Diversity And Discrimination - Class 6 Civics - Extra Questions

What are the reasons why children from Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities leave school?

Match the following statements in a way that challenges stereotypes:

Sometimes people make prejudiced comments in our presence. We are often not in a position to do anything about this because it is difficult to say something right then and there. Divide the class into groups and each group discuss what they could do in one of the following situations:
(a) A friend begins to tease a classmate because he is poor.
(b) You are watching TV with your family and one of them makes a prejudicial comment about a particular religious community.
(c) Children in your class refuse to share their food with a particular person because they think she is dirty.
(d) Someone tells you a joke that makes fun of a community because of their accent.
(e) Some boys make remarks about girls not being able to play games as well as them.
Discuss in class what the different groups have suggested for the above situations, and also talk about the problems that can come up when raising the issue.

Class 6 Civics Extra Questions