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The statement which best describes the function of Human Resources Planning is:
  • An integrated set of processes, programs and systems in an organization that focuses on maximizing employee contribution in order to achieve organisational success.
  • The process of ensuring that people required for running the company are being used as effectively as possible especially in fulfilling developmental needs in order to accomplish the organization's goals.
  • The formal process of familiarizing new employees with the organization, new job, work units and culture values, benefits and accepted behavior.
  • The process of effectively and efficiently managing your assets.
The first step in the human resources planning process is ______.
  • Preparing a job analysis
  • Forecasting future human resource needs
  • Assessing future demand
  • Assessing future supply
What does a high rate of labour turnover mean?
  • Percentage of employees in a workforce that leave during a certain period of time
  • Loss of output
  • Increased selection cost
  • Added over time
Which approach that seeks to the link strategy, business, performance and HRM policies and practices, assumes that there are a number of HRM practices that are suitable for all organizations?
  • Best practice
  • Best fit
  • Resource-based view
  • Life cycle models
The scope of human resource management includes:
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Training & Development
The present value of the future contributions of employees is one of the methods of_______________.
  • Human Resource Accounting
  • Inflation Accounting
  • Social Accounting
  • Responsibility Accounting
Which one of the following contains the three elements of service marketing triangle?
  • Management, Marketing Agency and Consumer.
  • Marketing Agency, Government and Consumer.
  • Management, Employees and Marketing Agency.
  • Management, Employees and Consumer
In which stage of HR intranet site development are multiple sites linked together to create a seamless experience for the individual?
  • Personalised
  • Integrated
  • Transactional
  • Brochureware
After conducting the business analysis for developing a new product, a company must do ________.
  • idea generation
  • product positioning
  • product development and testing
  • test marketing
The human resources management functions aims at_____________.
  • Ensuring that the human resources possess adequate capital, tool equipment and material to perform the job successfully.
  • Helping the organization deal with its employees in different stages of employment.
  • Improving an organization's creditworthiness among financial institutions.
  • Ensuring financial & marketing stability.
The field of HRM was founded on the idea that the competitive advantage of the organization relies on the following source of capital:
  • Cultural, human and system capital
  • Social, cultural and human capital
  • cultural, source capital and system capital
  • Cultural, human and source capital
Strategic human resources management involves :
  • Financing project marketing related programming
  • Setting employment standards and policies
  • Linking human resources with strategic objectives to improve performance
  • Project planning
The following are some of the ways that human resources can benefit through electronic systems, except ______.
  • Online recruiting can eliminate paperwork and speed up the hiring process
  • Online learning can slash travel costs and make training available anytime anywhere
  • Working online can reduce the resistance sometimes experienced from employees
  • Online retirement planning can help employees map out their future while reducing questions and paperwork for HR
Indicate the correct statement_________.
  • India has been a pioneer in social marketing
  • Advertising Standards Council of India is a statutory body set up by government of India
  • Both A and B are incorrect
  • Both A and B are correct
If one were to think of HR as a business, which of the following product lines involve developing effective HR systems that help the organization meet its goals for attracting, keeping and developing people with the skills it needs?
  • Administrative services
  • Business partner services
  • Strategic partner
  • Product quality audit
The critical role of the SHRM application tool is to:
  • Outline techniques, frameworks, and six steps that must be followed to effectively implement change in an organization
  • Develop a better strategic management process to deal with the dynamic changing environment of organisation
  • Identify and access a narrow group of actions and plan how the organization can overcome resistance to change
  • Identify if the organization has enough staff, if the staff need training, if the compensation practices are appropriate, and if jobs are designed correctly
Human resources management is the formal part of an organization responsible for all of the following aspects of the management of human resources, except:
  • System, processes, and procedures
  • Policymaking, implementation, and enforcement
  • Strategy development and analysis
  • Management of the organization's finances
The offer curve shows
  • the exchange ratio between two commodities in terms of opportunity costs
  • the various quantities of its exportable commodity a country is willing to exchange for an importable commodity at various international prices
  • factor price = Marginal product of the factor
  • capital inflows
How often is HR planning process implemented within an organisation?
  • Continuously
  • Annually
  • Bi-annually
  • Quarterly
The best hiring occurs when the goals of which of the following should consistent to each other?
  • HR managers, Finance Managers
  • Head Office, Branch
  • Organisation, Individual
  • Lower Managers, Top Managers
Who propounded Mega marketing?
  • Mc Aurthy
  • Philip Kotler
  • Sheth
  • Peter F Drucker
Bull dogs bonds are ______________________.
  • Dollar denominated foreign bonds raised in the UK domestic securities market
  • Sterling denominated foreign bonds raised in the UK domestic securities market
  • Sterling denominated foreign bonds raised in the Us domestic securities market
  • Euro denominated foreign bonds raised in the UK domestic securities market
  • None of the above
What is/are the operative function(s) of human resource management?
  • Employment
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • All of the above
Which of the following functions of HRM deals with 'Collective Bargaining'?
  • Staffing
  • Forecasting
  • Employee-assistance management
  • Employee relations management
A product line strategy wherein a company adds a higher priced product to a line in order to attract a broader market which helps the sale of its existing lower priced products is called ________.
  • trading up
  • trading down
  • life cycle extension
  • product line extension
The Government of India introduced "The Workers' Participation in Management' Bill in Parliament in _______.
  • 1983
  • 1988
  • 1990
  • 1981
Although many authors experience difficulty in distinguishing between personnel management and HRM, it can be argued that HRM is the elevation of the personnel management to a more .....................level.
  • Strategic
  • Organizational
  • Operational
  • Centralized
What is not an operative function of HRM?
  • Procurement
  • Development
  • Organising
  • Integrating
HRM is more _________whereas Personnel Management is slightly narrow.
  • Complex
  • Detailed
  • Mechanical
  • Growth-oriented
Internal user is ________of the business entity.
  • Bank
  • Compititors
  • Customer
  • Management

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