MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 9 Physics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 9th Physics Quiz with Answers

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Force And Laws Of Motion Class 9 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Force And Laws Of Motion Questions and Answers

Force And Laws Of Motion Quiz Question Answer
A linear momentum of a body can be changed by:
a net external force
Mark the correct option Force is a push,pull or squeeze
When a spring is pulled:
Both $$A$$ and $$B$$
The state of rest or state of motion of a body can be changed by using Force
Use Newton's 2nd law of motion, find out the third missing quantity if mass and force on a body is given? Acceleration
A gun recoils after firing to conserve: momentum
When a body is travelling at constant velocity, the net force on it is zero.
Inertia means resistance to the change of state.
When the net force acting on a system is zero the body may move with uniform acceleration.
The inertia of a moving body makes it: resist a change in its state of motion

Gravitation Class 9 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Gravitation Questions and Answers

Gravitation Quiz Question Answer
If the distance between two particles is halved, the gravitational force increases by four times
A small spherical ball of radius $$r$$ falls freely under gravity through a distance of $$h$$ before entering a tank of water. If, after entering the water, the velocity of the ball does not change, then $$h$$ is proportional
Thrust is a $$\underline{                 }$$ quantity
Write the approximate weight of a body of mass $$5  kg$$ ?
$$50$$ $$N$$
Calculate the weight of a body of mass $$10  kg$$.
Both A & B
State the S.I. units of mass and weight. kg and N
What will be the weight of a body of mass $$m$$ kg at the centre of the earth? $$0$$ newton
Mass is a _______ quantity and weight is a _______ quantity. scalar, vector
We have a substance having density x kept in a medium of density y. Then what is its relative density with respect to the medium? $$\dfrac{x}{y}$$
The _________ force is responsible for providing the necessary centripetal force to planets moving around the Sun.

Motion Class 9 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Motion Questions and Answers

Motion Quiz Question Answer
$$a$$. A boy moving on a bicycle with a speed of $$18~ km/h$$.
$$b$$. A fast runner running with a speed of $$10 ~m/s$$.
$$c$$. A scooter moving with a speed of $$800 ~m/min$$.
$$c > b > a$$
If a body undergoes retardation, its velocity decreases
Match the situations given in column I with the possible curves in column II and select the correct option, from codes given
(a) $$\rightarrow$$(q,s); (b) $$\rightarrow$$ (r), (c) $$\rightarrow$$ (p), (d) $$\rightarrow$$ (s)
Speed-distance graph of an object in uniform motion which comes to rest suddenly is
When a body moves in circular path with uniform speed, it's motion is called uniform circular motion
State whether, the given statement is True/False?
What is the acceleration of the race car that moves at constant velocity of 300 km/hr ? $$m/sec^2$$
Two cars X and Y accelerate at the rate of 2 $$m/{s^2}$$ and 3 $$m/{s^2}$$ respectively from rest.The ratio of time taken by the cars X and Y is 4:5.In that given ratio of time interval if the distance travelled by car x is 100 km then the distance travelled by car y is: $$\frac{{1875}}{8}\;km$$
The speed-time graph of a particle moving along a fixed direction is shown in figure. Then which of the following are correct?
average speed between $$t=2,t=6$$ sec is $$9m/s$$
A particle is moving in positive x-direction with initial velocity of $$10\ m/s$$ and uniform retardation such that it reaches the initial position after $$10\ s$$. The distance traversed by the particle in $$6\ s$$ is $$26 m$$
If a bus travelling at $$20\ m/s$$ is subject to a steady deceleration of $$5\ m/s^{2}$$, how long will it take to come rest? 4 s

Sound Class 9 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Sound Questions and Answers

Sound Quiz Question Answer
What is multiple reflection of sound?
Process in which sound waves bounces off obstacles and reflects many times before reaching the destination
Which of the following frequencies can be heard by a normal human being? $$10^4 Hz$$
Higher the frequency of a musical sound, _______ is its pitch. Higher
A tuning fork vibrates with 2 vibrations in 0.4 seconds. Its frequency (in Hz) is 5
On what factor does speed of wave depends
Properties of medium
Amplitude of wave is:
maximum distance moved by medium particles on either side of mean position
Light waves are transverse in nature.
Frequency ($$\nu$$) and time period $$(T)$$ are related as $$\nu$$$$\times  T = 1$$
The frequencies below 20 Hz are known as infrasonic sounds. True
A sharp sound becomes a musical note in an auditorium then, it is called
Echelon effect

Work And Energy Class 9 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Work And Energy Questions and Answers

Work And Energy Quiz Question Answer
What is the unit of energy in food ? $$Kilo$$ $$calorie$$
The form of energy present in a wound spring is: mechanical
Asha lifts a doll from the floor and places it on a table. If the weight of the doll is known, what else does one need to know in order to calculate the work Asha has done on the doll? Height of the table
When the force retards the motion of a body, the work done is: Negative
1 $$hp$$ is equal to: $$0.746kW$$
The total energy at the start of the free-fall of an object is? $$mgh$$
As an object falls, its ______ energy changes into ______ energy. Potential, Kinetic
A boy held a book of 1 kg at a height of 1 metre for 60 seconds. Calculate the work done : 0
Kinetic energy is present in the following: Water released from a dam
The force needed to produce an acceleration of $$\displaystyle 6\ { m }/{ { s }^{ 2 } }$$ in a ball of mass $$4\ kg$$ will be:
$$24\ N$$

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