International Context - Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies - Extra Questions

Look at the picture and answer the following questions:
Name the place where its headquarter is situated.


How do Bedouin nomads live?

When do we celebrate world Health Day?

Guess the name of the organisation from the logo.

What methods does WHO adopt to fulfil its objectives?

When was WHO established?

What are the objectives of WHO?

State the achievements of WHO.

Name one disease that the WHO has been able to eradicate in the world.

With reference to the United Nations and its related Agencies, answer the following questions :
Explain any three functions of the WHO.

The United Nations was established to be an effective peace keeping international organization. In this context explain the following :
The meaning of Human Rights as incorporated in the Human Charter.

With reference to WHO, briefly describe the following:
(a) Objectives of WHO.
(b) Its functions.

State the functions of WHO.

Class 12 Commerce Legal Studies Extra Questions