MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 8th Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Coal And Petroleum Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Coal And Petroleum Questions and Answers

Coal And Petroleum Quiz Question Answer
When steam is passed over hot coke, it produces: water gas
All are the mixtures of various organic compounds except: octane
Paraffin wax is used for making: all of the above
State true or false.

Coal gas, coke and producer gas are examples of fossil fuel.
Naphthalene balls are prepared from: coal tar
Fuel for heavy motor vehicles is: diesel
Coal gas is the by-product of which process? Coal processing to get coke
Petroleum is also known as Black gold? True
Why is foundry coke used in boilers and furnaces? Excellent source of heat
State whether True or False:
CNG is a component of natural gas.

Combustion And Flame Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Combustion And Flame Questions and Answers

Combustion And Flame Quiz Question Answer
Middle zone is the hottest zone of a flame. False
Lubricant oil is used as fuel in vehicles and kitchen. False
Nitrogen gas supports burning. False
The lowest temperature at which a substance catches fire? Ignition temperature
The difference between combustible over non-combustible substances is: it can ignite
Combustion is a process involving: all of the above
The component of air which controls combustion is __________. Oxygen
Magnesium is a _______________metal.
The non-combustible substance among the following is ______. Glass
Combustion is a reaction in which a substance reacts with: Oxygen

Materials Metals And Non Metals Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Materials Metals And Non Metals Questions and Answers

Materials Metals And Non Metals Quiz Question Answer
The property of metals by virtue of which they can be drawn into wires is called ductility.
The substance that will be flattened on beating with a hammer is:
zinc granule
Non-metals are usually poor conductors of heat and electricity. They are non-lustrous, non-sonorous, non-malleable and are coloured.

The allotropic form of a non-metal, which is a good conductor of electricity is: 
Which liquid metal is used for making thermometers?
Non-metal which is essential for our life and all living beings inhale it during breathing is :
The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wires is known as:
Non-metal which is used to sterilize water is :
Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
Metals are generally hard. But which of the following metal is an exception that it can be cut with a knife?
A purple coloured non-metal forms a brown solution in alcohol which is applied on wounds as an antiseptic. The non-metal is :

Pollution Of Air And Water Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Pollution Of Air And Water Questions and Answers

Pollution Of Air And Water Quiz Question Answer
What causes the global warming?
All of the above
Which of the following are greenhouse gases? Both A and B
A greenhouse gas that absorbs energy and maintains earth's temperature is: carbon dioxide
In which of the following pairs, both of them are common greenhouse gases? Methane, carbondioxide
Soap and detergents are the source of organic pollutants like:
All of these
What are characteristics of 'domestic' wastewater?
Grey color, musty odour
___________ is the phenomenon where the earth retains heat.
Green house effect
The holy river of India is: Ganga
In which year Ganga Action Plan was launched ? $$1985$$
The component which is not present in air is?

Synthetic Fibres And Plastics Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Synthetic Fibres And Plastics Questions and Answers

Synthetic Fibres And Plastics Quiz Question Answer
Why plastic containers are favoured for storing food? All of the above
Which of the following are uses of plastics in health care industry? All of the above
The fibre used in parachute making and ropes for rope climbing is__________. Nylon
State true or false.
Yarn can be converted into fabrics by the process of spinning.
Electrical wires have a coating of an insulting material. The material generally used for insulation is :
Which of the following is a disadvantage of nylon? They are less resistant to sun light
When plastics are burnt, toxic substances are released into the air that is causing water pollution. False
State whether true or false:

Ropes made of rayon are used in cranes and elevators.
Plastics are generally good conductors of electricity. False
Plastics are generally eco-friendly. False

CBSE Class 8th Chemistry Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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