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Class 12 Legal Studies MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

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Arbitration,Tribunal Adjudication And Alternate Dispute Resolution Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies MCQ Quiz

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Arbitration,Tribunal Adjudication And Alternate Dispute Resolution Questions and Answers

Arbitration,Tribunal Adjudication And Alternate Dispute Resolution Quiz Question Answer
Legal phrases are followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:
'Animus possidendi' means:
Intention to possess.
The pendency of any arbitral 'proceeding is not a pre-condition in exercise of power by court. The court may grant interim relief before or during arbitral proceedings or at anytime after making of the arbitral award before it is enforces. It was held in case of Global Co-generation Power Ltd. v. Shri Hirenyakeshi Sahkari Karkhana Niyamit, AIR $$2005$$ Kant $$94$$
Which one of the following is the most important item of expenditure of the Government of India on revenue account? Interest payments
The request for the correction or interpretation of the award by the arbitral Tribunal has to be made by the party: within thirty days
Which article of the Constitution of India authorises the government to enter into an arbitration agreement: Art. $$299$$
From which source does money flow into the Consolidated Fund of India? Fresh loans
Which statement is incorrect? Arbitration agreement recognises verbal agreement.
The provision of section $$8$$, Arbitration and Conciliation Act, $$1996$$ are ________________. pre-emptory
The validity of an arbitration agreement does not depend on the number of arbitrators specified therein, as the Act does not suggest the requirement of the number of arbitrators for an arbitration agreement: this was laid down in _____________. M.M.T.C. Ltd. v. Sterlite Industries(India) Ltd., AIR $$1997$$ SC $$605$$
Which is correct statement? All of the above

Human Rights In India Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies MCQ Quiz

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Human Rights In India Questions and Answers

Human Rights In India Quiz Question Answer
Human Rights Day is observed on December $$10$$.
Right to property as a fundamental rights from the list of fundamental rights removed by virtue of ____________. 44th Amendment
Which part of the Constitution defines fundamental duties? Part TV-A
What are the Articles which define Directive Principles of State Policy? 36 to 51
Under the Indian Constitution, the responsibility for the enforcement of fundamental rights rests with _____________. both (a) and (c).
How many fundamental duties have been mentioned in our Constitution under the 42nd Amendment? 10
"Indian people follow the different religious practices." This statement is suited for which one of the following rights ? Right to religious freedom
According to Dr B.R. Ambedkar, which of the following is the 'heart' and 'soul' of our Constitution? Right to Constitution Remedies
Which of the following rights does civics aim to promote ? Liberty
Right to religion in India is a ______________. Fundamental right

International Context Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies MCQ Quiz

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International Context Questions and Answers

International Context Quiz Question Answer
The United Nations' special agency that looks after health is _____. World Health Organisation
Private international law is also called ______________. Conflict of laws
The present Director-General of WTO, Mr. Roberto Azevedo belongs to

Which country became the $$193$$rd member of UN, recently? South Sudan
when did International Criminal Policy Organization come into existence? 1914
Choose the correct answers from the following alternatives given
The headquarters of the Amnesty International is located in _____________.
London, United Kingdom
When was the International Monetary Fund established? $$1945$$
High sea is? Sea beyond $$200$$ miles of a coast of any country
Which of the following is correctly matched? World Health Organisation- WHO
what is the official language of INTERPOL? All of the above.

Judiciary Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies MCQ Quiz

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Judiciary Questions and Answers

Judiciary Quiz Question Answer
'Bonafide' means ________________. in good faith
In Indira Nehru Gandhi vs Raj Narayan case, the Supreme Court widened the ambit of the 'basic features' of the Constitution by including within the purview of ________________. Democracy as implied by free and fair elections
Time limit for filing different kinds of suits prescribed in the ______________. Limitation Act
Which of the following is enforceable in a court of law? Fundamental rights.
In the Supreme Court held that judicial review is a basic feature of the Constitution and cannot be amended. Keshvananda Bharti case
Public interest litigation (PIL), is one in which ____________________________. issues of public interest are involved and can be brought before the court by any citizen.
A judge of the Supreme Court shall hold office until he attains the age of ______. 65 years
The highest court in our country is the __________. Supreme Court
Under which one of the following Articles the Supreme Court has been gives the powers to review any judgment pronounced or order made by it previously? Article 137
The first rule of doctrine of stare decisis is that each court ____ in the hierarchy is absolutely bound by the decisions of the courts _____ it. Lower, above

Topics Of Law Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies MCQ Quiz

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Topics Of Law Questions and Answers

Topics Of Law Quiz Question Answer
The legislative branch of government is responsible for..........
Enacting Laws
Who states that "Every agreement and promise enforceable at law is a contract." Sir Pollock
A, B & C are partners. They promised to give Rs. $$60,000$$ to D. If C dies, who will perform contract? A, B & C's legal representative
Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given.
The measure of damages In case of breach of a contract is the difference between the
Contract price and the market price at the date of breath
Which Act was passed to check corruption? Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
Past consideration is one that is wholly suffered by the  _______ even before making of the agreement. promisee
Which of the following statements is not correct? The law of contract is the whole law of obligations
Rule of product so established as to justify a prediction with reasonable certainty which will be enforced by Courts. This type of definition of law comes under the class.  Reallist definition of law
What does the postal rule state? That acceptance occurs as soon as the letter is posted.
"From the law" can be written as _____________. De jure

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