CBSE Questions for Class 9 Civics Working Of Institutions Quiz 3 -

Which of the following is/are not the power of the Prime Minister.
  • He chairs the Cabinet meetings
  • He coordinates the work of different Departments.
  • The Prime Minister distributes and redistributes work to the ministers.
  • All of these
________ exercises more powers in money matters.
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha
  • Vidhan Parishad
  • Vidhan Sabha
Parliament consists of the 
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha
  • The President
  • All of these
Which of the following houses of Parliament is known as the 'Upper Chamber'. 
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha
  • Vidhan Sabha
  • Vidhan Parishad
Any ordinary law needs to be passed by
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha
  • Both A and B
  • None of these
If the majority of the Lok Sabha members say they have _______ in the Council of Ministers, all ministers including the Prime Minister, have to quit. 
  • 'No confidence
  • Cut motion
  • Adjournment motion
  • All of these
In our country, Parliament consists of _________ houses. 
  • Three
  • Four
  • Two
  • All of these
Who among the following is a part of Political Executive?
  • District Collectors
  • Secretary of the ministry of Home Affaris
  • Home Minister
  • Director General of Police
Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces?
  • The President of India
  • The Prime Minister of India
  • The Defence Minister of lndia
  • The Parliament of lndia
What is 'Zero Hour?'
  • When the proposals of the opposition are considered.
  • When the matters of utmost importance are raised.
  • When money bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha
  • Interval between the morning and the evening session.
Independence of judiciary is possible only under ______________.
  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Liberalism
  • Military dictatorship
Which one of the following is the financial powers of the President ? 
  • To declare a Financial Emergency.
  • To call for a joint session of both the Houses of Parliament.
  • To appoint the Finance Commission after every five years.
  • To grant pardon to a convict if a petition of mercy is submitted.
Which  of  the  following  special  powers  have  been  conferred  on  the  Rajya  Sabha  by  the 
Constitution of India? 
  • To change the existing territory of the State and to change the name of a state
  • To pass a resolution empowering the Parliament to make laws in the State List and to create one or more All India Services
  • To amend the election procedure of the President and to determine the pension of the President after his/her retirement
  • To determine the function of the Election Commission and to determine the number of Election Commissioners
Who of the following do prorogue the Houses of the Parliament in India?
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Speaker of Loksabha
  • Prime Minister
On the basis of following features identify the correct option-
I.     He is the real ruler of the country.
II.    He presides over the meetings of the Cabinet.
III.   It has an important role in the management of foreign affairs.
IV.   He is the ex-offices chairman of the planning commission.
  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Chief Justice of Supreme Court
  • Governor
Which one of the following is a wrong statement ? 
  • The Supreme Court is the highest court of record.
  • The Supreme Court reconsiders the decisions.
  • The Supreme Court is the guardian of the Constitution.
  • The Supreme Court decisions are not final and binding on all other courts.
A person is eligible to be a member of Lok Sabha but he is not eligible to contest for the post of President. What could be the reason?
  • The person may be in government service
  • The person may have dual citizenship
  • The person may have the age between 25-35 years
  • The person may not have enrolled in electoral list in any constituency
The impeachment motion against the President can be moved for _______.
  • Violation of Constitution
  • Proved misbehaviour and incapacity
  • Corruption charges
  • All of the above
The authority to alter the boundaries of states in India rests with ________.
  • State government
  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Parliament
Mr. Pranab Mukherjee was the President of India. He served the office of President till ____.
  • July 2016
  • July 2019
  • July 2018
  • July 2017
The person holding the office of President enjoys certain privileges. Which of the following does not come under the privilege of the President?
  • Protection from arrest on any ground.
  • Exemption from answerability in any court of law.
  • Protection from impeachment on any ground.
  • Both 1 and 3
 Who among the following appoints the chief justice of Supreme Court?
  • High court judges
  • Supreme court judges
  • Prime minister
  • President
How many members of Lok Sabha were eligible to vote in Presidential elections held in July 2012?
  • 550
  • 544
  • 547
  • 542
President is a part of the ____________.
  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • Parliament
  • Lok Sabha
Railway Budget is presented by _______________.
  • Prime Minister
  • Finance Minister
  • Railway Minister
  • Chief Minister
Which of the following statements about the President of India is not correct? 
  • He is the supreme commander of the defence forces
  • The executive power of the union is vested in the president
  • He is the real head of the council of ministers of the union
  • He is a constituent part of Indian parliament
When was Mrs. Pratibha Patil elected as President?
  • July 2012
  • July 2007
  • July 2008
  • July 2006
Which of the following powers is exhibited by President without the advice of the Prime Minister?
  • Granting of pardons for accused in criminal cases
  • Assent to bills passed by state legislatures.
  • Issuing ordinances
  • None of them
Which of the following steps is not included in the procedure regarding the money bills?
  • Prior approval by President before introduction in the house.
  • Introduction in the Lower House.
  • Passing of bill in the Upper House.
  • Return of bill by president for reconsideration.
Which of the following statements regarding removal of President are wrong?
  • The impeachment motion should be introduced in Lok Sabha only.
  • 1/4 th of the total members should propose the allegation.
  • The motion has to passes by 2/3 rd of the total members of the House.
  • The motion should be taken for discussion only after 14 days of introduction.

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