MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 5 EVS Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 5th EVS Quiz with Answers

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Across The Wall Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Across The Wall Questions and Answers

Across The Wall Quiz Question Answer
By developing a sense of equality, everyone gets to ___________. Learn and make progress
Identify some indoor games from list. All of these
_______ between the members is the strength of the team. Cooperation
Which is the most important requirement for winning while playing in a team? Playing for the team and not for oneself.
__________ was the coach of Afsana's team.  Noor Khan
Gender bias means _________. Discrimination of one gender on the other
What do you think the reason behind not allowing the girls to play freely like boys? Parents fear for the safety of their daughters.
Who was Afreen's father's coach when he played basketball? Bacchu Khan
What was the real name of Bacchu Khan? Mustafa Khan
 By what quality are players generally recognised?  By their talent and ability to play.

A Seed Tells A Farmers Story Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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A Seed Tells A Farmers Story Questions and Answers

A Seed Tells A Farmers Story Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
Hasmukh was farming very wisely now.
How is the dough for chapattis made? Using hands
What is a chhalni? Sieve
What is the traditional method to make cotton in Gujrat? By Spinning wheel
What is a chhalni used for? Making flour finer
Damjibhai was getting old. His son Hasmukh looked after the fields and the family. True
We should encourage children to speak in their home language. True
The new kinds of seeds were such that the crops were easily affected by harmful insects. True
The medicines which were used to protect crops had a bad smell and were very expensive True
A seive is also called a chhalni. True

A Shelter So High Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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A Shelter So High Questions and Answers

A Shelter So High Quiz Question Answer
What hair is used to make Rebo? Yak
Choose whether true or false:-
Their goats are their only treasure
The tent of the Changpa tribe is _______ shaped? cone
How deep is the ground dug? 2 feet
Which of the following does the tent Rebo do? Protect them from strong icy winds
The design of the tent Rebo is more than a ______ years old thousand
Which one of the following is a cold desert situated in India? Ladakh
What was needed by the narrator to protect himself from cold nights? Tent
Houses in Delhi are not made up of? Straw
Which of the following states loner and the narrator didn't pass to reach Delhi? Kerala

A Snake Charmer'S Story Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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A Snake Charmer'S Story Questions and Answers

A Snake Charmer'S Story Quiz Question Answer
The snake smell by using: Tongue
The poison of the snake is known as: Venom
Snake releases venom by the poisonous: Fang
The largest poisonous snake is: Cobra
The poisonous teeth of snake is called: Fang
Snake possess external ear. False
Which of the following part of the snake is used for the preparation of antivenom? Fang
Snakes are not found in Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland and New Zealand because: They are cold blooded
Snakes visit cattle sheds for:
rats as food
Which of the following is the shortest snake? Thread snake

A Treat For Mosquito Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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A Treat For Mosquito Questions and Answers

A Treat For Mosquito Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
A blood test is very painful.
Choose whether true or false:-
People though malaria is caused by air
Mosquitoes lay eggs in? Water
Choose whether true or false:-
Malaria mosquitoes are different than normal mosquitoes
Malaria means? bad air
Choose whether true or false:-
The blood is taken from where the mosquitoes bites.
A _________ is used to check blood. Microscope
Choose whether true or false:-
All mosquitoes are the same
What are algae? Small plants that grow in water
Who found malaria? Ronald Ross

Blow Hot Blow Cold Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Blow Hot Blow Cold Questions and Answers

Blow Hot Blow Cold Quiz Question Answer
When does our heartbeat become faster? Running
Name the instrument which is used to listen the heart beat. Stethoscope
Which gas is necessary for burning fire? $$O_2$$
In what direction paper snake move when air is hot? Clockwise
What will happen when air is blown on the mirror from the mouth? The mirror will become hazy
Name the instrument played by blowing air. Been
The hot air we breathe out contains water vapours which turn into tiny droplets of water when it comes in contact with the colder glass of spectacles. True
The air blown from the mouth is wet. True
If the paper snake is moving in an anti-clockwise direction, in which direction is the air flowing? Downwards
What phenomenon is observed when air is blown into the cap of the pen? Sound is produced.

