MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 6 History Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 6th History Quiz with Answers

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Ashoka The Emperor Who Gave Up War Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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Ashoka The Emperor Who Gave Up War Questions and Answers

Ashoka The Emperor Who Gave Up War Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following ruler gave up conquest after winning a war? Ashoka
Under Mauryas each province was placed under a __________.  Prince
What was the capital of Mauryas? Pataliputra
Ashoka himself went from place to place to preach 'dhamma'.
The provincial government of Mauryan Empire was divided into  Ujjain, Taxila, Magadha and Swarnagiri
Identify the true statement regarding Mauryan dynasty in India. Patliputra was the capital of Mauryan empire.
The name by which Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscription is _____. Piyadarsi
Amrapali whose name occurs, in early Buddhist literature was _______. a courtesan of Vaishali
The currency which was in circulation in Mauryan empire was _____. Pana
The Great Ashoka sent missionaries to _______. Tibet and Ceylon

Buildings Paintings And Books Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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Buildings Paintings And Books Questions and Answers

Buildings Paintings And Books Quiz Question Answer
According to this map, metallurgy developed earliest in ______________.
Western Europe
Match the entries in column I with those in column II.
Column IColumn II
a. Euclidii. Distance between earth and moon
b. Hippocratusii. Earth at centre of universe
c. Hipparcusiii. Father of Geometry
d. Ptolemyiv. Father of modern medicine
a - iii, b - iv, c - i, d - ii
Idol worship in India can be traced to the period of ________. Pre-Aryan
The use of metal was significant in the development of early civilizations for all of the following reasons EXCEPT __________________. It created a spirit of cooperation between early groups
Which one of the following is not written by Kalidasa? Mrichchakatikam
The Ramayana was written by _____. Maharishi Valmiki
When was the Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visited to India? In 5th century AD
Which one of the following is not a play? Meghadoota
Who was the first person to translate the Mahabharata into Telugu language?
Which metal was found first? Copper

In The Earliest Cities Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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In The Earliest Cities Questions and Answers

In The Earliest Cities Quiz Question Answer
The Great public bath at Mohenjodaro has dimensions of ____________. 39 x 23' x 8'
The discovery of ____________ has enabled the historians to believe that the people of Harappa knew the art of reading and writting. Seals
Which ancient civilization had trade relations with the Harappan People?
The Indus Valley people had trade relations with _______. Mesopotamia
The Indus Valley houses were built of ______.  burnt bricks
The earliest Harappan seal inscriptions deciphered so far are in _________. None of these
The invention of craft of spinning and weaving is associated with Bronze Age
The Indus Valley Civilization flourished during __________. 3000-1500 B.C.
The Harappans did not know the use of _____. Iron
Which of the following animal was not domesticated by the Harappans? Horse

Kingdoms Kings And An Early Republic Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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Kingdoms Kings And An Early Republic Questions and Answers

Kingdoms Kings And An Early Republic Quiz Question Answer
The soldiers and priests didn't have to pay taxes during age of Mahajanapadas. True
Which one of the following was initially the most powerful city state of  India during the 6th century B.C.? Magadha
During age of Mahajanapadas the king ran the administration of his state with the help of ______________. All of the above
In ancient India, the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom was  ______.
What was the first capital of Magadha?
Girivaraja (Rajgriha)
During age of Mahajanapadas the post of ________ was most powerful. King
Where was the seat of the first Rebuplic of the world in 6th century BC?
In ancient India, the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom was at-
The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in ________.
Anguttara Nikaya
When Alexander invaded India, who were the rulers of Magadha?

New Empires And Kingdoms Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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New Empires And Kingdoms Questions and Answers

New Empires And Kingdoms Quiz Question Answer
Samudragupta's accomplishments are immortalised by the ______ pillar inscription of Harisena. Allahabad
Who has written the 'Harshacharita'? Banabhatta
Which pillar inscription describes about 'Samudragupta'? Pryag prashasti
Lichchavi princess Kumara Devi was married to Chandragupta I
What is Prashasti? It is an eulogy of a king
Who was the court poet of Samudragupta ? Harisena
Chandragupta I assumed the title ______. Maharajadhiraja
The famous poet Kalidasa lived in the court of _____. Chandragupta-II
The coins of ___ show him playing on the veena. Samudragupta
The Allahabad prashasti of Samudragupta had four lists of kings whom Samudragupta subjugated. In the fourth list, Shahanushahs had been mentioned. Who were Shahanushahs? Kushanas

