Life Lines Of National Economy - Class 10 Geography - Extra Questions

Describe the growing importance of road transport.

What is the role of the Airport Authority of India?

Mention any four merits and any two demerits of air transport.

Three features A, B and C are marked in the given political outline map of India. Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map:

C. Terminal Station of N.H. 7


The Suez canal was opened inHow has it helped India?

Explain the importance of railways as the principal mode of transportation for freight and passengers in India.

How was the opening of Suez Canal important to India?

Why is road transport in India considered more useful than rail transport? State two reasons in support of your answer.

Mention one advantage and one disadvantage each of inland waterways.

Give one disadvantage of air transport. Why is it still a popular means of transportation in India?

Why has the importance of inland waterways declined? Give any two reasons.

What is the Golden Quadrilateral? Mention any two ways in which it will help in the economic development of the country.

Mention two advantages and one disadvantage of waterways.

Roadways are always considered more important than any other means of transportation. Give two reasons in support of the statement.

Write short notes on:  Inland Waterways.

Explain any four bases of international trade. 

Mention any three problems being faced by the Indian Railways.

i. State one important difference between an expressway and a highway.
ii. Name the first expressway constructed in the country.
iii. State a reason why the Northern Rivers are more suitable for navigation than the Deccan Rivers.

i. Why is the Railways an important means of transport as compared to Airways?
ii. State one economic benefit of the Golden Quadrilateral Project.

Describe the utility of Road Transportation.

Which are the major ports of India?

Answer in two sentences:
What are the types of communication?

What are the uses of roads in India?

Draw an outline map of India and locate the following places:
a) Gulf of Mannar
b) Vishakhapatnam
c) Nhava Sheva.

Airways and Waterways.

Which are the commodities carried by pipelines?

Latin America exports __________.

Name the river related to National Waterways No.$$2$$.

Give two ways in which rail transport is useful for the people of India.

(i) State one advantage of inland waterways.
(ii) State one advantage of roadways.
(iii) State one disadvantage of water transport.

Answer the following questions in six sentences each:
Which are the major ports of India?

Give three reasons as to why airways are becoming a popular means of transport in modern India.

Name the state where Tuticorin Sea Port is located.

Mention two reasons why more people use railways rather than airways.

Why is inland waterways declining in its importance? Give two reasons for your answer.

Very short answer type question:
What have replaced the steam engine?

Very short answer type question:
Name any two important ports of the world.

Very short answer type question:
When are helicopters proved to be very useful?

Very short answer type question:
Where do you find a dense network of roads?

List out the regions in India where Inland Water Transport is largely used.

Name the four passes which Manali-Leh highway crosses.

How has the Internet made our lives more comfortable?

Roadways and Railways 

Long answer type question:
Give a detailed description of waterways.

Answer the following : (For Fun)
Mention which mode of communication you will prefer most in the following situations:
(a) Your grandfather has suddenly fallen ill. How will you inform the doctor?
(b) Your mother wants to sell the old house. How will she spread this news?
(c) You are going to attend the marriage of your cousin for which you will be absent from the school for the next two days. How will you inform the teacher?
(d) Your friend has moved out with his/her family to New York. How will you keep in touch on a daily basis?

Distinguish between :
Air ways and Water ways

What is the significance of border roads?

Explain any five major problems faced by road transport in India.

Name two areas where helicopter services may be used?

Efficient means of transport are prerequisites for fast development. Comment.

Give two reasons why peninsular rivers are not ideal for navigation.

Describe the measures taken by the Indian Railways to solve the problems associated with it.

Explain the type of Indian Roads.

Roadways are better mode of transport in India. Explain.

Roads in India are important mode of transport even in the presence of one of the largest rail networks in the world. How roads are still preferred over railways in certain situations?

Rohan a resident of state of Arunachal Pradesh prefer air travel when he has to travel from his college in Delhi to his home state. Most of the people in north eastern state prefer air travel to reach different places in India. Explain

Discuss the classification of roads on the basis of capacity in India?

How tourism makes an impact on the economy of a country like India?

Why is the present railway system in India, called the legacy of British Colonial Rule?

How favorable balance of trade is in the interest of the economy?

The distribution pattern of the Railway network in the country is influenced by physiographic, economic, and administrative factors. Explain.

Why is air travel preferred in the north eastern states?

Railways in India bind the economic life of the country as well as accelerate the development of the industry and agriculture. Comment.

India has benefitted immensely from its waterways. Comment

Why is road transport becoming more popular than other means of transport?

Describe the Golden Quadrilateral Super Highways Project.

What is the role of Inland Waterways Authority of India?

Write a note on the changing nature of the international trade in the last fifteen years.

What is the significance of border roads?

Where and why is rail transport the most convenient means of transportation?

Classify the roads in India on the basis of their functions.

What is meant by trade? What is the difference between international and local trade?

What is the main role of National Highway Authority of India?

Explain the various types of waterways.

What are the main problems and prospects associated with the Indian railways?

Describe the distribution of rail network in India.

Describe the National Waterways as selected by the IWAI.

Describe the main categories of railways gauges in India.

Why is the Indian Railways called the life line of the country?

What is role of Border Roads Organisation and describe their main achievements?

What factors affect the growth and development of inland waterways in India?

"Roadways still have an edge over railways in India." Support the statement with arguments.

Describe any five major problems faced by road transport in India.

Explain improvements made by the Indian Railways in its functioning.

Name a major sea port in the south eastern part of India.

Explain the importance of Railways as a means of transport. 

Name the State where Haldia sea-port is located.

Why is the density of roads higher in North India than in South India?

The Konkan Railway along the west coast of India is a dream come true. Justify.

Explain the reasons for the almost absence of railway network in the northeastern states in India.

Describe the three categories of track system followed in India.

Why is it essential to develop a unigauge system of railways in our country?

What was the status of roads in ancient and medieval India?

How has the railway network progressed since its modest beginning in 1853 A.D.?

In India, there is a gradual change from rail to road dominated transport system. Justify.

What is the significance of inland waterways in India?

What is the significance of waterways in the growth of civilization and economy?

What is meant by International trade? Describe its types.

Explain the Open Sky Policy.

Describe the Konkan Railway Project and what is unique about this project?

What is dredging? In which port is it found?

Which National Highway connects Leh to Kashmir valley and through which pass?

Class 10 Geography Extra Questions