MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 8 Geography Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 8th Geography Quiz with Answers

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Agriculture Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Agriculture Questions and Answers

Agriculture Quiz Question Answer
Tea is grown mainly _________________. On slopes of hills
The State which is the largest producer of tea in India is ___________. Assam
Match the given crops with their major producing areas shown on the map of India.
A. Wheat
B. Coffee
C. Rice
D. Tea
Which among the following is the largest rice producing states ? Andhra Pradesh
Cotton is a _____________. Cash crop
In which of the following states jute is not produced? Meghalaya
Fill in the blanks
For growing cotton ________ soil is ideal.
Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in India. True
Growing two or three different crops in one agricultural field at the same time is called  Intensive farming
Rearing of cattle along with the raising of crops is known as _____. Mixed farming

Human Resources Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Human Resources Questions and Answers

Human Resources Quiz Question Answer
India ranks _______ in the world in terms of population. $$2$$nd
The growth of population and development of industries can lead to _________. Urbanisation
The major components of population growth are birth rates, death rates and ____________. Migration
A large proportion of children in population is a result of _______. High birth rate
Which state in India has highest population? Uttar Pradesh
The change in the population size of a country during a specific period of time is called ______. Population growth
The natural increase of population is the difference between birth rates and _________. Death rates
Area with ____________ climates tend to be sparsely populated. Extreme
'Demography' is the __________. study of human populations- their size, composition, distribution etc 
Working population includes those persons who fall in the age group of ______. 15-59 years

Industries Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Industries Questions and Answers

Industries Quiz Question Answer
The first Iron and steel plant was set up in India at Jamshedpur
Wet climate is suitable for cotton textile Industry because _________. Cotton yarn cannot be spun successfully under dry conditions.

In the manufacture of steel ________ is used to make steel strong.
The following list of towns where steel plants are located in India.
A. Bhilai
B. Jamshedpur
C. Durgapur
D. Bhadravati
E. Rourkela
F. Bokaro
G. Salem
H. Vijay Nagar
Which of the following towns are located within South India ?
D, G and H
Iron and steel industry is considered to be a ____________ industry. Basic
Which one of the following factors has least influence on the location of industries? Stock market

Which of the following is a commercial factor affecting the distribution of industries?


Which of the following is/are a/the geographical factor/s affecting the location of industries

All of these
From which of the following ports is iron ore exported from the Maharashtra-Goa belt? Mormugao
Why were a number of steel plants initially set up in the public sector? Steel is a basic to industrial development

Land Soil Water Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Resources Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Land Soil Water Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Resources Questions and Answers

Land Soil Water Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Resources Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following methods are used to restrict soil erosion?
A. Ploughing along contour lines
B. Strip cropping
C. Jhumming
D. Mixed farming.
A and B
Which of the following factor is helpful in controlling the soil degradation?
Crop rotation method
What does the zig-zag line indicate on the map of India?
Water divide between east and west flowing rivers
Which of the following happens to the amount of 'Energy' when it is passed on from one tropic level to another in an ecosystem ? It decreases
It is important to make small check dams across the flooded gullies because they-
(i)   hold water for irrigation.
(ii)  hold water and prevent soil erosion.
(iii)  recharge ground water.
(iv)  hold water permanently.
Select the correct options from the above stated reasons-
(ii) and (iii)
Mulching is associated with use of ________________. material to maintain soil moisture
Supplying water to agricultural lands through canals, wells and tanks is called ______. Irrigation
Terracing helps soil conservation in ___________. Hilly areas
Where does approximately 69% freshwater on the earth occur? 
Ice sheets and glaciers
Ploughing along the places of same elevation is known as _____. Contour ploughing

Mineral And Power Resources Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Mineral And Power Resources Questions and Answers

Mineral And Power Resources Quiz Question Answer
Minerals are ______ sources. Non-renewable
Primary activity that is practiced on a larger scale is _______. Mining

Wind is beneficial resource as it doesn't cause pollution and it's ______. 


The difference between tidal energy and wave energy is that

Tidal energy uses the gravitational pull of the Earth, moon and sun to generate energy

Wind turbines convert which of the following energy into mechanical energy?

Kinetic energy

Direct Solar energy is used for

All of these
Which of the following countries is rich in oil? Indonesia
Madhapur near Bhuj is the largest producer of _________________. Solar energy
Which one of the following places is very ideal for generating tidal energy for power plant? Gulf of Kutch
The state famous for the diamond mining is ___________. Madhya Pradesh

Resources Class 8 Geography MCQ Quiz

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Resources Questions and Answers

Resources Quiz Question Answer
Biotic resources are those obtained from the _______.

The wise use of the earth's resources by humanity is called ________.

Conservation of natural resources
 The ocean resources beyond 200 nautical miles are classified under which zone? International Resources zone

Resources can be conserved by

All of these
Which of the following describes the common property resource ? Pastures, grazing land used by community
Which of the following basic resource is not required for agriculture? Wind
Which is a renewable resource? Water
Which one of the following is a non-renewable resource ? Thermal electricity
In a society, human beings are _________.
Rocks and metals are _____ resources. Abiotic

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