New Questions And Ideas Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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New Questions And Ideas Questions and Answers

New Questions And Ideas Quiz Question Answer
Gautam Buddha was born in the year ______. 563 B.C.
The Great Buddhist council in 483 B.C was held at ________. Rajagriha
Last in the succession of Jain Tirthankaras was _______. Mahavira
First Buddhist Council was held in the reign of ________. Ajatashatru
Jainism had the patronage of ________. Kharavela
Lumbini is the place where the Buddha ___________________. was born
Buddha delivered his first sermon at ______.  Sarnath
Which of the following is not included in triratna of Jainism?  Creator
Mahavira Jain rejected Vedas and Vedic rituals. True
Mahavira Jain believed in Karma and transmigration of the soul. True

Traders Kings And Piligrims Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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Traders Kings And Piligrims Questions and Answers

Traders Kings And Piligrims Quiz Question Answer
Outside India, Buddhism was first accepted in ____. Sri Lanka
The fourth Buddhist council was held under the leadership of Kanishka at ______. Kashmir
Kanishka was the follower of _____. Mahayanism
The proceedings of the Third Buddhist Council led to the issue of which edict? Sarnath
The first Buddhist Council was held at ___. Rajagriha
The fourth and the last Buddhist Council was convened by ______. Kanishka
During the reign of Kanishka, Buddhism for the first time went to China and from China it went to _______.
Korea and Japan
Who was the great exponent of Mahayana Buddhism? Nagarjuna
The first image of the Buddha-was carved out during the reign of _____. Kanishka I
The fourth Buddhist Council was held at _______. Kundalavana

Vital Villages Thriving Towns Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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Vital Villages Thriving Towns Questions and Answers

Vital Villages Thriving Towns Quiz Question Answer
Who were known as uzhavar? Ordinary ploughmen
Punch marked coins were made of ______.
Arikamedu was an important coastal settlement on the west coast of India. False
Consider the following statements about the 'shrenis'.
1) It was an association of craft persons and the merchants
2) The Shrenis also served as the banks.
Which of the above statements are incorrect.
None of these
Mathura was an important religious centre where there we Buddhist monasteries, Jaina shrines and it was an important centre for the worship of _______. Krishna
What was Grama Bhojaka? Largest Landowner
Jatakas were the stories composed by the ordinary people and then written and preserved by the Jain monks. False
Around 2000 years ago, _________ became the second capital of the Kushanas. Mathura
Punch-marked coins were generally All of these
The stamped red-glazed pottery known as Arretine Ware was named after a city in __________.  Italy

What Books And Buries Tell Us Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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What Books And Buries Tell Us Questions and Answers

What Books And Buries Tell Us Quiz Question Answer
Oldest religious text in the world is ; RigVeda
The Charak Samhita is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic text on internal medicine written by ............. Charaka
Which of the following correctly describes the land of the Seven Rivers (Sapta Sindhu) where the initial Aryan settlements were located?
The land of the Indus and its principal tributaries
'Som Ras' was used by Aryans
The oldest of the Vedas is _________. Rigveda
Charaka is related to which field of science?
Consider the following statements about Rigveda:
The oldest Veda is the Rigveda, composed about 3500 years ago.
The Rigveda includes more than a thousand hymns, called sukta or well said. These hymns are in praise of various gods and goddess
Which of the above statement is /are correct?
Both 1 and 2
In the Vedic age indra was God of- Rain and Thunder (warrior god)
In the Rigveda the term Dasas and Dasyus refers to ________. non-Aryans
The major gods praised in the hymns of the Rigveda were: 
All of the above

What Where How And When Class 6 History MCQ Quiz

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What Where How And When Questions and Answers

What Where How And When Quiz Question Answer
Anno Domini (AD) is a _______ word. Latin
The Rosetta stone was important in Deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics using Greek translations
People who gathered their food are called ________.
What does BCE stands for? Before Common Era
Consider the following statements
i) Manuscripts are written on hard surfaces
ii) Inscriptions are written on leaves
Choose the correct statements
None of them
Rosetta stone is known for An inscription
In which country is the city of Kandahar?
One of the tributary of River Indus is the. Ravi
The places where rice was first grown are located in
North of the Vindhyas
_________ was not used in the ancient manuscripts.

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