Water Resources - Class 10 Geography - Extra Questions

Why is the conservation of water resources essential in India?

What do you mean by inter-state water disputes? Explain it by giving some example.

Match the multipurpose projects with their respective states. Find out the correct option.

What are the main causes of water scarcity?

Name the main sources of freshwater in India.

What is rain water harvesting?

What is the most important benefit of 'Hydrological cycle'?

Explain the multipurpose projects.

Rain water harvesting is compulsory today. Why?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of multi-purpose river projects.

What are multi-purpose dams on the river valley? Give two examples.

What is the significance of water resources in our country?

Write any four demerits of multi-purpose river projects.

Define ground water?

Describe how modern adaptations of traditional rainwater harvesting methods are being carried out to conserve and store water.

Discuss how rainwater harvesting in semi-arid regions of Rajasthan is carried out.

As compared to dams, why is water harvesting system a more viable alternative?

Why is ground water a highly overused resource?

Suggest some ways for the conservation of water resource.

Why is the scarcity of water increasing day-by-day in India?

What are the main objectives of rainwater harvesting?

How was rainwater harvesting developed in ancient India?

i. Why is well irrigation still a popular means of irrigation? Give two reasons to support your answer.
ii. State the significance of rainwater harvesting.

Mention two advantages of rainwater harvesting.

Give three reasons for conservation of water resources.

Mention any two objectives of rain water harvesting.

Evaluate the objectives for a multipurpose project.

Write short notes on the following.
(i) Biogas
(ii) Roof top rain water harvesting.

The reservoir which is built across the river Sutlej is ___________.

Explain which way rainwater harvesting is carried out in arid and semi arid regions of Rajasthan.

(i) What is rain water harvesting?
(ii) What are the advantages of rain water harvesting?
(iii) Name two water harvesting systems practised in India.

Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow:
i. Name the activity shown in the diagram.
ii. Give two objectives of the activity named in (d)(i).


Answer the following questions in about eight to ten sentences:
What are the main objectives of Multi-purpose River Valley Projects? 

''Traditional harvesting system is useful system to conserve and store water.''Highlight the importance of this system with two examples. 

What are multi-purpose river valley projects? What are their are objectives?

How do increasing number of industries exert pressure on existing fresh water resources?

Write any two advantages of rain water harvesting. 

(i) Differentiate between Surface water and Ground water.
(ii) Mention two reasons to explain as to why we are facing water scarcity in recent times.

State the method for rainwater harvesting.

Class 10 Geography Extra Questions