MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 9 Economics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 9th Economics Quiz with Answers

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Food Security In India Class 9 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Food Security In India Questions and Answers

Food Security In India Quiz Question Answer
A pre-announced price for a farmer's crop is called _____. MSP
The main reason of poverty is ____________. Unemployment
F.C.I. stands for _____. Food Corporation of India
The price that is announced by the government before the sowing season is called ________. Minimum support price
Most important step taken by the Government of India towards ensuring food security for poor people is _____. Public distribution system
Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the decreasing order of production ( in million tones) of the given foodgrains in India ? Rice-Wheat-Coarse cereals-Pulses
The other name of 'ration shop' is _____.
Fair price shops
_____________ is a malpractice done by PDS dealers. Selling poor quality grains
Two crops that increased India's agriculture production in the era of Green Revolution were _____. Wheat and rice
PDS stands for ______. Public Distribution System

People As Resource Class 9 Economics MCQ Quiz

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People As Resource Questions and Answers

People As Resource Quiz Question Answer
In which of the following economies are people more of a resource? Country B with $$10\%$$ of the working age population illiterate and with high life expectancy
Which pie diagram represents India's age composition in 2001 ?
The large numbers of educated Indians were employed in the British administration on_________ Low salary
Who were called moderates? Leaders of first phase of congress
Infant Mortality Rate indicates death of children who die before the age of _____ year. One
In India, people below the age of 15 years and above the age of 65 years are a part of ______. dependency load
BMI indicates _____. Body Mass Index
Banaras Hindu University was founded by __________. Madan Mohan Malaviya
Which South Asian country has better performance in terms of human development than India? Sri lanka
How many children are there in India in school-going age group? Approximately $$200$$ Millions

Poverty As A Challenge Class 9 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Poverty As A Challenge Questions and Answers

Poverty As A Challenge Quiz Question Answer
What was the historical reason for the widespread poverty in India. Low level of economic development
With the spread of__________, many job opportunities were created in the agriculture sector. Irrigation and the Green revolution
Poverty means All of these
What was the main reason for the huge income inequalities.  Unequal distribution of land
The poverty line is estimated periodically (normally every five years) by conducting sample surveys. These surveys are carried out by National Sample Survey Organisation
Which of the following country has the largest single concentration of the poor in the world. India
Every __________ person in India is poor. Fifth
One of the biggest challenges of independent India has been to bring millions of its people out of Poverty
Which of the following is/are the indicators of poverty.  All of these
In this way in the year 2011-12, a family of five members living in rural areas and earning less than about Rs _____ per month will be below the poverty line. 4,080

The Story Of Village Palampur Class 9 Economics MCQ Quiz

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The Story Of Village Palampur Questions and Answers

The Story Of Village Palampur Quiz Question Answer
Which is the most abundant factor of production?
Which of the following cannot be treated as a factor of production? Loss
One of the most important features of land is that its supply is _______. Limited
Production should be defined as ________. All of these
Resources used by businesses to produce goods and services whether durable or non-durable are known as _______.
factor of production
Which of the following cannot be accepted as a factor of production? Sunlight
Land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship together are called _________. factors of production
The main activity related with agriculture is _____. Farming
Surplus produce in the market is supplied by _____. large and medium farmers
Consider the following statements
(a) Democracy promotes equality and freedom of expression.
(b) In non-democratic countries people cannot freely choose their leaders.
(c) The relationship between different countries has. become more democratic than ever before
(d) Nowadays there is not any military government in the world.
Which of the above statements are correct?
(a) and (b)

CBSE Class 9th Economics Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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