Human Rights In India - Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies - Extra Questions

The Government of India has provided reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes. Are these reservations against the right to equality? Explain.

Name the Fundamental Right under which each of the following rights falls:
Right to life.

Explain with an example how you can use the right to seek redressal.

What is the term given to the women's right to vote? In earlier days, why this right was denied and how did women get it?

What is Right to Information? Explain any two advantages of it.

What are the limitations of the Right to Freedom of Religion?

Name the two noteworthy events in the direction of Human Rights.

Name any two writs issued by the Supreme Court.

Gandhiji strongly believed that every adult in India should be given the right to vote. However, a few people don't share his views. They feel that illiterate people, who are mainly poor, should not be given the right to vote. What do you think? Do you think this would be a form of discrimination? Give five points to support your view and share these with the class.

Manoj went to a college to apply for admission into an MBA course. The clerk refused to take his application and said You, the son of a sweeper, wish to be a manager! Has anyone done this job in your community? Go to the municipality office and apply for a sweepers position. Which of Manoj's fundamental rights are being violated in this instance? Spell these out in a letter from Manoj to the district collector.

Are these restrictions on the right to freedom justified? Give reasons for your answer.
Indian citizens need permission to visit some border areas of the country for reasons of security.

In Rajasthan the right to free and compulsary education on Act 2009, was applied from ____ .

Explain the rights conferred under Right to Freedom (Article 19).

Write a note on equality in Indian democracy.

When Madhurima went to the property registration office, the Registrar told her, You can't write your name as Madhurima Banerjee d/o A. K. Banerjee. You are married, so you must give your husbands name. Your husband's surname is Rao. So your name should be changed to Madhurima Rao. She did not agree. She said If my husbands name has not changed after marriage, why should mine? In your opinion who is right in this dispute? And why?

Name the Fundamental Right under which each of the following right falls:
Abolition of untouchability.

Describe the importance of the 'Right to Information (RTI)' for consumers. 

Defines Article 19(1)?

Define Freedom of Information Act ? 

Defines RTI Act ? 

Can PIO refers to give me Information?

What Rights are available under RTI Act 2005 ?

The time limit to get the RTI Act is ____.

Does the RTI Act provides For partical Disclosure?

Write a short note. 
Protection of Human Rights Act.

Explain the objectives of right to information, explain the process of obtaining information.

Explain Child development is a pre-condition for economic development.

State the main seven provisions for right to free and compulsory education.

Why is it necessary to have general knowledge about laws?

Article 17 of Indian Constitution is very important, why?

How do you think the Right to Constitutional Remedies connects to the idea of judicial review?

____________ protects our fundamental rights.
Fill in the blanks

Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies Extra Questions