Minerals And Energy Resources - Class 10 Geography - Extra Questions

What are the main characteristics of mineral resources?

How do minerals occur in sedimentary rocks?

What is the importance of lignite coalfields of Tamil Nadu?

Which region is the largest producer of coal in India?

Name the states in India that have significant reserves of manganese.

When and where was the first coal mine opened in India?

Name the four most important coal producing states of India.

Name two special features of coal mined from the Gondwana coalfields.

Name the main Teritary coal producing states of India.

Name the main varieties of iron ore and the iron content present in each one of them.

Three features A, B and C are marked in the given political outline map of India. Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map:

A. Mica mines


How can solar energy solve the energy problem to some extent in India ? Give your opinion.

Why has the 'Chhotanagpur Plateau Region' the maximum concentration of iron and steel industries? Analyze the reasons.

Which are the major states producing manganese in India?

Give names of Non-ferrous minerals. Describe any two.

Why is conservation of mineral resources essential? Explain.

Why is there a great demand for mica in the world?

Write any two uses of Copper mineral.

Give the names of four important types of iron ore found in India.

i. Name the state that produces the largest amount of limestone.
ii. State two uses of limestone.

Answer the following:
(i) State one industrial use of copper.
(ii) Mention one advantage of generating power from bio-gas.
(iii) Name the mineral that toughens steel and makes it rust-proof.

Name the following.
i. An offshore oil field in the Gulf of Cambay.
ii. An oil refinery in Bihar.

State an important industrial use of:
i. Manganese
ii. Coal
iii. Aluminium

(i) Name the metal obtained from Bauxite. Give any one use of the metal mentioned by you.
(ii) Which multi-purpose project provides power to both Punjab and Himachal Pradesh?

(i) Mention one advantage of the use of natural gas over coal or petroleum.
(ii) Name one offshore oil field of India.

Give two advantages that non-conventional energy sources have other conventional energy sources.

What is a mineral?

Why do we need to conserve mineral resources?

Name one use of any one mineral.

Describe the distribution of coal in India.

Name the mineral which is converted to aluminium.

Name two varieties of iron ore used in industry.

Name two west coast and two inland oil-refineries in India.

Name the mineral which is used in the manufacture of cement.

How is the low grade iron ore utilized?

Which state is the largest producer of mineral oil?

Name the mica producing places of India.

Why is mica one of the most indispensable minerals used in electric and electronic industries?

Explain any four non-conventional energy sources. 

Name the mineral the largest deposits of which are found in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh.

Give geographical reasons why: The location of coal fields is an important factor in industrial development.

Name two leading states producing manganese.

What is an ore? Where are the ores of metallic minerals generally located?

Name any three common minerals used by you every day.

Distinguish between the followings: Ferrous and nonferrous minerals

Distinguish between metallic and nonmetallic minerals.

Distinguish between the ferrous and non-ferrous minerals.

Which state is the largest producer of manganese in India? Mention any four uses of manganese.

Distinguish between conventional and non-conventional sources of energy

Why do you think that solar energy has a bright future in India?

Name the iron and steel plant located in Chhattisgarh.

How are 'Gobar gas plants' beneficial to the farmers ?

Name the non-metallic mineral which can split easily into thin sheets. Mention its uses.

What are non-conventional energy resource? Explain their importance

What are the important mineral resources available in India?

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
Aluminium is produced from _________  ore.

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
Mica is also called __________________ in Kannada.

Mention the types of iron ore produced in India?

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
Stalactities and Stalagmites are most common in _________.

Mention any two uses of manganese.

State the most important use of the following:
i. Iron ore
ii. Bauxite.

Name the mineral used in the manufacture of ___________.
(i) Cement
(ii) Aluminium
(iii) Synthetics

State two reasons why limestone is a valuable mineral.

Which state is the leading producer of the following minerals?
(i) Coal
(ii) Oil
(iii) Manganese

Name the ore of aluminium. Describe two main uses of aluminium.

Name the following :
i. An off-shore oil field of India.
ii. An iron ore mine of Karnataka.

Name any two industrial products for which limestone is used as a source of raw material.

Name the following :
i. Largest coal field of India.
ii. Oldest oil-field of India.
iii. Best variety of iron ore.

Name the :
i. Largest oil refinery in the Public sector.
ii. State that is the largest producer of coal.
iii. Best variety of iron ore.

i. Name the metal extracted from Bauxite.
ii. Mention two uses of this metal.

Name one important area that has large coal deposits in the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal.

"Formation of coal is a long d process spread over various period". Elaborate the statement with examples in Indian context. 

Name the place where petroleum is mined in india.

Distinguish between :
Thermal energy and Hydro electricity.

Answer the following questions in a sentence each:
Why do the construction companies provide more demand for aluminium?

"Minerals are an indispensable part of our lives." Support this statement with examples.

Name the minerals found in chhattisgarh?

Name two non-ferrous Minerals.

"Consumption of energy in all forms has been rising all over the country. There is an urgent need to develop a sustainable path of energy development and energy saving". Suggest and explain any three measures to solve this burning problem. 

"India is highly dependent on coal for meeting its commercial energy requirement". Support this statement with three arguments. 

"Nuclear energy is expected to play an increasingly important role in India." Give arguments to support this statement. 

"There is a pressing need for using renewable energy sources in India." Justify the statement. 

Why is conservation of mineral resources essential? Explain any three methods of conserving mineral resources.

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
In India, _________ and __________ states have highest iron ore deposit.

Mica is used in ______ industries.

Minerals are _________ source of energy.

A material which is found in nature and is useful to human is called a __________.

Explain the role of minerals in economic development country?

How do minerals occur on the Earth?

"Minerals occur in various forms". Support this statement with examples.

Class 10 Geography Extra Questions