Every Drop Counts Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Every Drop Counts Questions and Answers

Every Drop Counts Quiz Question Answer
Why should we do rain water harvesting? All of these
3% of all the world’s water is: Fresh water
What does the raised platforms around the lake called? Ghats
Lakes and______ were made to collect water. Johads
 What was the major difference between common wells & step wells? Water has to be drawn up in common wells, whereas in step wells, people can go down the steps & reach the water
Ghadsisar is present in which city of Rajasthan? Jaisalmer
Rainwater collected in this lake spread over many________? Miles
Which of the following is a way to collect water in homes? Rainwater harvesting
Which of the following is considered as a primary source of water? Rainwater
In which year was 'Ganga Action Plan' launched?

Experiments With Water Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Experiments With Water Questions and Answers

Experiments With Water Quiz Question Answer
Which of these are not made by drying in the sun? Salt water
Where does the salt go after dissolving? It mixes with the water
After the water________, salt is remained in the ________. dries, ground
Choose whether true or false:-
Water is allowed to dry in the sun
Which of the following would slide faster? Water
For salt making, shallow beds are dug in? Sand
The process of drying up of water is called as? evaporation
Which of the following dissolves in water?
Which of the following do not dissolve in water? Mud
Which of the following floats on water?
Air filled tube of a tyre

From Tasting To Digestion Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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From Tasting To Digestion Questions and Answers

From Tasting To Digestion Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following is not a type of taste? None of the above
On which part of the tongue, most of the taste get detected? Front
Sheela's mother said eat slowly and chew the food properly. Why did Sheela's mother say this statement? It helps in proper digestion of food.
Identify the taste of karela. Bitter
Seema is feeling weak and dizzy. Her father gave her magical drink and she felt energetic. What is that magical drink? Sugar and salt solution
Chanda takes a piece of bread and chews for 5 times and Raju chew a piece of bread for 20-25 times. Who has better digestion of bread? Raju only
Which of these is a proper food? Vegetables
What is the liquid present in the stomach that helps in digestion? digestive juices
Choose whether true or false:
Jhumpa couldn't guess the food when her ears were closed.
How does our stomach digest the food? By dissolving

Like Father Like Daughter Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Like Father Like Daughter Questions and Answers

Like Father Like Daughter Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
Our abilities always remain the same throughout our age
What did Gregor Mendel thought of becoming? Monk
Which are different forms of twins? Fraternal
On how many plants did Gregor performed experiments on? 28,000
Choose whether true or false:-
Gregor Mendel wanted to become a monk because he did not want to study.
Gregor Mendel was born in a poor _________ family. farmer's
Mendel showed that in the _____ of pea plants there will be more plants having yellow seeds. next generation
The next generation________ of a plant which has either rough or smooth seeds will also have seeds which are rough or smooth the children
Choose whether true or false:-
Pea plants are very quick to grow
Why Mendel choose peas for his experiment ? They have a short life cycle

Mangoes Round The Years Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Mangoes Round The Years Questions and Answers

Mangoes Round The Years Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following is required for spoilage of the food? All of the above
Which of the following characteristics of the food changes during spoilage? All of the above
In which of the following season food get spoilt quickly? Rainy
Which of the following helps to eat mango round the year? All of the above
Identify the homemade food product made by unripe mango. Pickle
The microorganism which is responsible for food spoilage are All of the above
Which of the following properties of food changes due to its spoilage? All of the above
Which of the following food item can get spoilt in 2-3 days? All of the above
Identify the reason for spoiling food. All of the above
Most bacteria can be killed by: Cooking

No Place For Us Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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No Place For Us Questions and Answers

No Place For Us Quiz Question Answer
Where was Jatrya born?
Khedi village

Which village did Jatrya move from Khedi village?

