MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 8 History Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 8th History Quiz with Answers

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Civilising The Native Educating The Nation Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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Civilising The Native Educating The Nation Questions and Answers

Civilising The Native Educating The Nation Quiz Question Answer
Educational institutions were established in the colonies by each of the colonized nation _____.
To get western education
The British introduced _____ education. Western
Which language become the medium of instruction for imparting western education in British India? English
English was made medium of higher education in India by Lord Bentinck
Which among the following is the oldest university in the city of Varanasi ?
Banaras Hindu University
The first Indian University which was opened in 1857 is in  __________. Kolkata
Lord Macaulay was associated with the _________. introduction of English as a medium of instruction
The main aim of the English to introduce Western Education to Indian was .......... All of the above
Examine the following statemnts and select the correct option :
A. Tagore felt that childhood ought to be a time of self- learning.
B. Tagore wanted to combine elements of modern western civilization with what he saw as the best within Indian tradition.
Both A and B are true
In ______ universities were set up in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.

From Trade To Territory Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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From Trade To Territory Questions and Answers

From Trade To Territory Quiz Question Answer
Who abolished dual Government in Bengal?  Warren Hastings
The system of separate _____ and ______ is called Dual Administration.
diwan, nizam
Arrange the following events in chronological order :
(I) Vasco-Da-Gama arrived in India
(II) Battle of Plassey
(III) Establishment of East India Company
(IV) Constantinople was won by Ottoman Turks
(IV), (I), (III), (II)
The Subsidiary Alliance increased the power and the resources of the ______. British company
Who established the military and political supremacy of the East India Company in Bengal?
Robert Clive
Which one of the following was annexed on the basis of Dalhousie's 'Doctrine of Lapse'? Satara
What was the main cause for the defeat of Siraj ud Daulah in the battle of Plassey? His commander in chief Mir Jafar joined with the forces of Robert Clive
The Battle of Buxar took place in _______ . 1764
Robert Clive defeated Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah of Bengal in ________ . Battle of Plassey
The main cause of Black hole incident was that ________________________ The British Company started making forts in Bengal without the permission of Siraj ud Daulah.

How When And Where Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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How When And Where Questions and Answers

How When And Where Quiz Question Answer
Officials record not tell what other people in the country felt, and what lay behind their actions. True
Who was the author of "A History of British India"? James Mill
The British thought surveys were important for effective administration.
Official documents help us understand what the people of the country think. False
History is about finding out how things were in the past and how things have ________.
Listed below are a few statements with respect to the British rule in India. Which one do you think is a wrong statement?  British established control over the economy and society without changing the customs and practices prevalent in India
Present-day historians think that History is beyond the rulers and dynasties. What do they look upon then? Historians deal with a host of other issues like how people earned their livelihood, what they produced, how cultures and society changed etc.
James Rennell make the first correct map if India in which year ?  $$1783$$
Choose the correct option from the given options and complete the sentences.
The National Archives of India is in_______.
The first Governor General of India was Warren Hastings

India After Independence Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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India After Independence Questions and Answers

India After Independence Quiz Question Answer
The non-aligned countries want to establish economic relation between the nations based on Equality
Gandhiji's dream of one nation did not materialize due to? Partition of India
Who attended the NAM conference from India? Jawaharlal Nehru
Karnataka came out from the which of the following princely state? Mysore
The concept of economic planning was derived from which country? USSR (now Russia)
The Constitution of India Divided powers between centre and states in three lists
When was Universal Adult Franchise Granted in India? 1950
Why Indian National Congress won the first election without any supersize.  All of these
When was Election Commission of India set up? January 1950
What did Non-alignment promote? All  of the above

Ruling The Countryside Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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Ruling The Countryside Questions and Answers

Ruling The Countryside Quiz Question Answer
The Mahalwari system was confined only to the state of Uttar Pradesh. False
The international demand for indigo was affected by the discovery of __________.
Synthetic dye
The ______ system of revenue collection was introduced in the Madras Presidency. Ryotwari
The Ryotwari System was introduced in_______. Madras and Bombay Presidency
The demand for indigo increased in the late-eighteenth-century in Britain because of __________.
Match the following:

List I

List II
cultivation on ryots lands
cultivation on planters own land

A-2, B-1, C-4, D-3
The indigo plant is used in making a dye for ______.  textiles
The Permanent Settlement was introduced in ______ and ______ in 1793 A.D Bengal and Bihar
What does mahal mean? Village
Growers of woad in Europe saw __________ as a crop which would provide competition to their earnings.

