MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Economics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10th Economics Quiz with Answers

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Consumer Rights Class 10 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Consumer Rights Questions and Answers

Consumer Rights Quiz Question Answer
Which day is known as 'National Consumer's Day' ? 24th December
Consumer must be provided with accurate information about quality, purity, price, quantity and the standard of the goods and services. What right of a consumer is this?
Right to be informed
Which day of the following is celebrated as World Consumer Day? 15th March
"Jago Grahak Jago" is an initiative towards _______________. consumer education and awareness
When was COPRA enacted? 1986
What is the full form of BIS? Bureau of Indian Standards
The state level consumer court deals in cases involving claims between ______ to _______ . 20 lakhs, 1 crore
MRP of the product falls under the category of _____. Right to information
What is the full form of MRP? maximum retail price
Right to Information Act was enacted by the Government of India in _______. October 2005

Development Class 10 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Development Questions and Answers

Development Quiz Question Answer
Different persons have different aspirations about the development because __________.
Life circumstances are different
Economic development by maintaining the natural resources for present and future use is known as ------------- Sustainable development
Economic development of a region depends on ________________________. All of the above
HDI stands for _______________. Human Development Index
Agriculture contributes nearly _________ of the GDP in India. 14%
The rise in per capita income in the Seventh Five Year Plan was _____. 3.7%
Which of the following is a low-Income country? South Africa
What is/are the major long-term objective/s of Indian planning? All of these
Which of the following is a developed country? America
Which one of the following statements appropriately describes the "fiscal stimulus"? It is an intense affirmati ve action of the Government to boost economic activity in the country

Globalisation And The Indian Economy Class 10 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Globalisation And The Indian Economy Questions and Answers

Globalisation And The Indian Economy Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following refers to trade barrier in the context of WTO?
I. Restrictions on domestic trade.
II. Not allowing companies to do foreign trade beyond specific quantity.
III. Restrictions on the import and export of goods.
IV. Restrictions on the price fixed by companies.
III and IV
State whether the following statements are True or False.
Newspaper, magazines are means of mass communication.
The most common route for investments by MNCs in countries around the world is to ___________.
buy existing local companies
The first international earth summit was held in the year __________. 1992
What is the full form of $$NIEO$$? New International Economic Order
Liberalization means _______. removing trade barriers.
How can government of a country play a major role in making Globalization fairer? All of them
Which of the following events led to a change in the world economy? All of these
Which country has the largest share of FDI in India during the last decade? Mauritius
In India, the first plant set up by Ford Motors was in ____________. Chennai

Money And Credit Class 10 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Money And Credit Questions and Answers

Money And Credit Quiz Question Answer
_________ costs of borrowing increase the debt-burden.
In rural areas farmers take credit for _____. Crop production
First gold coins were introduced during the reign of _____. Gupta
A 'debt trap' means _____. not able to repay credit amount
Which of the following is the main source of credit for the rich household? Formal Sector
Cheque is a _____. optional money
Since money acts as an intermediate in the exchange process, it is called _____. medium of exchange
What is the name of the success story that met the credit needs of the poor, at reasonable rates, in Bangladesh? Grameen Bank
Formal sources of credit do not include _____. employers
Modern forms of money include ________. paper notes

Sectors Of The Indian Economy Class 10 Economics MCQ Quiz

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Sectors Of The Indian Economy Questions and Answers

Sectors Of The Indian Economy Quiz Question Answer
This kind of Underemployment is hidden in contrast to someone who does not have a job and is clearly visible as unemployed. It is also called _______ Disguised unemployment
Employment in the service sector increased to the same extent as production.
In terms of GDP the share of tertiary sector in 2003 is _________.
between 50 per cent to 60 per cent
Which among the following statements is/are true about MGNREGA 2005?

All of the above
It has been noted from the histories of many, now developed, countries that at initial stages of development ____________ sector was the most important sector of economic activity.

The____________is characterized by small and scattered units which are largely outside the control of the government. Unorganised Sector
The secondary sector is also called __________ Industrial sector
Choose the odd one out from the following: Tourist Guide
___________ is the total sum of the value of the final goods and services of the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of the economy of a country produced during a year.

Gross Domestic Product
Which of the following sector contributes the most towards the GDP in India? Tertiary

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