Panchayati Raj - Class 6 Civics - Extra Questions

Write a short note on the role of Gram Sabha. 

Who is responsible for calling the meeting of the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat? Explain. 

Who calls the meeting of the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat?

Explain the three levels of Panchayats?

Why is Tijia in favour of some permanent solution to the problem of water shortages? 

What is the link between a Gram Sabha and a Gram Panchayat?

What is Gram Sabha? What are the functions of Gram Sabha?

What problem did the villages in Hardas village face? What did they do to solve this problem?

What in your opinion, is the importance of the Gram Sabha? Do you think all members should attend Gram Sabha meetings? Why?

Every village Panchayat is divided into ___________.

Take an example of any one task done by a Panchayat in your area/ nearby rural area and find out the following:
Why it was taken up.
Where the money come from.
Whether or not the work has been completed.

What is the difference between a Gram Sabha and a Gram Panchayat? 

Why are the Panchs and the Gram Panchayat answerable to Gram Sabha?

What was the next agenda for the Gram Sabha?

Matching Skill:

What does Anwar suggest?

What problems do the women of Hardas village face?

Why is the Nirmal Gram Puraskar awarded and to whom?

What various works does a Gram Panchayat do?

Describe the composition of a Village Panchayat.

What are the sources of funds for the Gram Panchayat?

Raghu's uncle was the ______ of the village.

Why do Gram Sabhas in some states form committees?

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to complete each sentence:
The Gram Panchayat's main task is to implement ________ programs for all villages that come under it.

Each ward elects _______ member to the village panchayat.
Fill in the blanks.

The _______ is the head of the Gram Panchayat.
Fill in the blanks.

Normally, elections to Gram panchayats take place once in every _______.
Fill in the blanks.

Any person who is _____ years or above can contest the election.
Fill in the blanks.

Write any one important function of a gram Sabha.

What challenges do dedicated sarpanches face?

Do you think Panchayats should raise more tax from the village to carry out development works or depend upon government funds?

What is one fundamental difference between central government and gram sabha ?

Can you think of some reasons why additions or deletions to the voters list become necessary?

What do you understand by Public amenities?

Why do you think only a few people attend the Gram Sabha meeting?

Read the para under the title Gangadevipalli Panchayat of this chapter and write your comments.

About _______ gram panchayats come under a Mandal Parishad.
Fill in the blanks

Why are BPL lists read out in the Gram Sabha meetings?

Why it is necessary that all members of the panchayat participate in the planning?

Discuss the responsibilities of the panchayats.

What are the services of muncipality in helping the poor?

What do you like the most in cities and villages?

What are the public amenities provided by a municipality but not by a Panchayat?

Discuss why government has given reservations in local bodies to women.

Short note. 
Secretary and executive officer.

How do you differentiate the village from the city?

Elaborate on the responsibilities of a Sarpanch.

Where do the gram panchayats get funds from to carry out their programmes?

Some people expecting that the Municipality has to provide all the public amenities at lower cost. While other think that the Municipalities should also provide dignified working conditions for those who work for it. Write your arguments.

Cities require lot more planning than rural areas. Give reasons.

Frame a few questions to ask the local Corporator/ Councillor to know the details of work done by the Municipality.

More and more people are shifting to towns in search of ________.
Fill in the blanks.

What should ward Councillors do to ensure that all amenities are working properly in their wards?

What role is played by councillors in municipality functioning?

Urban areas are divided into _____ and ______.
Fill in the blanks

Discuss the formation of municipalities.

Vemulawada is a Nagara Panchayat in _______Disitrict.
Fill in the blanks

What according to you, a major problem in a city?

What is sub-contracting?

How do the departments help in the work of the municipalities?

Write about 3 kinds of municipal bodies.

Prepare a note on garbage management in Vemulawada.

Name any two taxes levied by municipalities.

Write about the Akash Ganga project of Vemulawada town.

Why do municipalities prefer to give out work on sub-contract?

Class 6 Civics Extra Questions