CBSE Questions for Class 9 Civics What Is Democracy Quiz 4 -

The most important principle of democratic form of government is that __________________.
  • It works for the welfare of the people
  • It works for the welfare of representatives
  • The politicians are powerful
  • The power rests with individual
The real work of opposition party in a democratic country is ___________.
  • To make delays in legislation
  • To put obstacles in the way of the government of the rival parties
  • To topple down the government of the rival parties
  • To offer the healthy criticism to the government of rival parties
Which of the following combinations are not compatible ?
  • Socialism and Democracy
  • Democracy and Communism
  • Democracy and Fascism
  • Democracy and Anarchism
Democracy is considered as a better form of government because _______.
  • It provides opportunity to different political parties to rule the country
  • It exposes corruption
  • There is scope for the expression of people's will
  • It provides for efficient administration
Under which one of the following circumstances can the coalition government be formed?
  • When none of the political parties get the required majority to form the government
  • When pre-poll alliance between the parties fails
  • If the least minority party wishes to form the government
  • If the President of India and the Governor wish to form a coalition government
Power can be shared in modern democracies ___________________.
  • Among different organs of government.
  • Among governments at different levels.
  • Among different social groups.
  • All of the above.
Which of the following is needed in the success of democracy?
  • Casteism
  • Regionalism
  • Linguism
  • Literacy
Multiparty system functions effectively in __________.
  • Absolute monarchy
  • Dictatorship
  • Military rule
  • A democracy
In dealing with social divisions which one of the following statements is NOT correct about democracy?
  • Due to political competition in a democracy, social divisions get reflected in politics.
  • In a democracy it is possible for communities to voice their grievances in a peaceful manner.
  • Democracy is the best way to accommodate social diversity.
  • Democracy always leads to disintegration of society on the basis of social divisions.
  • None of these
In the context of democracies, which of the following ideas is correct: democracies have successfully eliminated
  • Conflicts among people
  • Economic inequalities among people
  • Differences of opirnon about how marginalised sections are to be treated
  • The idea of political inequality
  • None of these
In the context of assessing democracy, which among the following is the odd one out? Democracies need to ensure
  • A fair and free election
  • Dignity ofthe individual
  • Majority rule
  • Equal treatment before law
  • None of these
The word 'democracy' was derived from which language?
  • Greek
  • Latin
  • English
  • French
Which one of the following is an argument against democracy?
  • Democratic government is more accountable
  • Since many people are consulted in decision making, it improves the quality of decisions
  • Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens
  • Democracy is all about political competition and power play, with no scope for morality.
Which one of the following is a test to say whether the elections are free and fair?
  • Elections are held at regular intervals
  • There is Universal Adult Franchise
  • There is multi-party system
  • The ruling party has lost the elections
Which one of the following features is common to most of the democracies?
  • They have a formal constitution
  • They hold regular elections
  • They have political parties
  • All the above
Most of the movements and struggles for democracy were centered around the demand for ________.
  • Universal adult franchise
  • Freedom of speech
  • Social equality
  • Economic equality
Which of these is not a feature of Indian democracy?
  • India has the largest number of voters in the world
  • India's Election Commission is very powerful
  • In India, everyone above the age of $$18$$ has a right to vote
  • In India, the losing parties refuse to accept the electoral verdict
Which of the following does not lead to the spread of democracy?
  • Struggle of people
  • Invasion of a foreign country
  • End of colonialism
  • People's desire for freedom
Which of the following statements is correct?
  • The army rule of Myanmar is elected by the people
  • People have no say under the army rule
  • Pinochet of Chile was a democratic leader
  • The king of Saudi Arabia rule because people have chosen him
In the context of assessing democracy, which among the following is the odd one out.
Democracies need to ensure _____________________.
  • A fair and free election
  • Dignity of an individual
  • Minority rule
  • Equal treatment before law

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