MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 7 Geography Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 7th Geography Quiz with Answers

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Air Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Air Questions and Answers

Air Quiz Question Answer
The horizontal movement of air is called ________. Wind
Which of the following is the unit of Atmospheric pressure? Bars
What is the upper part of the atmosphere called?
Which of the following gases protects us from harmful sun rays? Ozone
As we go higher towards the atmosphere, the air becomes _______. Thinner
Which of the following layers is free from clouds? Stratosphere
The characteristic type of rainfall in the equatorial region is convectional rainfall
The hot and dry local wind blowing in the northern plains in summer is known as Loo
Cyclones become very destructive in area of Bay of Bengal during early November because of _________. low pressure conditions
The average temperature of the Earth remains fairly steady as compared to that of the Moon because of the _________.

Environment Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Environment Questions and Answers

Environment Quiz Question Answer
Plants and animals are known as ______ components of Environment. biotic 
Tick the correct answer.
Which is not a component of human environment?
Which of the following is the correct definition of 'Abiotic'? The world of non-living elements. e.g. land.
Which of the following are not components of Environment under the category 'natural'? Ionosphere
Tick the correct answer.
Which is a human made environment?
At a broader level, Natural Environment has which of the following two components?
Biotic and abiotic
World environment day is celebrated on
5th June
The abiotic components of the environment are the living factors. False
The part of the earth where life exists, is made up of All of the above
LIST-I                                    LIST-II
A. Atmosphere                     Living organisms
B. Hydrosphere                   Rocks, soil etc
C. Lithosphere                     The region of water
D. Biosphere                         Gaseous layer
                                             CO layer
The correct match is:
4 3 2 1

Human Enviroment Settlement Transport And Communication Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Human Enviroment Settlement Transport And Communication Questions and Answers

Human Enviroment Settlement Transport And Communication Quiz Question Answer
___________ walled houses with __________ roofs are very common in areas of hot climate. Thick mud, thatched
Which of the following is an irregular surface with various landforms such as mountains, plateaus, plains etc.  Lithosphere
The form of media that reaches millions of people or the masses, across the country and the world are called _______. 
mass media
Which one of the following is not a personal means of communication? Magazine
Which of the following is the solid crust or the hard top layer of
the earth?
Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island? Ship
_______ are places where people build their
The Trans-Siberian Railway connects Western Russia to Vladivostok
The gravitational force of the earth holds the _______ around it.  Atmosphere
Where is Scattered settlements found ?
Dense forests.

Human Environment Interactions The Tropical And The Subtropical Region Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Human Environment Interactions The Tropical And The Subtropical Region Questions and Answers

Human Environment Interactions The Tropical And The Subtropical Region Quiz Question Answer
Majuli, the largest inhabited riverine island is found on the _______ river. Brahmaputra
Quinine which is prepared from the bark of the Cinchona tree can act as a remedy for which disease? Malaria
What is the staple food of the people of Amazon basin? Cassava
Which river has the largest river basin in the world? Amazon
The Amazon river basin lies between the ________________. Guiana highlands and the Brazilian highlands
The livelihood of the people of the Amazon basin depends on which of the following activities? All of the above
By which name the Amazonian rain-forest are also known? Selva
What type of climate prevails in the Amazon basin? Equatorial climate
Which is the biggest tree of the Amazonian rain forest? Kapok tree
What is the average annual temperature in the Amazon basin? $$25^0C-30^0C$$

Inside Our Earth Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Inside Our Earth Questions and Answers

Inside Our Earth Quiz Question Answer
..........are the changed form of Igneous and Sedimentary rocks
Metamorphic rocks
The lightest layer of the earth's crust is ___________. Sial
Which one is an example of Sedimentary Rock ? Sandstone
The earth is made up of several ___________ layers with one inside another.
The deepest mine in the world is in _____________.
South Africa
Disintegration and decomposition of rocks is referred to  Denudation
What is the core made of?
Nickel and iron
Of the total volume of the earth, which layer forms the major part? Core
Extrusive (Intrusive) rocks are forms of Igneous rocks
Igneous rocks are rocks formed by the solidification of volcanic eruptions and magma.

Life In The Deserts Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Life In The Deserts Questions and Answers

Life In The Deserts Quiz Question Answer
How is the climatic condition of the Sahara desert? Hot and dry
Which of the following regions is described as 'Cold Desert'? Ladakh Range
Deserts are characterised by ___________. Scanty vegetation
What type of climate prevails in the desert areas? Extreme climate
Sahara is a _______ desert. Hot
In which part of Africa, Sahara desert is situated? Northern part
The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by ________. Buddhists and Muslims
The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by _________. Buddhists and Muslims
In the Sahara desert,long-staple cotton is grown in __________. Egypt
Dras, one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, is located in _______. Ladakh

Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Questions and Answers

Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Quiz Question Answer
Oasis is found in _______________. Deserts
Sal and teak are the dominant species in which of the following forests? Tropical dry deciduous forests
A geographic region has the following distinct characteristics :
Warm and dry climate
Mild and wet winter
3.Evergreen oak trees
The above features are the distinct characteristics of which one of the following regions ?
Consider the following statements :
A. It the Tundra region, animals have thick fur and skin.
B. Most of the animals in grasslands are herbivores.
C. In tropical rain forests, many animals live on trees.
Which of the following best explains these statements?
Adaptation of natural environment.
Which of the following forest are called lungs of the earth? The tropical evergreen forest in Brazil
Both A and R are true and R Explains A
The Bushmen are Nomads
'Mahogany' is the name of the tree found in the Tropical evergreen forests
match items of List - I and List  - II and select the correct alternative.
List IList II
I. ArgentinaA. Velds
II. North AmericaB. Downs
III. South AfricaC. Pampas
IV. Central AsiaD. Prairies
V. AustraliaE. Steppes
I - C, II - D, III - A, IV - E, V - B
Cactus is a plant usually found in__________. Arid regions

Our Changing Earth Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Our Changing Earth Questions and Answers

Our Changing Earth Quiz Question Answer
A Seismograph is an instrument used to detect
Epicentre is concerned with Earthquake
Volcanoes and Earthquakes are caused by : plate tectonics
Natural processes change the surface of Earth. Some changes occur rapidly and some occur slowly. Which of the following would cause the slowest change in Earth's surface? Wind
By which of the following, magnitude of earthquake is measured? Richter scale
The shaking of earth is called Earthquake
Niagara Falls are in U.S.A
Erosion is the process of ____________________. Cutting and removal of land by running water, wind and ice
Choose the correct statement(s)?
The movement of interior plates of earth causes change in surface of earth.
Sea waves comes under exogenic force.
Sudden movement of interior of earth causes earthquakes.
All are true
The depositional feature of a glacier is __________.

Water A Precious Resource Class 7 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Water A Precious Resource Questions and Answers

Water A Precious Resource Quiz Question Answer
Which is the deepest ocean in the world? Pacific
Longest river in the world is Nile
The water of which of the following seas is most saline? Dead Sea
What does a "Terrarium" simulate?
A habitat suitable for plant-growing
What are these things? Try and find out if you don't know.
The Rhine? the Nile? the Mississippi? ..............................................
They're rivers.
Consider the following statements :
The Labrador current is a cold current in the North Atlantic Ocean.
The Falkland current is a warm current that flows along the Chile coast of South Pacific Ocean. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Only 1
Which is the biggest ocean? Pacific Ocean
World water day is celebrated on: 22nd March
Choose the odd one out. California Current
What would happen to ocean water if the moon comes nearer to the earth?  Increase in height of oceanic tides

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