Rural Livelihoods - Class 6 Civics - Extra Questions

In some villages in central India, both farming and _________ from the forest are important sources of livelihood.

Compare the situation of Sekar and Ramalingam by filling out the following table:
Land cultivated
Land required
Loans required
Selling of harvest
Other work done by them

Poor rural labourers like Thulasi often do not have access to good medical facilities, good schools, and other resources. You have read about inequality in the first unit of this text. The difference between her and Ramalingam is one of inequality. Do you think this is a fair situation? What do you think can be done? Discuss in class.

How is Ramalingam different from others according to Thulasi?

Why did Thulasi borrow from Ramalingam?

Match the items in list 1 correctly with those given in list 2.

What does Thulasi's husband do when he finds no work on the farm?

Name some other activities which poor families in rural areas often do for the household apart from farming.

What is the main crop of Kalpattu village?

Write a brief note on the lifestyle of the people of Chizami.

During which period do fish breed?

List the three situations in which crops can be ruined.

Under which circumstances poor farmers find themselves unable to pay back their loans? What happens after that?

Describe different types of work that Sekar do for a living.

How do fishermen manage during the monsoon period?

What different activities are done by the people of Kalpattu village?

How did Tulasi pay back the loan to Ramalingam.

You have probably noticed that people in Kalpattu are engaged in a variety of non-farm work. List five of these.

How much land does Sekar own?

What work does Sekar do at Ramalingam's rice mill?

Why do fishermen go far into the sea?

Why does Sekar need to earn some extra money?

How does small farmer arrange the capital for farming?

List the different types of people you read about in Kalpattu who depend on farming. Who is the poorest among them and why?

Imagine you are a member of a fishing family and you are discussing whether to take a loan from the bank for an engine. What would you say?

What do you think the government can do to help farmers like Sekar when they get into debt? Discuss.

The people of Pudupet village earn their living by ____________.

Write a short note on the lives of fishing families.

What is full form of RMPs? Where are they found?

Class 6 Civics Extra Questions