Understanding Secularism - Class 8 Civics - Extra Questions

Will the government intervene if some religious group says that their religion allows them to practise infanticide? Give reasons for your answer.

List the different types of religious practice that you find in your neighbourhood. This could be different forms of prayer, worship of different gods, sacred sites, different kinds of religious music and singing etc. Does this indicate freedom of religious practice?

ObjectiveWhy is this important?Example of a violation of this
One religious community
does not dominate another.
The State does not enforce
any particular religion nor
take away the religious
freedom of individuals
That some members do not dominate other members of the same religious community.
Complete the following table:

"Secularism is not an ideology of some political parties or persons, but it is one of the foundations of our country." Examine the statement.

Describe any five features of secularism in India. 

This poster alongside highlights the need for Peace. It says, "Peace is a never-ending process...It cannot ignore our differences or overlook our common interests". Write in your own words what you think the above sentences are trying to convey? How does it relate to the need for religious tolerance?

Mention any three constitutional provisions that make India a secular state.

The Indian State keeps away from religion as well as intervenes in its affairs. This is quite confusing. Discuss this by giving examples.

Look up to the annual calendar of holidays of your school. How many of them pertain to different religions? What does this indicate?

Answer the following question in $$25$$ to $$30$$ words.
What measures are taken to ensure that people of different religions will live peacefully?

Match list I with list II and select the correct answer using the codes given below :

Why do we call India a secular and democratic republic? Explain.

Class 8 Civics Extra Questions