Federalism - Class 10 Political Science - Extra Questions

Rise of Coalition Governments in India has promoted federalism. Comment

Local government is the best way for the governance to reach  every door step, it is the best way forward with government reaching out to the people not otherwise. Comment

How can you say India has a strong central government?

What is the chair on which Vajpayee is sitting made up of?


Forcing language of the majority or imposing language of the main stream is not good for the unity of the nation. Comment

Independence of Judiciary us paramount for any federal system to work as courts are like umpires in the federal match between two tiers of the governments. Comment

Identify the leader shown in the above cartoon.

What kind of powers can the states be seen demanding here?

What is the main difference between a federal form of government and a unitary one? Explain with an example.

What are the basic objectives of a federal system?

Fill in the blanks:
Since the United States is a ___________________ type of federation, all the constituent States have equal powers and States are ______________vis-à vis the federal government. But India is a _____________________ type of federation and some States have more power than others. In India, the ____________ government has more powers.

Here are three reactions to the language policy followed in India.Give an argument and an example to support any of these positions.
Sangeeta: The policy of accommodation have strengthened national unity.
Arman: Language based States has divided us by making everyone conscious of their language.
Harish: This policy has only helped to consolidate the dominance of English over all other languages.

State any two differences between the local government before and after the Constitutional amendment in 1992.

Answer the following question in one sentence.
What is a federal system of government?

State any one federal feature of the Indian Constitution.

Answer briefly of the following questions.
India is described as a federal state with subsidiary unitary features. Identify two of these unitary features.

Describe the horizontal power sharing arrangements.

State any three key features of federalism in India.

Has the Centre misused this power?

What does the cartoon represent?

Answer the following questions in a sentence each:
Why was the $$73^{rd}$$ Constitutional Amendment Act enacted in 1993?  

State any one condition when the Parliament can legislate on subjects in the State List. 

What is being shown in this cartoon?

Match Column I with Column II and choose the correct option :

Write a note on the Federal System in India.

What are the characteristics of a federal state?

Highlight one feature about the federalism in India which is similar and one feature which is different from that in Belgium.

Distinguish between coming together federations and holding together federations with example. India comes under which type of federation?

Explain why India is characterised as a quasi-federal state.

What is the basic idea behind decentralisation?

Class 10 Political Science Extra Questions