Carbon And Its Compounds - Class 10 Chemistry - Extra Questions

Even though both are oxidation processes, combustion and respiration are different in many aspects. Explain those differences.

Where is ethanol used?

Carbon in hydrocarbons forms bonds by _________ of electrons.

Name five compounds of carbon.

Write the main characteristics of the carbon atom.

After completing the chemical reactions, write down to which category they belong.

$$CH_4 + 2O_2 \to ..... +H_2O$$

Covalent compounds have low melting point. Justify.

At least one carbon bond in an unsaturated hydrocarbon is ..................

Name the saturated hydrocarbon containing two carbon atoms.

Fill in the blank:
The Latin name of carbon is____.

$$\text{Name the organic compound prepared by each of the following reactions}:$$
$$C_{2}H_{5}OH  + CH_{3}COOH \xrightarrow[\Delta]{Con.H_{2}SO_{4}}$$

The phenomenon of the existence of a chemical element in two or more forms differ in physical properties but of the same chemical nature is known as Allotropy. Carbon has two major allotropes diamond and graphite and the third one is Buckminsterfullerene. Diamond has a three-dimensional network of covalent bonds and is hard. In graphite, the carbon atoms are arranged in flat parallel layers as regular hexagons resulting in soft and ________ nature.

What is the term defined below?
A bond is formed by a shared pair of electrons, and each bonding atom contributes one electron to the pair.

Explain the nature of the covalent bond using the bond formation in $$CH_3Cl$$.

Why are carbon and its compounds used as fuels for most applications?

Give a test that can be used to differentiate chemically between butter and cooking oil.

Write the number of covalent bonds in the molecule of ethane.

State the reason why carbon can neither form $$C^{4+}$$ cations nor $$C^{4-}$$ anions but forms covalent compounds. Also, state reasons to explain why covalent compounds:
(i) are bad conductors of electricity?
(ii) have low melting and boiling points?

Allotropy is a property shown by which class substance: elements, compounds or mixtures?Explain allotropy with suitable examples.

Give the structural formula of Ethanol:

What are allotropes? Name any two allotropic forms of carbon. Give one use of it.

What do you mean by saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons? State their examples.

Define :
(a) Saturated hydrocarbon
(b) Unsaturated hydrocarbon
(c) Catenation

Diamond is the hardest allotrope of carbon. Give reason for its hardness.

Write three allotropes of carbon.

(a) Write the dehydration reaction of ethanol and write the name of dehydrating agent.
(b) Choose correct series for the following.
(i) Ethane
(a) unsaturated hydrocarbon
(ii) Benzene
(b) long chained saturated hydrocarbon
(iii) Hexane
(c) hydrocarbon having odd atom
(iv) Methyl alcohol
(d) saturated hydrocarbon

What are covalent compounds? Write any three features and give two examples of covalent compounds.

Write the name and structure of a saturated compound in which $$4$$ carbon atoms are arranged in a ring. Give the number of single bonds present in this compound.

Draw the structure for ethanoic acid molecule.

What is the atomic number of carbon.Write its electronic confriguration.What type of chemical bond are formed by carbon?Why?

Observe the straight chain hydrocarbon given below and answer the following questions?
i) Which of the straight chain compound from A and B is saturated and unsaturated straight?
ii) Name these straight chains.
iii) Write their chemical formula and number of  $$- {CH}_{2} -$$ units.

How many covalent bonds are present in pentane $$(C_{5}H_{12})$$ ? 

How does carbon attain noble gas configuration?

How does graphite act as a lubricant? 

Name the element whose allotropic form is graphite. 

Which of the following molecule is called buckminsterfullerene?
$$C_{90}\quad C_{60}\quad C_{70}\quad C_{20}$$

Name two carbon compounds used in day-to-day life.

Name the element whose one of the allotropic forms is buckminsterfullerene.

Fill in the blank with a suitable word:
The form of carbon which is known as black lead is _________.

Fill in the blanks:
Ethanoic acid when reacted with sodium carbonate liberates ______

Fill in the following blank with suitable word:

The form of carbon that is used as a lubricant at high temperatures is _______.

If the diameter of a carbon atom is 0.15 nm, calculate the number of carbon atoms which can be placed side by side in a straight line across length of scale of  length 20 cm long. 

The solid element $$A$$ exhibits the property of catenation. It is also present in the form of a gas $$B$$ in the air which is utilized by plants in photosynthesis. An allotrope $$C$$ of this element is used in glass cutters.
(a) What is element $$A$$?
(b) What is the gas $$B$$?
(c) Name the allotrope $$C$$.
(d) State another use of allotrope $$C$$ (other than in glass cutters).
(e) Name another allotrope of an element $$A$$ which exists as spherical molecules.
(f) Name another allotrope of an element $$A$$ which conducts electricity.

Fill in the following blanks with suitable words:

Carbon compounds have usually ________ melting points and boiling points because they are _______ in nature.

A solid element $$X$$ has four electrons in the outermost shell of its atom. An allotrope $$Y$$ of this element is used as a dry lubricant in machinery and also in making pencil leads.
(a) What is element $$X$$?
(b) Name the allotrope $$Y$$.
(c) State whether $$Y$$ is a good or bad conductor of electricity.
(d) Name one use of $$Y$$ (other than lubrication and pencil leads)
(e) Name two other allotropes of the element $$X$$.

Write a chemical equation for the reaction of ethanoic acid with sodium hydroxide.

Why is reaction between methane and chlorine in the presence of sunlight considered a substitution reaction?

Write chemical equation of the reaction of ethanoic acid with sodium hydroxide.

What is indicated by sooty flame?

Is ethanol harmful to drinking?

A carbon atom forms a ............ bond with other atoms. In this bond, the two atoms ........... electrons.

Answer in detail:
Define catenation.

What is a substitution reaction?
Give the reaction of chlorine with ethane and name the product formed.

Ethene is formed when ethanol at 443 K is heated with excess of concentrated sulphuric acid. What is the role of sulphuric acid in this reaction? Write the balanced chemical equation of this reaction. 

Intake of small quantity of methanol can be lethal. Comment.

Name the gas that is evolved when ethanoic acid reacts with sodium carbonate. How would you identify this gas?

Why is pure ethanoic acid called glacial ethanoic acid (or glacial acetic acid) ?

Carbon shows some unique properties, name them

Class 10 Chemistry Extra Questions