MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 9th Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Atoms And Molecules Class 9 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Atoms And Molecules Questions and Answers

Atoms And Molecules Quiz Question Answer
Who called the indivisible particles as atoms? Democritus
________ is the latin name for sodium. Natrium
When did Maharishi Kanad give the idea of parmanu ? $$ 500 BC $$
What is atomic mass of $$He$$ in amu $$(u)$$ units? $$4$$
The cation in $$CaCl_2$$ is:
The term mole is a latin word which means: heap or pile
Avogadro number is equal to: $$6.023\times10^{23}$$
One mole is defined as: quantity having a mass equal to its atomic/molecular mass.
Which of the following property of an element never changes?
Atomic weight
Cation and anion present (if any) in NaCl is :
Anion: $$Cl^{-}$$ Cation: $$Na^+$$

Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Is Matter Around Us Pure Questions and Answers

Is Matter Around Us Pure Quiz Question Answer
In brass, copper acts as solvent and zinc acts as solute.

Which technique is used to separate the components of liquid air?

Fractional distillation

Why do we use fractional distillation instead of simple distillation for separating the components of air?

Because the difference in boiling point of components are less than $$20\ K$$
Distillation involves :
the conversion of a liquid into its vapors upon heating and then cooling the vapor back into liquid.

Which of the following statement is incorrect about compound?

A compound is combined chemically in variable proportion
Two liquids having different boiling points can be separated by :
Liquids which do not dissolve in each other are called:
immiscible liquids
Pure substances consists of :
one type of particles
Which property of colloids is not dependent on the charge on colloidal particles? Tyndall effect
Syrup is an example of :
a mixture

Matter In Our Surroundings Class 9 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Matter In Our Surroundings Questions and Answers

Matter In Our Surroundings Quiz Question Answer
All kinds of matter  occupy space and have definite mass
Why does applying spirit give us a cool sensation? Spirit evaporates quickly.
The rate of evaporation increases as ____________. the exposed surface area of the liquid increases
The term used for five basic elements was ___________. panchtatva
The process by which wet clothes dry up is called _____________. evaporation
What happens to the particle of matter when pressure is applied? They come closer
The rate of evaporation depends on __________. all of the above
Water on increasing pressure and decreasing temperature converts into _______________. ice
Water, when left uncovered, gets converted into vapour without any external heat due to: evaporation
The rate of evaporation is affected by:
(i) Wind
(ii) Temperature
(iii) Area of exposed surface
(iv) Humidity
i, ii, iii, iv

Structure Of The Atom Class 9 Chemistry MCQ Quiz

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Structure Of The Atom Questions and Answers

Structure Of The Atom Quiz Question Answer
Radius of the nucleus is measured in
The presence of nucleus in an atom is determined by Rutherford $$\alpha - ray$$ scattering experiment.
Heaviest particle is Neutron
The discovery of neutron becomes very late because  neutron are chargeless.
Maximum no. of electrons that can be present in M & N shells respectively are ________. $$18, 32$$
Which of the following has the same number of protons? Isotopes
Assertion: Atoms are not electrically neutral.
Reason: Number of protons and electrons are different.
Both assertion and reason statements are wrong.
The components used in Rutherford's experiment:
helium nuclei, which impinged on a metal foil and got scattered
Which of the following scientists developed the nuclear model of the atom ? Ernest Rutherford
The nucleus of an atom was discovered by
Rutherford's gold foil experiment

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