Judiciary - Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies - Extra Questions

With reference to the powers and functions of the High Court, explain briefly the meaning and scope of the following:
  • Judicial Review.

Name the courts that are empowered to issue writs for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights.

Explain the term judicial review.

What are the advantages of having a single unified judicial system in the country?

You read that one of the main functions of the judiciary is upholding the law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights. Why do you think an independent judiciary is necessary to carry out this important function?

What is meant by the judiciary? Describe its composition. What powers does the Supreme Court exercise?

Why is the High Court also known as a Court of Record?

How can you say that the judiciary in India is one of the most powerful in the world?

What is meant by a 'Single Integrated Judicial System' as provided in the Indian Constitution?

Name the Writs that the High Courts are empowered to issue. What is meant by the Advisory Jurisdiction of the High Court?

What is meant by the term 'Judicial Review' of the High Court?

Write the functions of the High Court Judge. 

Our Judicial system has a Supreme Court as its Apex, followed by the High Court and other subordinate Courts.In the light of this statement, explain the following:
Any three ways by which the Constitution ensures the Independence of the Judiciary.

After reading the example of the reservation order, three students had different reactions about the role of the judiciary. Which view, according to you, is a correct reading of the role of judiciary?
(a) Srinivas argues that since the Supreme Court agreed with the government, it is not independent.
(b) Anjaiah says that judiciary is independent because it could have given a verdict against the government order. The Supreme Court did direct the government to modify it.
(c) Vijaya thinks that the judiciary is neither independent nor conformist, but acts as a mediator between opposing parties. The court struck a good balance between those who supported and those who opposed the order.

With reference to our Judiciary, discuss the following:
Why is the judiciary kept independent of the control of the executive and the legislature?

Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies Extra Questions