MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 9 Biology Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 9th Biology Quiz with Answers

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Diversity In Living Organisms Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Diversity In Living Organisms Questions and Answers

Diversity In Living Organisms Quiz Question Answer
Heavy belly is characteristic of primate Orangutan
Which among the following groups consists of animals that are bilaterally symmetrical and do not possess a coelom (acoelomate)? Platyhelminthes
The body of Platyhelminthes show .......... symmetry. Bilateral
How many chambers are there in fish heart? Two
The vertebrate animal which is not egg laying is Mammal
The largest egg, currently belongs to 
Platyhelminthes are also known as Flatworms
Which of the following is a warm-blooded animal? Parrot
Branch of zoology dealing with the study of fishes is known as Ichthyology
The study of eggs of birds is termed as Oology

Improvement In Food Resources Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Improvement In Food Resources Questions and Answers

Improvement In Food Resources Quiz Question Answer
Selection of crops is done on the basis of Soil condition
Vegetables and fruits are good sources of Both A and B
Which crop is grown between two cereal crops in crop rotation? Leguminous crops
Inland fisheries refer to: Fishing in River
The science of rearing, feeding, caring, breeding and utilization of animals is called:

Animal husbandry
The main source of food is/are Both A and B
Oil seeds such as sesame and mustard are good sources of Fats
Horti-pastoral farming refers to: Growing fruit trees and fodder simultaneously.
Crop rotation can All of the above
Baking quality is important for Wheat

Natural Resources Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Natural Resources Questions and Answers

Natural Resources Quiz Question Answer
Depletion of ozone layer is noticed on  All over the earth
Humus is found in:
Top portion of soil
Why there is a need of man-made resources? All of the above
Ozone hole means
Decrease in the concentration of ozone
Conversion of organic nitrogenous compounds into ammonium compound is called:
The instrument which measures wind velocity is:
Which is not dangerous for life? Ozone layer
Soil is a mixture of:
All the above
Floods can be prevented by_______. afforestation
The percentage of oxygen in air is: 21%

The Fundamental Unit Of Life Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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The Fundamental Unit Of Life Questions and Answers

The Fundamental Unit Of Life Quiz Question Answer
______ is a system of membrane bound vesicles arranged parallel to each other in stacks called cisterns. Golgi apparatus
The largest cell measuring 170 mm × 150 mm is the egg of ___________.
Which of the following statements is true about the nucleus of a cell? All of these.
Each organ is further made up of smaller parts called __________.
Nucleus is surrounded by a  Double membrane
Gaseous exchange in cells takes place by___________ Diffusion
Which one of the following is not a part of nucleus? Centrosome
Which of the following cell organelles is found only in plant? Plastids
A nervous system is comprised of ________ cells. Nerve
The organism made up of only a single cell is known as  Unicellular

Tissues Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Tissues Questions and Answers

Tissues Quiz Question Answer
Maximum and minimum Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is found in which of the following infections respectively? Bacterial and worm
Striped and branched muscles are found in: 
The meristerm which develops into primary vascular tissue is
The afferent process of neuron is the:
Longest cell in the human body is
Nerve cell
Haversian canal contains: Blood vessels and nerves
Major inorganic component of bone is: Calcium phosphate
Bulliform or motor cells are present in
Upper epidermis of monocot leaves
Frogs differ from humans in possessing Nucleated red blood cells
Select the correct match.
 A Smooth muscle 1 Present in the wall of the intestine
 B Areolar tissue 2 Stores fats
 C Bone 3 Tip of nose
 D Cuboidal epithelium 4 Present in skin
A - 1

Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Biology MCQ Quiz

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Why Do We Fall Ill Questions and Answers

Why Do We Fall Ill Quiz Question Answer
List the names of chemicals whose biomagnification result in following diseases in human - 
(i) Minamata disease
(ii) Itai Itai disease
(i) Mercury

(ii) Cadmium
Diseases like diarrhoea and jaundice spread through _____________.
The state of complete physical, social and mental well being is called Health
Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being.
Pick out two chronic diseases. Diabetes, Arthritis
Health depends on All of these
A healthy person is one who is free from _________. Diseases
When we think about health, we think about individual sufferers. Is the given statement is true or false? False
An organism that transmits a disease from infected person to other potential host is called ____. Vector
Which of the following is enlisted as 'acute diseases?' Common cold, Typhoid

CBSE Class 9th Biology Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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