Outcomes Of Democracy - Class 10 Political Science - Extra Questions

Citizens should regularly keep a watch on the functions of the government. Why?

What are the conditions under which democracies accommodate social diversities?

Give arguments to support or oppose the following assertions:
  • Industrialised countries can afford democracy but the poor need dictatorship to become rich.
  • Democracy cant reduce inequality of incomes between different citizens.
  • Government in poor countries should spend less on poverty reduction, health, education and spend more on industries and infrastructure.
  • In democracy, all citizens have one vote, which means that there is absence of any domination and conflict.

How does democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government?

Identify the challenges to democracy in the following descriptions. Also suggest policy/institutional mechanism to deepen democracy in the given situations:
Following a High Court directive a temple in Orissa that had separate entry doors for dalits and non-dalits allowed entry for all from the same door.
A large number of farmers are committing suicide in different states of India.
Following allegation of killing of three civilians in Gandwara in a fake encounter by Jammu and Kashmir police, an enquiry has been ordered.

"Democracy accommodates social diversities. Support the statement with examples.

Explain any three ways in which democracies have been able to reduce inequality and poverty.

In which form of government, 'dignity of individual' is best protected?

Why has the Government established Lokayukta?

On the basis of which values will it be a fair expectation that democracy should produce a harmonious social life? Explain.

"Democracy stands much superior to any other form of government in promoting dignity and freedom of the individual." Justify the statement.

"Complaints are treated as testimony to the success of democracy." Support the statement with examples. 

"Democracy promotes dignity and freedom of the people". Explain the statement.

"Democracies lead to peaceful and harmonious life among citizens." Justify this statement.

What is a legitimate government?

"Democracy is seen to be good in principle but felt to be not so good in practice." Justify the statement.

Class 10 Political Science Extra Questions