Sinduri village
Where does Sidya work from 4 o clock to 7 o clock in the morning?
Fish market
Why did people of Khedi have to leave their village?
Building of dam
_________ go to the railway station to pick up empty bottles and newspapers to sell to the kabadiwalla. Sidya

What does memsahib mean?


When did Jatrya family come to Mumbai?

2 years back
________ are dirty because of the slums. Cities
Which job did Jatryabhai start in Mumbai? Repair torn fishing nets
The things which are brought by young men from forests and sell them in towns are: Both A and B

On The Move Again Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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On The Move Again Questions and Answers

On The Move Again Quiz Question Answer
The Mukudam meeting is related to: He explained to villagers about the areas in which they would go for the next six months
What did Dhanu's mami buy for him? All of these
Where do the villagers live for the next six months? In a hut made of dry sugar cane and its leaves
To manage the remaining six months, the villagers borrow money from: mukadam
Father's brother is known as: kaka
Who ties the bundle of sugarcanes? Women and children
How people pay back money to mukadam By working for mukadam
Who is the eldest member of the family? Dhanus father
Villagers have to work in ___________ in order to pay back the borrowed money. Sugarcane fields
Which of the following vehicle used by Dhanu's relative to come to the village? Bullock cart

Seeds And Seeds Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Seeds And Seeds Questions and Answers

Seeds And Seeds Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
Insects can free themselves after being trapped by an insectivorous plant
Winged seeds are seen in________.
Both B and C
Pitcher plant attracts insects through which of the following part? special smell
Which of the following seed has a rough texture? Papaya
What did Gopal's mother asked him to do with chana? Soak them
Which part of the plant produces pulses? Roots
Which fruit has seeds outside it?
When seeds are kept in water they get swelled and increased in size, called  Soaking of seeds
How does venus flytrap kill insects? Through it's leaves that has sharp-hair lined edges
Which of the following are the ways in which the seeds wander from one place to another? All of these

Sunita In Space Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Sunita In Space Questions and Answers

Sunita In Space Quiz Question Answer
The phases of the moon are broadly divided into two parts. What are they? Waxing
Choose whether true or false:-
Moon is exactly like the Earth
Why don't water float around as blobs? water is pulled by earth
Choose whether true or false:-
We can't catch a ball thrown up.
On the earth when we throw something up, it ____________. comes down
What happens when we fill a glass of water? it stays there
Which of the following phase of the moon is seen shortly after the sunrise? Waxing
How does the moon look like during 'Full Moon'? Full sphere
Choose whether true or false:-
Full moon is an auspicious day.
The globe can be moved around axis form West to east

Super Senses Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Super Senses Questions and Answers

Super Senses Quiz Question Answer
Hibernation is also called Winter sleep
Dogs can hear _____ times better than humans. 4
Which of the following animal sleeps only 30 minutes per day? Giraffe
Sloth remains awake for: 7 hours a day
The animal which hangs upside down from tree branches is: Sloth
Which of the following animal sleeps most of the time during the winter season? Lizard
Which of the following animal is active only during night? Bat
When a person is suffering from severe cold, he or she cannot ________.
Differentiate the smell of a perfume from that of an agarbatti
Sleeping time of sloth is: 17 hours
The animal that sleeps for the longest duration among the following is? Python

Up You Go Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Up You Go Questions and Answers

Up You Go Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
The narrator was planning an excuse to skip that day's trek
Where was the mountaineering camp located? Uttarkashi
Which group did the director ask the narrator to lead? Group 7
Choose whether true or false:-
A group leader is reponsible for the food of the group
Which of the following didn't the narrator take to cross the river Pancakes
Choose whether true or false:-
The Brigadier was sympathetic to the narrator and gave her off
Which of the following did the narrator was to do as a group leader? Help any member who has difficulty climbing
Choose whether true or false:-
There was a special kind of discipline on the camp
Why did narrator scream in pain? Her feet hurt
Why was the narrator nervous? The narrator started thinking what would happen if the rope came out