The Making Of The National Movement 1870S To 1947 Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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The Making Of The National Movement 1870S To 1947 Questions and Answers

The Making Of The National Movement 1870S To 1947 Quiz Question Answer
Which one of the following states is associated with Champaran Movement? Bihar
Who was political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi? G.K Gokhale
Match the following columns.
Column AColumn B
(I)Ambedkar established the Depressed Classes Association(A)December, $$1929$$
(II)Gandhiji began the Civil Disobedience Movement(B)August, $$1930$$
(III)Gandhiji ended the Civil Disobedience Movement(C)March, $$1930$$
(IV)Congress adopted the demand for 'Purna Swaraj'(D)March, $$1931$$
(I)-(B), (II)-(C), (III)-(D), (IV)-(A)
Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
Choose the correct response from the given option.
Many within the Congress were initially opposed to the idea of non-cooperation because _____.
They were reluctant to boycott the council election scheduled for November 1920.
Who had said about Gandhiji - a "seditious Middle Temple Lawyer", now "Posing as a half naked fakir"? Winston Churchill
The period of Congress known as "Moderate Phase"
Who had given the title of "$$Mahatma$$" to "$$Gandhiji$$"?? Rabindra Nath Tagore
Who gave the 'two-nation' theory ? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happened in the year _________.
1919 AD

Tribals Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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Tribals Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age Questions and Answers

Tribals Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age Quiz Question Answer
Jhum cultivation is practised in the________parts of India North-Eastern
The tribal chiefs got_______titles in central India under the British land settlement. Land
Birsa wanted from the government to set up _________. Munda-Raj
The method of sowing seeds in jhum cultivation is known as ______. Broadcasting or scattering
Birsa urged his followers to purify themselves, give up drinking liquor and stop believing in witchcraft and sorcery.
Munda Rebellion happened under:
Birsa Munda
Jhum cultivators plough the land and sow seeds.
Which was the working area of Birsa Munda ? Ranchi
Birsa Munda died in prison in _____. 1900
Cocoons were bought from the Santhals and sold by the traders at five times the purchase price.

Weaver Iron Smelter And Factory Owners Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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Weaver Iron Smelter And Factory Owners Questions and Answers

Weaver Iron Smelter And Factory Owners Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following techniques of cotton textile production came into use after the 18th century? Powerlooms
Newspaper: Press : : Cloth : ? Mill
The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction was discovered by Faraday
What role does handloom play in the textile industry? Weaving
Tata iron and Steel company in Sakchi gets water from the river Subarnarekha
_________was the first prominent Indian to establish the iron and steel industry in Jamshedpur. Jamshetji Tata
The most prosperous Indian Industry was the______industry. Textile
_______ was a leading industry in India. Weaving
Who among the following created the first cotton-mill? Richard Arkwright
The Tata-Iron-Steel company was established in _____. 1907

When People Rebel Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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When People Rebel Questions and Answers

When People Rebel Quiz Question Answer
Who had given financial support to scholars, preachers and men of arts?
Tradition Rulers
When the Religious Disabilities Act was introduced?
Who among the following was called the 'the bravest leader of the revolt' by an English Commander? Rani Lakshmi Bai
The First War of Independence took place in the year ______. 1857
Whose future was bleak without chance of promotion?
Indian Soldiers
What did the British historians call the revolt of 1857? Sepoy Mutiny
After the revolt of 1857, Bahadur Shah II was arrested and sent to _____. Rangoon
How was the behavior of British officers to Indian?
All above
The last Mughal King was Bahadur Shah Zafar
In 1857 revolt, the main part was played by the Indian soldiers because __________. The Indian soldiers were very much dissatisfied

Women Caste And Reform Class 8 History MCQ Quiz

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Women Caste And Reform Questions and Answers

Women Caste And Reform Quiz Question Answer
Principles of Swarajya and Swadharma advocated by Dayanand Saraswati inspired people to  take part in the freedom movement
The Arya Samajists opposed child marriage and encouraged widow remarriage.
Who was the founder of the Arya Samaj? Swami Dayanand Saraswati
Under whose governship was sati abolished? William Bentinck
Who established the Hindu college in Calcutta? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Raja Ram Mohan Roy was totally against TheVedas, Upanishads,Brahmanas
When the British captured Bengal they framed many new laws to regulate the rules regarding marriage, adoption, inheritance of property, etc. True
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was interested in the higher education of the Indian Muslims. Just like him, who was interested in the higher education of the Hindus ? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Brahmo Samaj was founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Swami Dayanand Saraswati was against the ______. Idol worship

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