_{2}ZnO_{2}+NH_{3}+H_{2}O$$ 

The molar coefficients of Zn and $$NaNO_{3}$$ are: 
4 and 1 respectively
Select the correct statement(s) about chemical reaction in a closed container.
The total mass of molecules may change.
Identify the combination reactions in the following: $$2CO+O_2\rightarrow 2CO_2$$

Metals And Non Metals Class 10 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Metals And Non Metals Questions and Answers

Metals And Non Metals Quiz Question Answer
Argentite is a mineral of: $$Ag$$
Metal oxide + water $$\rightarrow$$   ?  Base
Which of the following non-metals is a liquid?  Bromine
Prevention of corrosion of iron by $$Zn$$ coating is called: galvanization
Which of the following pairs of substances, on reaction, will not evolve $$H_{2}$$ gas?
Copper and $$HCl (g)$$
Which of the following element is non-malleable? $$C$$
Iron and rust are the same things. False
Which metal is used to connect solar cell to solar panels? Silver
Non-metals have properties similar to that of metals.
Choose whether true or false:
Metals occur in nature only as free elements.

Periodic Classification Of Elements Class 10 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Periodic Classification Of Elements Questions and Answers

Periodic Classification Of Elements Quiz Question Answer
Atomic wt. of P is 31 and Sb isWhat will be the atomic wt. of As, as per Dobernier triad rule? $$75.5$$
Which of the following statements are true about the modern form of the periodic table? All of the above
In Dobereiner's triads, atomic weight of the elements in a triad are in increasing order.
The electronic configuration of calcium is $$2,\,8,\,8,\,2$$. Find the valency of the element. $$2$$
Identify the element with atomic number 10.
An element which is an inert gas with atomic number 2 is :
How did Mendeleev predict the existence of some elements yet to be discovered elements in his periodic table?
Which of the following are the important merits of modern periodic table?
It is based on classifying elements according to their atomic number.
State whether the given statement is true or false:

Magnesium is more metallic in nature than sodium.
In the first two groups of periodic table, the group number represents the :

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