Reading Comprehension - Class 10 English - Extra Questions

Based on your reading of the passage, complete the following sentence:
The training for the adventure trip on cycle included _________ .

Write one use of computers.

Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia and are __________ . 

How can one manage over confidence?

What is needed to achieve anything worthwhile? 

Based on the passage, answer the following question in $$30-40$$ words:
What did great men have in plenty to rise to the peak of success? Give any two examples.

Complete the following with help from the passage:
The suitable climatic conditions for the henna plant ________________.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, answer the following question in 30-40 words each.
Which two pieces of advice does the writer give to the parents?

Why do today's children want more?

Describe how the pilot of the Mosquito aircraft guided the narrator to land, in not more than 100 words. Failure to keep within the word limit will be penalized. 

Why is the disease TIP so serious?

What does the passage predict about the fear of scarcity of food?

Class 10 English Extra Questions