Judiciary - Class 8 Civics - Extra Questions

How does the judiciary protect our Fundamental Rights?

What is a public interest litigation?

If a person is not satisfied with the judgment of the court of sessions judge, to which court should he appeal?

Re-read excerpts from the judgment on the Olga Tellis vs Bombay Municipal Corporation case.

Now write in your own words what the judges meant when they said that the Right to Livelihood was part of the Right to Life.

In the following illustration, fill in each tier with the judgments given by the various courts in the Sudha Goel case. Check your responses with others in class.

Write a story around the theme "Justice delayed is justice denied".

 Make sentences with each of the glossary words given on the next page: Acquit, To Appeal, Compensation, Eviction, Violation.

Why do you think the introduction of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the 1980s is a significant step in ensuring access to justice for all?

Distinguish between judicial activism and judicial restraint.

Under which circumstances, a person may approach the court?

Where can one register case?

The following is a poster made by the Right to Food campaign. Read this poster and list the duties of the government to uphold the Right to Food. How does the phrase "Hungry stomachs, overflowing godowns! We will not accept it!!" used in the poster relate to the photo essay on the Right to Food on page 61?


Class 8 Civics Extra Questions