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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 7th Civics Quiz with Answers

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A Shirt In The Market Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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A Shirt In The Market Questions and Answers

A Shirt In The Market Quiz Question Answer
The merchants supply cloth to garment manufacturers and ___________.
The earnings of the workers at the garment export factory are barely enough to cover their day-to-day needs. True
The foreign businessperson made huge profits in the market. True
The weavers from Erode get the yarn from the merchant and supply him the cloth. True
The weavers have no way of knowing who they are making the cloth for and the price it is sold for. True
Prudential reason of power sharing is based on careful calculation of _______________. Gains and losses
The weavers depend on merchants for ________. Both A and B
Erode's bi-weekly cloth market in _________ is one of the largest cloth markets in the world. Tamil Nadu
What happens in the putting-out system? Both A and B
Who among the following gains the most in the market? Foreign businessman

How The State Government Works Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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How The State Government Works Questions and Answers

How The State Government Works Quiz Question Answer
Define Opposition.
Representatives who are not members of the ruling party
If a Minsiter of a State wants to resign, to whom he should address the letter of resignation? Chief Minister
A political party whose MLAs have won more than half the number of constituencies in a state can be said to be in a ____________. Majority
The state legislature should meet at least twice a year. True
The political party that has the majority is called the ____________.  Ruling party
___________ is a particular area from where all the voters living there choose their representatives. Constituency
All members others than the ruling party are called the __________. Opposition
Who summons each House of state legislature? The Governor
Why should decisions taken by the Chief Minister and other ministers be debated in the Legislative Assembly?
Both A and B
Each state is divided into different areas or __________ for electoral purposes.

Market Around Us Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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Market Around Us Questions and Answers

Market Around Us Quiz Question Answer
Who sells the final goods to the consumer? Retailer
What is/are the advantage(s) of shops in neighbourhood?
Both A and B
Putting-out system is found in  Weaving Industry
In which type of market we can take goods in advance and pay later on? Shops in the neighbourhood
Who is the first one to buy goods in large quantities? Wholesaler
Free market conditions exist in ______system. Capitalist economy
Which of the following are the features of weekly market? All of these
One of the advantages of weekly markets is that most things you need ____________. Are available at one place
A weekly market is so called because it is held on a __________. Specific day of the week
The shop owners in the weekly market are helped by their family members and, hence, they _______. Do not need to hire workers

On Equality Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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On Equality Questions and Answers

On Equality Quiz Question Answer
African-Americans were discriminated in-
The key elements of a democratic government include the following except  Injustice
How the idea of "Universal adult franchise" is based on equality?
Everyone has one vote
In democracy, all citizens have __________ right to vote. Equal
One defiant act of Rosa Parks, an African-American woman, started the __________. Civil Rights Movement
Term Dalit is used for the people belonging to untouchables
Who was the African-American woman who was an essential part of the Civil Rights Movement?
Rosa Parks
Suffrage Movement refers to a movement for Right to Vote
Midday Meal Scheme is the popular name for school meal programme in
Citizens have to accept some restrictions on their personal liberty for ______ purposes. Security

Role Of The Government In Health Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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Role Of The Government In Health Questions and Answers

Role Of The Government In Health Quiz Question Answer
Because of the privatisation and the bad condition of ___________, poor people do not have access to good health services. Government hospitals
The capital of Costa Rica is:
San Jose
PHC stands for __________. Primary health centre
What is the full form of OPD
Out Patient Department

Which of the following is a basic healthcare unit in India?

Primary health centres

Basic health unit in urban areas is called ___________.

Community health centres
The government must safeguard the __________ of every person.
right to life

What is the full form of RMP?

Registered Medical Practitioner
What is the full form of UNICEF?
United Nations Children's Fund

Which of the following state has excelled in health and sanitation in India?


Struggles For Equality Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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Struggles For Equality Questions and Answers

Struggles For Equality Quiz Question Answer
The maidservants usually have to bear insults and ill-treatment by their employers. True
TMS stands for ___________.
Tawa Matsya Sangh
____________ is a provision in the Indian Constitution.
The Indian Constitution is called a living document because it can be ______________.
Leaders such as Jotiba Phule, Gandhiji, B. R. Ambedkar and Periyar Ramaswami Naicker worked tor _____________. establishing a society without caste inequalities
The Tawa joins ___________ in Hoshangabad. Narmada
Branding is an example of inequality based on __________. Financial status
Movements and struggles for equality in India continuously refer to the Indian Constitution to make their point about equality and justice for all. By constantly referring to the Constitution they use it as a __________. Living document
An act which provides that equal wages should be paid to equal work is _________________.
Equal Wages Act
The TMS was formed in the state of ____________. Madhya Pradesh

Understanding Media Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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Understanding Media Questions and Answers

Understanding Media Quiz Question Answer
Due to the costs of technologies, that mass media use, keep changing the mass media needs a great deal of _________ to do its work.
Censorship of the press _________________. has to be judged by the test of reasonableness
An independent media means that no one should control and influence its coverage of news. True
Television has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a larger global world. True
Television images travel huge distances through ______________.
Both A and b
Newspapers, television, and radio can reach millions of people because they use certain __________. Technologies
Television has brought the world closer to us. True
We term TV and radio as the __________.
Electronic media
Mass media is constantly thinking of ways to make money. True
We also tend to discuss newspapers and magazines as the _________.
Print media

Women Change The World Class 7 Civics MCQ Quiz

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Women Change The World Questions and Answers

Women Change The World Quiz Question Answer
Who among the following used to be given fewer opportunities for their development? Women
Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists:

List I

List II
A person who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women and menA
A person who says that religion is the principal basis of communityB
A person who thinks that caste is the principal basis of communityC
A person who does not discriminate others on the basis of religious beliefsD

1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-C
Name two countries, where the participation of women in public life is very high _______________. Norway and Sweden
____________ means the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Discrimination
Which state has the highest female population as per the 2011 census? Kerala
In India seats are reserved for women in ________________. Panchayati Raj
A society which values man more and gives ruling power to men over women is called a ____________. Patriarchal society
In traditional societies, women were expected to do ________________. None of these
Literacy rate among men in 2011 was___________. 82%
Gender division usually means__________. Unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women

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