MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Physics Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10th Physics Quiz with Answers

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Electricity Class 10 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Electricity Questions and Answers

Electricity Quiz Question Answer
When resistors with different resistances are connected in series, which of the following must be the same for each resistor? Choose all correct answers charge entering each resistor in a given time interval
$$\displaystyle \frac { Charge }{ Time } =....$$
The rating of an electrical appliance is $$60 W$$, $$220 V$$. What is the safe limit of current in it, while in use ? $$0.27 A$$
When does two elements are said to be in series?
When same current physically flows through both elements
What is the power produced by an appliance marked " $$240 V$$, $$2 A"?$$ $$480\ W$$
Substances that do not allow free flow of charge through them are called __________. Insulators
A rod of a certain metal is $$1.0\ m$$ long and $$0.6\ cm$$ in diameter. Its resistance is $$3.0\times 10^{-3}\Omega$$. Another disc made of the same metal is $$2.0\ cm$$ in diameter and $$1.0\ mm$$ thick. What is the resistance between the round faces of the disc? $$2.70\times 10^{-7}\Omega$$
On a bulb is written 220 Volt and 60 watt. Find out the resistance of the bulb and the value of the current flowing through it.  806.66 ohm 0.27 ampere
In the circuit shown in figure, the current flowing through $$ 5 \, \Omega $$ resistance is 
$$0.6 \, A$$
An electric iron draws a current of 15 A from a 220 V supply, What is the cost of using iron for 30 min everyday for 15 days if the cost of unit (1 unit =1 kWhr) is 2 rupees ?  Rs 49.5

Human Eye And Colorful World Class 10 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Human Eye And Colorful World Questions and Answers

Human Eye And Colorful World Quiz Question Answer
The change that occurs in the eye to see the distant objects cleary is Focal length of the eye lens increases
The least distance of distinct vision for a young adult with normal vision is $$ 25 \mathrm{cm} $$
A person is suffering from 'presbyopia' ( myopia and hyper metropia both defects ) should use  A bifocal lens whose lower portion is convex
A person can see clearly object only when they lie between 50 cm and 400 cm from his eyes. In order to increase the maximum distance of distinct vision to infinity, the type and power of the correcting lens, the person has to use, will be :
Concave, -0.25 D
A far sighted person has his near point 50 cm. Find the power of lens he should use to see at 25 cm clearly. +2 D
Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion.
For a person near point of vision is $$100\ cm$$. Then the power of lens he must wear so as to have normal vision, should be: $$+3\ D$$
When Astronauts fly at higher altitude, the sky appears dark because ; Scattering of light does not take place.
When white light is passed through an upside down (inverted) prism then ................ Spectrum is obtained with red colour undergoing maximum deviation and violet colour undergoing minimum deviation.
Focal length of human eye lens is about _____________. 2.5 cm

Light Reflection And Refraction Class 10 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Light Reflection And Refraction Questions and Answers

Light Reflection And Refraction Quiz Question Answer
Magnification produced by a rear view mirror fitted in vehicles:
is less than one
An image of the same size as that of the object cannot be produced by : a convex mirror
State whether true or false.
A ray of light which emerges after bouncing, off the surface of a mirror is called an incident ray.
A perpendicular drawn at the point of incidence of a light ray on the surface of a mirror is called - normal
Observe the given figure and name the following rays:
Ray AB, Ray BC, Ray CD

Incident Ray, Refracted Ray, Emergent Ray
The distance between the focus and the pole of the mirror is called : Focal length
State whether true or false.
The line drawn perpendicular to the mirror at the point of incidence is called the reflected ray.
The light ray which comes out from the surface after reflection is called: reflected ray
.......... occurs when a light ray bounces back from a barrier. Reflection
State whether true or false.
The geometric centre of the hollow sphere of which a spherical mirror is a part is called its focal length.

Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current Class 10 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current Questions and Answers

Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current Quiz Question Answer
The field lines emerge from _______ and merge at ________. north pole, south pole
A positively charged particle (proton) is projected towards east.The magnetic field is towards south.The particle will be deflected towards Up
According to new convention, earth wire is coded by Green colour
Fill in the blanks:
A current carrying solenoid when freely suspended, it always rests in ________ direction.
Complete the following statements with an appropriate word / term to be filled in the blank space(s).

Magnetic field lines emerge from the _________ pole of a solenoid or a permanent magnet.
The strength of magnetic field inside a long current carrying straight solenoid is:
same at all points
If the current in a wire is directed east wards and it is kept in a magnetic field directed northwards, the direction of force on the wire is:
vertically upwards

In case of a bar magnet, lines of magnetic induction

run continuously through the bar magnet and outside
Magnetic lines of force due to a long straight conductor carrying current are
An electron is moving towards east in a magnetic field acting vertically downwards. So the electron is deflected towards:

Sources Of Energy Class 10 Physics MCQ Quiz

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Sources Of Energy Questions and Answers

Sources Of Energy Quiz Question Answer
One of the biggest hydro-electric power project is  Tehri Hydropower
The disposal of waste produced in a nuclear power plant is difficult because they are: highly radioactive
Coal can be converted into: All of these
What is the biggest advantage of nuclear energy? Huge amount of energy is produced.
Which of the following is not a type of pollution? Space pollution.
What is the value of solar constant? $$1.4\ kJ.s^{-1}.m^{-2}$$
In order to fulfill our energy requirements, we try to: Both $$A$$ and $$B$$
In ancient times, _____________ was the most common source of heat energy. Wood
Which among them work using solar energy? All of the above
Solar cookers are more useful in cloudy weather. The statement given is -  False

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