MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 9 History Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 9th History Quiz with Answers

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Forest Society And Colonialism Class 9 History MCQ Quiz

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Forest Society And Colonialism Questions and Answers

Forest Society And Colonialism Quiz Question Answer
The forest Act of $$1878$$ divided forests into _____. Reserved, protected and village forests
Why were forest cleared off rapidly during the colonial period? All the above
What was the system of 'blandongdiensten'? First imposition of rent on land and then exemption
How many trees were being cut annually for sleepers in $$1850s$$ in the Madras Presidency? $$35,000\ trees$$
Which new trade was created due to the introduction of new forest laws? Collecting latex from wild rubber trees
The Forest management in Java was under the _____. Dutch
Why forest laws were not beneficial for the local inhabitants of India? State only one suitable argument from the following.
Government department was the main beneficiary
The 1910 rebellion first started in the _______ area and soon spread to other parts of the state. Kanger forest
Kalangs of Java were a community of ________. woodcutters
How did the colonial rule change the life of pastoralists dramatically? They were prevented from using pasture, forest and agricultural land by colonial rule.

Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler Class 9 History MCQ Quiz

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Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler Questions and Answers

Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler Quiz Question Answer
Choose the correct response from the given options. On $$3^{rd}$$ March $$1933$$ the famous Enabling Act was passed to _____.
(a) Establish dictatorship in Germany
(b) Give Hitler the power to rule by decree.
(c) Ban all trade unions.
(d) Ban all political parties and their affiliates
All of the above options are correct
When was the Great Economic Depression between the two World Wars held? $$1929$$
The Nazi youth organisation was known as Hitler Youth
Which of the following statements is true about the economic crisis in Germany in 1923? Both (a) and (b)
Which of the following was not a feature of the Nazi style of politics? Not so powerful speeches of Hitler
What were the children taught in Germany under the Nazis? All the above
What was not a factor in the rise of Hitler? Balkan crisis
Read the following statements and choose the correct option
(a) November Criminals belonged to Hitler's associates
(b) Nuremberg trials relate to the failure of the Weimer Constitution
(a) and (b) both are false
Hitler took over the German Worker's Party and renamed it National Socialist German Worker's Party
When did Hitler join the German Workers Party? 1919

Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution Class 9 History MCQ Quiz

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Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution Questions and Answers

Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution Quiz Question Answer
Which revolution made an attempt to create a social order without religion, class and exploitation?
Russian Revolution
The communist thinker Karl Marx belongs to __________.
'It was sensible to go couple steps back, after having gone-three steps ahead.'
Which of the following person proclaimed the above slogan ?
Nicolai Lenin
The main tentes of April Theses during the Bolshevik Revolution were : Ending the war, bank nationalisation and land transfer.
Civil War characterised the following period - the first two decades of the twentieth century in Russia After the October Revolution, $$1917$$
Between $$1905$$ and $$1917$$, there were three revolutions in Russia. One of them abolished monarchy and another established socialism. The third established capitalist rule. Select the two that abolished monarchy and established socialism from the following $$\text{February 1917 and October - 1917}$$ revolutions
The October $$1917$$ Revolution in Russia brought numerous changes. Which one of those are correctly mentioned below? Young artists rallied around the Bolshevik party because it stood for change
The Russian Parliament is known as ___________. Duma
The Russian revolution took place in the year _________. 1917
Who among the following is acknowledged as the father of Scientific Socialism ? Karl Marx

The French Revolution Class 9 History MCQ Quiz

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The French Revolution Questions and Answers

The French Revolution Quiz Question Answer
The main reason why the society of Revolutionary and Republican Women was set up during the French Revolution was because _____. Women wanted the same political rights as men.
"The rule of one lion is ever better than a hundred rats" Who had proclaimed this statement? Voltaire
A is true, R is false.
Which of the following period is referred to as the reign of terror ? 1793-94
Through whose writings did the people find an expression to their feelings in France ?  Montesquieu
During the Reign of Terror, the new government issued laws ordering the closure of women's clubs and banning their political activities. This was a peaceful revolution because the king left town and escaped to France.
The passage refers to two revolutions. Which were those ?
French Revolution and the English Revolution
Following the French revolution in 1789, who thought of liberty as 'happiness, reason, equality, justice' as against the view of Robespierre that liberty is a war against tyranny. Camille Desmoulins
What did the winged woman as a political symbol during the days of the French revolution signify? Personification of the law
What was the Marseillaise? A patriotic song
The two Indians who responded to the ideas of liberty and equality as endorsed by the French Revolution were Tipu Sultan and Rammohan Roy

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