CBSE Questions for Class 9 Elements Of Business Fundamentals Areas Of Business Quiz 1 -

Which of the following function of personnel manager can be treated" Managerial Function"? 
  • Planning
  • Employment
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial Relations
Which of the following function of personnel manager cannot be treated as "Operative function"? 
  • Compensation
  • Motivation
  • Personnel records
  • Organizing
Which of the following is not quality as required by personnel managers as identified by Fayol? 
  • Physical-health, vigor, address
  • Mental-ability to understand and learn
  • Handsome-charming
  • Moral-energy, firmness, willingness to accept responsibility
The human resource management function aim at __________.
  • ensuring that the human resources possess adequate capital, tool, equipment and material to perform the job successfully
  • helping the organization deal with its employees in different stages of employment
  • improving an organization's creditworthiness among financial institutions
  • none of the above
Human resource management is normally _________ in nature. 
  • proactive
  • reactive
  • combative
  • none of the above
Which of the following function of personnel manager can be treated as "Operative Function"? 
  • Controlling
  • Planning
  • Direction
  • Training and development
Which of the following function of personnel manager can be treated as "Managerial Function"?
  • Separation
  • Personnel records
  • Compensation
  • Direction
Which of the following activity is not included in human resource management? 
  • Training and development
  • Appraisal of performance of employees
  • Resistance management
  • Motivation of workforce
Which of the following ensures equal pay for equal work, i.e., each individual's pay is fair in comparison to others doing the same/similar job?
  • Internal equity
  • External equity
  • Individual equity
  • Both (a) and (b)
To summarise the skills and abilities of non-managerial employees used in forecasting supply is called __________.
  • workforce analysis
  • management inventories
  • skills inventory
  • Markov Analysis
To classify employees on the basis of age, sex, position, experience, qualification, skills, etc is called ________.
  • employee classification
  • staffing table
  • skills inventory
  • HR audit
Job specification includes __________.
  • physical characteristics
  • psychological characteristics
  • personal characteristics
  • all of these
Job requirements  ___________.
  • keep changing with time
  • is always constant
  • always meet
  • none of the above
Designing a job according to the worker's physical strength and ability is known as ___________.
  • ergonomics
  • job simplification
  • job enrichment
  • none of these
The classical approach of job design is greatly influenced by the work of ____________.
  • Maslow
  • Clayton Alderfer
  • F.W. Taylor
  • Ben Franklin
Skills inventory and staffing table is________.
  • internal forecasting technique
  • External forecasting technique
  • Trend analysis
  • Work force analysis
The personnel manager generally acts as a spokesman of the management and communicates management policies and decisions that affect people in organization. Such role of personnel manager can be classified as ________.
  • representative role
  • linking prn Role
  • leadership role
  • welfare role
Providing cafeteria and rest norm is part of HRM
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Motivation
  • None of the above
Which activity is least likely to be assigned to the HR department?
  • Publish company news letter
  • Design employee health and wellness programmed
  • Monitor industry productivity standards
  • Conduct attitude surveys
A general term used to mean wholesalers is ____________.
  • dealers
  • distributors
  • jobbers
  • agents
Human Resource Management is often referred to as _______.
  • people management
  • human management
  • resource management
  • personnel management
What does "Quits" refers to?
  • Workers leaving on their own accord
  • The dismissal of workers from service by the employer
  • Suspension of workers
  • None of the above
Which of the following of personnel manager cannot be treated as "Operative function"?
  • Controlling
  • Industrial relations
  • Maintenance
  • Training and development
_____________ provides the organisation with adequate number of competent and qualified personnel at all levels in the enterprise.
  • Motivation process
  • Directing process
  • Forecasting process
  • HR process / staffing
under network marketing the product reaches the customers from the __________.
  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • manufacturers via distributors
  • agent
Blue-collar workers are _________.
  • working on machines and engaged in loading, unloading
  • clerical employees
  • executive employees
  • control employees
To which of the following categories of personnel Management is concerned?  
  • Managerial personnel and non-managerial personnel
  • Professional and non-professional personnel
  • Blue-collar workers and white-collar workers
  • All of above
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the part of management which is __________.
  • concerned with how people at work use the various resources available in organization.
  • concerned with how manager effectively use relationship with an enterprise.
  • concerned with how manager effectively use the various resource available in organization.
  • concerned with how manager effectively control the people in organization.
Which of the following not similarity between HRM and Personal management? 
  • Both models emphasize the importance of integrating personal /HRM.
  • Both models emphasize the importance of individuals fully developing their abilities for their own personal satisfaction to make their best contribution to organization success.
  • Both models identify placing the right people into the right as an important means of integrating personnel /HRM practice with organization goals.
  • Both models deal with monetary satisfaction of employees.
There is no difference between Human Resource Management & Personnel Management.
  • True
  • False
  • Party true
  • None of above

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