Walls Tell Stories Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Walls Tell Stories Questions and Answers

Walls Tell Stories Quiz Question Answer
Many things like __________ were found when the place around Golconda was dug. All of these
A part of the fort wall in a round shape is called: Bastion (Burj)
Fountains at Golkonda Fort would have got water supply from a large reservoir. True
How would the fountains have worked? Through the water supplied by large tanks
The Golconda fort had _____ pipes to carry water to different places in the palace.  Clay
Why were big holes made in the bastions?   To attack the enemy without being seen
Before 1200, the Golconda Fort was made of which material? Mud
The  Golconda fort had ______ on the roof.  Fountains
A place where old items are kept: Museum
Qutubshahi dynasty was established in ______. Golconda

What If It Finishes Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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What If It Finishes Questions and Answers

What If It Finishes Quiz Question Answer
Choose whether true or false:-
Petrol is going to last forever
What is CNG? Compressed Natural Gas
It takes _________ years to form petrol and diesel lakhs
What are alternative methods that can be used to run cars or buses? Sunlight
What don't we get from petroleum? Perfume
Which of these is not a use of natural gas? Used to run airplanes
Choose whether true or false:-
Natural Gas can be used as a transportation fuel
Choose whether true or false:-
A chulha can use any type of fuel to cook
We can save energy in our institute and school: both A and B
Where is the Adalaj Stepwell is located? Ahemdabad

When The Earth Shook Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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When The Earth Shook Questions and Answers

When The Earth Shook Quiz Question Answer
It was 26 January, ______. Everyone from the village – children and old people – had gathered in the ground of the school to watch the parade on TV. 2001
People in Jasmas village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from the engineers.Why? These houses are comparatively safer than before in case there is an earthquake
Who gave rice and wheat to everyone from his godown during the earthquake? Motabapu
What was the age of Jasma during the earthquake? 11 years
House of Motabapu  was not much damaged. Who is Motabapu? Sarpanch of the village
"There was screaming and shouting everywhere. The ground was shaking and people were running all around." It was a dream. True
Where did the students attend classes after the flood
In Open areas
There was screaming and shouting everywhere. What other things were happening there? People were running all around
If there is no rain, crops can fail and there can be a drought. True
Where did Jasma live? Gujarat

Whose Forests Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Whose Forests Questions and Answers

Whose Forests Quiz Question Answer
Forests are an important part of our life. True
Which of the following states are present around Mizoram? Assam
_________ farming  is also called slash and burn agriculture. Jhoom
If the forest are not there, we too will not remain. Why so? Forests are an essential part of our life and are extremely useful to us
Suryamani wanted that on festivals people should sing their own songs
Forest have been called the 'lungs of earth'. True
Which of the following refers to Jhoom farming?
Slash-and-burn agriculture
What all is there in a forest? Insects
Mixed cropping is practiced in Jhoom cultivation. True
Forest is a large area thickly covered with varieties of trees. True

Who Will Do This Work Class 5 Evs MCQ Quiz

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Who Will Do This Work Questions and Answers

Who Will Do This Work Quiz Question Answer

What was Narayan's job in the ashram?

To teach guests how to clean toilets and other works of the ashram
Gandhiji worked for the upliftment of lower caste and fought against: Untouchability
Who was leading the committee that made to prepare the constitution of India? Bhim Rao Baba Saheb Ambedkar

What is the real name of Little Bhim?

Bhim Rao Baba Saheb Ambedkar
Why do people do different kinds of jobs? All of the above
Effective cleanliness prevents: both A and C
Identify good cleanliness habits.
Cleanliness maintain: both A and B

Where did Narayan live?

Gandhiji's Sabarmati Ashram

Who started to clean the toilets in the villages near Wardha in Maharashtra?

Gandhiji, Mahadevbhai

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