Understanding Diversity - Class 6 Civics - Extra Questions

Why the history of both Kerala and Ladakh regions has seen similar cultural influences?. Discuss in detail. 

In which part of India people depend on the melting snow during the summer months for drinking water? Discuss in detail. 

Short note. 
Auroville village.

Explain the unity in diversity of India in 50 words. 

What is Diversity of India?

What is the impact of diversity on the lives of people? Discuss in details. 

India became a secular country. Explain it in brief. 

Name some of the religions of India.

According to the writers of the constitution, what is the meaning of the "Equality"? Discuss in detail. 

State with reason whether the following statements are True or False (two out of three).
(i) People who share common political opinion form a political party.
(ii) We find a completely homogeneous society in India.
(iii) In the United States, there are no restrictions on citizens holding arms.

Do you think the term "Unity in diversity" is an appropriate term to describe India? What do you think Nehru is trying to say about Indian unity in the sentence quoted above from his book "The Discovery of India"?  

Point out the factors affecting national integration?

Explain the factors that lead to National Integration?

Draw up a list of the different festivals celebrated in your locality. Which of these celebrations are shared by members of different regional and religious communities?

How do you think living in India with its rich heritage of diversity adds to your life?

India is a land of 'Unity in Diversity'- explain ?

Choose another region in India and do a similar study of the historical and geographical factors that influences the diversity found there. Are these historical and geographical factors connected to each other? How?

Give an example of unity in diversity among Indians.

Give an example of diversity in India.

Match the items given in List I correctly with those given in List II.

Give one way in which Kerala and Ladakh are different.

How do we explain diversity?

What does diversity add to our lives?

How can you say that the history of Kerala and Ladakh has seen similar cultural influences?

India's diversity has always been recognised as a source of its strength Explain.

Why did Samir Do, the paper boy, think author did not know Hindi?

What is it that can unite all Indians?

Give one example to show why diversity is important in our lives.

What is Ladakh known as?

How history and geography tie the cultural life of a region? Explain giving examples of Kerala and Ladakh.

List three ways in which the different geographical location of Kerala and Ladakh would influence the following:
  • The food people eat
  • The clothes they wear
  • The work they do.

How does diversity come about? Answer this question based on what you have learnt about the Thar, Sikkim and Pondicherry.

Prepare a list of festivals that are celebrated in your locality. Which of them are shared by members of different regional and religious communities?

Discuss the accommodation of social diversity in Indian context.

What are the reasons that peoples belonging to diverse religions settled in Rajasthan?

Give an account of how food habits changing of peoples in Thar desert.

What is the language policy of the Government of India?

In what ways does living in India with its rich heritage of diversity add to your life?

Underline the line in the poem sung after the Jallianwalla massacre, which according to you, reflects India's essential unity.

How do you say that national sports meet develops unity in diversity?

What is Dakhni ?

Find out about the festivals and food of the people of Maharashtra .

Write one feature of Habsiguda town in Hyderabad.

________ has been a major centre of both Telugu and Urdu poetry.
Fill in the blanks

Which European power had control over Pondicherry till 1954?

How does diversity in Telangana has evolved?

Thar desert became densely populated desert in the world. Give reasons.

Discuss the thoughts of Jawaharlal Nehru on India's diversity.

Write about importance of Pondicherry in India's freedom struggle.

Vegetation or forests is rarely found in Rajasthan. Give reasons.

Write short note on:
National movement.

Class 6 Civics Extra Questions