MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 7 Biology Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 7th Biology Quiz with Answers

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Forests Our Lifeline Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Forests Our Lifeline Questions and Answers

Forests Our Lifeline Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following type of plants has reduced crown? Cactus
Name the type of forest which covers the largest area in India?
Evergreen forest
Mushrooms and other microorganism present in forests feed on________.
Dead plants and animals
Different layers of vegetation provide _________ and________for animals.
Food and shelter
Which of the following helps the soil to prevent the flood? Forest
A food chain is a series of organisms where all the organisms are dependent on previous organism as a source of food.

Plants release oxygen through the process called 
Heavy rains can leads to_______.
Forests are reservoirs of wild life. True
Which of the following is/are the consequence of the destruction of forests. Water resources get depleted

Nutrition In Animals Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Nutrition In Animals Questions and Answers

Nutrition In Animals Quiz Question Answer
Match the following.
A. IncisorsGrinding teeth
B. CaninesCracking teeth
C. PremolarsCutting teeth
D. MolarsTearing teeth
A- 3, B- 4, C- 2, D- 1
The tooth with three roots is Molar
Which of the following is the stomach part in which herbivores secretes the grass which is swallowed quickly?  Rumen
Which of the following are components of food?
All organisms including humans require food for_________.
All of the above
You will find the mouth, feet and groove on the lower side of the starfish.
The mode of taking food into the body varies in different organisms.

We take in food through the nose, and digest it.
 Animal nutrition includes_________.
All of the above
Starfish feeds on animals covered by hard shells of ________.
Calcium carbonate

Nutrition In Plants Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Nutrition In Plants Questions and Answers

Nutrition In Plants Quiz Question Answer
Bacterial cells are________.
Leguminous plants produce_________.
All living things are made up of__________.
This type of cell needs a cell wall and chloroplasts?
Plant cell
All animals and fungi are autotrophs. False
........... involves in the intake of complex material prepared by other organisms.
Heterotrophic nutrition
Which of the following can replenish nutrients in the soil? All of the above
A plant that prepares its own food is called?
Organisms that obtain their food from non-living material are called ________. Saprophytes
Man is .......... in nutrition.

Reproduction In Plants Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Reproduction In Plants Questions and Answers

Reproduction In Plants Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following fruits are fleshy and juicy?
All of the above
The vegetative reproduction in Bryophyllum takes place through which part of the plant? Leaf
Pollination is the process of transfer of flowers from the anther to the stigma of the same or another plant. False
Vegetative propagation refers to the formation of new plants from
Stem, roots and leaves
Bryophyllum plant is vegetatively propagated by Leaf buds
In potatoes, new plants grow from Eyes 
The development of an offspring from any part of the body is called:
Vegetative reproduction
The plant/s in which vegetative propagation is found naturally is/are: Bryophyllum
Flowers which have both stamens and pistils are called: Bisexual flowers
What are spores? Tiny cells protected by thick walls to survive unfavorable conditions.

Respiration In Organisms Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Respiration In Organisms Questions and Answers

Respiration In Organisms Quiz Question Answer
Rate of transpiration is low in______. Desert plants
In cockroach, O$$_2$$ is carried to tissue by: Tracheal tubes
During heavy exercise when the supply of oxygen to our muscle cells is in sufficient, food breakdown is by anaerobic respiration.
Which of the following animals breathe through their skin and lungs? Frog
What gas is exhaled during breathing?
Carbon dioxide
In yeast, alcohol is formed by anaerobic respiration. True
______ is used to break down glucose into carbon dioxide and water.
Animals give out ______________ during respiration unlike plants.  Carbon dioxide
Plants have tiny pores called ______ for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Cramps in the leg muscles after running a long distance is because of: Build up of lactic acid

Transportation In Animals And Plants Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Transportation In Animals And Plants Questions and Answers

Transportation In Animals And Plants Quiz Question Answer
Most of the volume of normal human blood is composed of?

The platelets present in the blood help in: Clotting of blood
 The respiratory pigment present in humans is _______. Haemoglobin
The device used by the doctor to hear the heartbeat is: Stethoscope
The device used to hear the heartbeat is called _________. Stethoscope
The muscular tube which has the urinary opening at its end is known as Urethera
What is the function of heart?
Both A and C
Deoxygenated blood is carried by?
Exercise makes the heart beat faster.
The heart is also called_____.
Muscular pump

Wastewater Story Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Wastewater Story Questions and Answers

Wastewater Story Quiz Question Answer
The pit that we have to dig for vermicomposting has to be minimum of ___ cm.
The system of a network of pipes used for taking away wastewater from homes or public buildings to the treatment plant is known as Sewerage
Which of the following is waste water? Water coming out of a laundry.
What kind of wastes are filled in a compost pit ?
Water polluted by various human activities causes a number of water borne diseases. Which of the following is not a water borne disease? Asthma
When the water is cleaned where is it returned to?
The sea
Which of the following activities require the usage of clean water? Drinking water
Which among the following are ways to conserve water? All of the above
What are solid wastes commonly called?
Which among the following is/are farmers friend?

Weather Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate Class 7 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Weather Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate Questions and Answers

Weather Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate Quiz Question Answer
Sheep in ..... region have thicker fur than the sheep living in ...... region. Cold, warm
Which of the following countries has become first to pass Climate Act? Canada
Plants in cold regions shed leaves during ............ season. autumn
Warm ocean currents make the climate? Warm and wet
Which characteristic is not the adaptation of animals to protect themselves from extremely cold weather? A thin layer of hair
In India, the climatic year includes ................ seasons two
Sunlight is present for only a short span of time in Polar regions

Which of the following changes weather?
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Polar bears have thick fur which protects them from hot temperature.
Which of the following is a climatic factor?

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