MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 7 Physics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 7th Physics Quiz with Answers

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Electric Current And Its Effects Class 7 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Electric Current And Its Effects Questions and Answers

Electric Current And Its Effects Quiz Question Answer
Choose the correct alternative which matches the second and third columns with the first column.

$$(I)-(C)-(iv);\ (II)-(a)-(ii);\ (III)-(d)-(i);\ (IV)-(b)-(iii)$$
In electric heater: Electrical energy is converted to heat energy
A/an ............... is employed in an electric bell.

When the switch of an electric bell is pushed
Circuit is closed in the electric bell
The longer line in the symbol of a cell denotes the positive terminal
The shorter line in the symbol of a electric cell represents: The negative terminal
A rheostat is used in an electrical circuit to change the resistance of the circuit.
Which of the following is the symbol for a bulb?
The figure given represents:
switch in the 'OFF' position
When the two terminals of a battery are connected directly with a wire then: The chemicals get used up very fast

Heat Class 7 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Heat Questions and Answers

Heat Quiz Question Answer
Two layers of cloth of equal thickness provide warmer covering than a single layer of cloth of double the thickness, because they : enclose between them a layer of air
When a body has the same temperature as that of its surroundings : It radiates same quantity of heat as it receives from the surroundings
Which of the following methods of flow of heat is (are) based on gravitational attraction? Convection
In a room containing air, heat can go from one place to another by :
all of these
Assertion (A): Woolen clothes keep the body warm in winter
Reason (R): Air is bad conductor of heat
Both A and R are true, R is correct explanation of A
A) Heat transfer by conduction and convection require a material medium.
B) Heat transfer by radiation doesn't require a material medium.
both A and B are true
In the following, which statement is correct :
a) A hot body emits hot radiations only.
b) A cold body absorbs the radiations only.
c) A cold body emits cold radiations only.
d) All the bodies emit and absorb radiations simultaneously.
Celsius is a unit of :
Radiation is passing through a transparent medium, then :
the temperature of medium does not alter
The range of clinical thermometer is:
$$35^{\circ}C$$ to $$42^{\circ}C$$

Light Class 7 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Light Questions and Answers

Light Quiz Question Answer
Choose the wrong statement related to a virtual image.
Virtual image can be obtained on the screen
An ideal mirror : Reflects all the light
A plane mirror gives a real image when the incident beam is: Convergent
Which of the following forms a virtual and erect image for all positions of the object? Plane mirror
Which of the following is not the case with image formed by a plane mirror:
It is diminished
How many colours comprises white light?
The term reflection refers to the bending of light rays: when they strike a mirror
Reflection is the ........ of light off a surface. Bouncing
Convex lens is always : all of the above
In the case of plane mirror. from the mirror:
 distance of the image $$=$$ distance of the ........

Motion And Time Class 7 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Motion And Time Questions and Answers

Motion And Time Quiz Question Answer
When a graph between two physical quantities is a straight line, the two quantities are  Directly proportional
Four cars A, B, C and D are moving on a leveled road. Their distance versus time graphs are shown in the given figure. Choose the correct statement

Car B is the slowest.
A vehicle is moving on a road. Ink drops are falling, one at a time, on the road from the vehicle. After the vehicle has moved away, what one observes is shown (qualitatively) in the figure given below. From the figure we can conclude about the vehicle to be moving...
From left to right with decreasing speed
What does the path of an object look like when it is in uniform motion?
Straight line
A driver is driving his car along a road is shown in figure. The driver makes sure that the speedometer reads exactly $$40  {km}/{h}$$. What happens to the speed of the car from $$P$$ to $$R$$ ?
Speed remains constant
Given distance $$(S)$$-time $$(t)$$ graph represents motion with :
uniform velocity
Which of the following distance-time graphs is possible?
A body having uniform speed will always have uniform velocity.
When the distance an object travels is directly proportional to the time, it is said to travel with  Constant speed
When the distance covered by an object is directly proportional to the time interval, it is said to travel with : Constant speed

Winds Storms And Cyclones Class 7 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Winds Storms And Cyclones Questions and Answers

Winds Storms And Cyclones Quiz Question Answer
Both A and R are true but R does not explain A.
When a fluid is heated, it expands and becomes lighter
Which of the following expands most of heating? Gases
Sea breeze, a local wind system characterized by a flow from sea to land  During day
By what sign can an approaching cyclone be identified? Powerful water waves.
During a cyclone, air moves from : Region of high pressure to low pressure
When a substance is heated, its density  decreases
Which of the following will rise the highest? Air at $$40^oC$$
Wind currents are generated due to: Uneven heating between the equator and the poles
Suppose you are in a car and it is raining heavily with thunderstorms. Then what is the best way to protect yourself from a possible thunder storm fall? Remain in the car

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