MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 6 Physics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 6th Physics Quiz with Answers

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Electricity And Circuits Class 6 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Electricity And Circuits Questions and Answers

Electricity And Circuits Quiz Question Answer
A closed path through which electricity flows is called a circuit. True
Bulbs of rating 60W, 220V and 250W, 220V are connected in series and their combination is connected to 440 V supply. Which bulb will fuse?

Three 100 W light bulbs are connected in series to a 220 V power source.If two of the light bulbs are replaced by 60 W bulbs the brightness of the remaining 100 W bulb is  Dimmer than it was before
Electric current can flow through-

All of these
If we touch a naked current carrying wire, we get a shock. This is because our body is a : conductor of electricity
An electric bulb rated $$220\ V, 60\ W$$ is working at full efficiency. Another identical bulb is connected across the mains as shown.
What is total power consumption?
$$30\ W$$
Why does an electric bulb fuse? Break in bulb's filament.
For which of the following arrangements will the bulb glow?
(a) and (f)
How many terminals does an electric bulb have? Two
Electric current is to be passed from one body to another. For this purpose the two bodies must be joined by
copper wire

Fun With Magnets Class 6 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Fun With Magnets Questions and Answers

Fun With Magnets Quiz Question Answer
What does a student need to do to find out whether a material is a magnet?
Find out if the material can be repelled by a compass.
State True or False.
North and south poles repel each other.
A bar magnet consists of

equal and opposite magnetic poles
Which effect of force is caused by the magnetic force between a magnet and a magnetic substance? Change of position.
The presence of magnetic field at a point can be detected by
a compass needle
A permanent magnet attracts magnetic substances and repels all others
Which of the following helps detecting the presence of magnetic field at a point ? a compass needle
The N-pole of a compass points to the .............. pole of a permanent magnet
Which of the following will help demagnetizing a magnet ?
Hammering the magnet
Which of the following is not true?
A permanent magnet retains its magnetism even when heated on a flame

Light Shadows And Reflections Class 6 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Light Shadows And Reflections Questions and Answers

Light Shadows And Reflections Quiz Question Answer
Water is Transparent
In a room lighted by an electric bulb, it is found that the shadow of the ceiling fan hung in the centre is falling on a wall opposite to the door. What can you say about the position of the bulb ? On the wall having the door
A thin layer of water is transparent but a very thick layer of water is : translucent
Shadows are formed due to: Blockage of light by the opaque objects
The Image formed in a pinhole camera  is real.  True
Which of the following is a transparent object? Glass
A substance through which light can pass is called a/an : Transparent body
The image of our face in a plane mirror is
Same as the size of the object
Which of the following is an example of natural pinhole camera ? Holes in a leaf
Identify the instrument from the given image.
Pinhole Camera

Motion And Measurement Of Earth Class 6 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Motion And Measurement Of Earth Questions and Answers

Motion And Measurement Of Earth Quiz Question Answer
Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
The least value measured with metre-scale is (if the metre scale is divided into 1000) ....................... .
1 mm
 There should be a full stop at the end of a symbol for units. False
A __________ unit does not change with respect to space and time.
If a body does not change its position with respect to its surroundings, the body is said to be _________.
at rest
Which one of these units would you use to measure the length of a handbag? Centimetres
Fathom is the unit to measure the depth of sea
Metre is the SI unit of length
Which of the following is one dimensional motion? Train running on a straight track
A moving carrom board coin describes a _____ motion rectilinear

CBSE Class 6th Physics Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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