Topics Of Law - Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies - Extra Questions

S knew that on account of his criticism of the plays in the past, he would not be allowed entry to the performance of a play at the theatre. The managing director of the theatre gave instructions that no ticket should be sold to S.S, however, obtained a ticket through one of his friends. On being refused admission to the theatre, he sued for damages for breach of contract. Discuss the legal position. 

A.agreed to pay B Rs.  50,000 if B marries C. C was already married to D at the time of agreement. State the legal position.

X promised to marry Y only and none else, and to pay Rs. 1,00,000 in default. X married Z. Y claimed? Rs 1,00,000 but X refused to pay. State the legal position.

Solve :
X contracted with Y to write a book in 12 volumes for Rs. 1,00,000 payable on the completion of the whole work. Discuss the legal position in each of the following alternative cases:
(a) If after completion and delivery of six volumes, Y abandoned the publication.
(b) If after completion and delivery of six volumes, X died.

An astronaut is a ?

X chartered  a ship to Y which was described in the Charter party and was represented to,:him as being not more than 2,800 tonnage register. It turned out that the registered tonnage was 3,045 tons. Y refused to accept the ship in fulfillment of the charter party. Y's action valid? 

X promises to drop prosecution which he has instituted against Y for robbery and Y promises to restore the value of the things taken. Is this agreement valid?

The Indian Partnership Act was passed in the year _______ to regulate the affairs of the partnership firms.

A, B and C jointly promise to pay D a sum of Rs. $$3,000$$. C is compelled to pay the whole. A is insolvent but his assets are sufficient to pay one half of his debts. Discuss C's rights.

A contracts with B to execute certain builder's work for a fixed price. B supplying the scaffolding or timber, necessary for the work. B refuses to furnish any scaffolding or timber, and the work cannot be executed. Should A execute the work?

X agrees to let his flat to Y for use as a gambing den on a monthly rent of Rs. 10,000.after 3 months, Y stops making the payment of rent. Advise X.

X agrees to pay Rs. 100,000 to if Y does, not many thoughout his life. Y promises not to marry at all but later on X refuses to pay Rs.  1,00,000. Advise Y.

Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies Extra Questions