Power Sharing - Class 10 Political Science - Extra Questions

Mention the measures adopted by the Sri Lankan government to establish Sinhala supremacy.

Compare the different ways in which the Belgians and the Sri Lankans have dealt with the problem of diversity.

How far do you agree with the statement that power-sharing is keeping with the spirit of democracy?

Tyranny of the majority is not just oppressive for the minority; it often brings ruin to the majority as well. Do you agree?

Read the following passage and pick out any one of the prudential reasons for power-sharing offered in this.
"We need to give more power to the panchayats to realise the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the hopes of the makers of our Constitution. Panchayati Raj establishes true democracy. It restores power to the only place where power belongs in a democracy in the hands of the people. Giving power to Panchayats is also a way to reduce corruption and increase administrative efficiency. When people participate in the planning and implementation of developmental schemes, they would naturally exercise greater control over these schemes. This would eliminate the corrupt middlemen. Thus, Panchayati Raj will strengthen the foundations of our democracy."

What does the image represent?

What is meant by the system of checks and balances?

Explain the four elements of power-sharing and accommodation in Belgium.

Explain the consequences of the majoritarian policies adopted by the Sri Lankan government.

Name the major ethnic groups of Belgium.

Which language is spoken by the people residing in the Wallonia region of Belgium?

Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy. Comment

Is it Practical to solve the problems of the community by providing them with better representation in the government, does having numbers in he government is a guarantee for a social equality? Take status of women in India for an example.

Whats wrong if the majority community rules? If Sinhalas dont rule in Sri Lanka, where else will they rule?

Which country has adopted Buddhism as its official religion?

Which major social group constituted the largest share in population of Sri Lanka?

What is majoritarianism?

The Mayor of Merchtem, a town near Brussels in Belgium, has defended a ban on speaking French in the town’s schools. He said that the ban would help all non-Dutch speakers integrate in this Flemish town. Do you think that this measure is in keeping with the spirit of Belgium’s power-sharing arrangements? Give your reasons in about 50 words.

What are the different forms of power-sharing in modern democracies? Give an example of each of these.

State one prudential reason and one moral reason for power sharing with an example from the Indian context.

After reading this chapter, three students drew different conclusions. Which of these do you agree with and why? Give your reasons in about 50 words.
Thomman - Power sharing is necessary only in societies that have religious, linguistic or ethnic divisions.
Mathayi – Power sharing is suitable only for big countries that have regional divisions.
Joseph – Every society needs some form of power-sharing even if it is small or does not have social divisions.

Describe any three forms of power sharing.

Point out one feature in the practice of federalism in India that is similar to and one feature that is different from that of Belgium.

What were the majoritarian measures taken in Sri Lanka to establish Sinhala supremacy?

Why is the ethnic composition of Belgium complex?

 Evaluate the power sharing system in India.

What is majoritarianism? Is majoritarianism wrong? Give reasons to justify your answer

Name the country where the Constitution was amended four times to accommodate the regional differences and cultural diversities.

What are the forms of power sharing in modern democracies?

Which country is represented here?

Describe the vertical and horizontal forms of power sharing exercised in India.

Explain two main reasons why power sharing is important in a democracy.

What are the two different sets of reasons given in favour of power sharing?

Describe the elements of Belgian model for accommodating diversities.

Class 10 Political Science Extra Questions