Manufacturing Industries - Class 10 Geography - Extra Questions

Describe the early experiments with the iron and steel industry in India.

Answer the following question in six sentences:
What are the factors influencing the location of Industries?

Why are jute factories concentrated more in West Bengal?

In what way does the cotton industry contribute to the economy of India? Mention any three relevant factors.

What are Industrial town?

What are the factors influencing the location of an industry?

Give two suggestions for progress of cotton textile industry in India.

What is the importance of jute textile industry in India?

'Though Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of sugar mills yet Maharashtra is the largest producer of sugar'. Give any two reasons to justify the statement.

Write a note on Synthetic Textile industry in India.

Name the products and by-products of sugar industry?

Distinguish between agro-based industry and mineral based industry.

Write a short note on sugar industry.

How does Mumbai's climate help in cotton cultivation?

Who were the pioneer entrepreneurs to invest in the cotton textile industry?

Mention three problems of the sugar industry in India.

Which is a seasonal agro-based industry?

Which are the main factors which influence the location of an industry?

What are the advantages of locating industries near big cities?

Explain the factors which support dairy farming near big urban centres.

Which industrty is often referred to as the backbone of modern industry and why?

Name any three physical factors for the location of the industry.

How do industries pollute the environment?

Name any three human factors for the location of an industry.

Give two examples each of the mineral-based, agro-based and the forest-based industries.

What problems did the jute industry face after India's partition?

Name the range of equipments produced for the agricultural sector in our country.

Which places or states in India are the major producers of cement and paper making units?

Name the states where woolen mills have been set up in India.

The important raw material for the sugar industry is ______.

Mention three problems of the jute textile industry in India.

i. State two major problems faced by the sugar industry.
ii. Name two by products of the sugar industry.

i. State one of the main problems of the silk industry.
ii. Name two products of the jute industry, other than rope and gunny bags.
iii. Why are synthetic fibres popular?

Name an agro-based industry based in the following industrial centre: Ahmedabad.

i. Why is the cotton textile industry called an agro-based industry?
ii. Give an important reason for it being more widespread than the jute industry.

Mention two problems of the cotton textile industry in India.

State three favourable conditions responsible for the growth of the jute industry in West Bengal.

Name a few agro-based industries in India.

When and where was the first modern sugar factory set up in India?

What is manufacturing?

How are integrated steel plants different from mini steel plants? What problems does the industry face? What recent developments have led to a rise in the production capacity?

Why cotton textile industry rapidly expanded in Mumbai?

Discuss the steps to be taken to minimise environmental degradation by industry?

Name the factors which influence the location of a cotton textile mill.

Jute industry is basically a raw material oriented industry. Justify.

How much sugarcane is needed to produce about 1 ton of crystal sugar?

What factors have helped in the growth of industries in the National Capital Region?

What is the significance of the cotton textile industry in India?

Why are the cotton textile factories concentrated near well-connected markets?

What are the main problems of the sugar industry in India?

What is the position of India as a sugar producing nation in the world?

Why did the indigo planters start cultivating sugarcane in Bihar?

The sugar mills are located only in the sugarcane producing areas. Explain.

Name the factors that led to the development of jute industry along the Hooghly river.

Where and when was the first modern jute mill established in India?

What are the main problems faced by the iron and steel industry in India?

Name at least one centre of jute industry in each of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Why has Mumbai become one of the major textile manufacturers? Give any three points to support your answer.

Why is iron and steel industry called the basic industry? Explain any three reasons.

Where was the first jute mill set-up in India?

What do you understand by manufacturing?

Why Mumbai Is known as the 'Lancashere of India.

Why is the economic strength of a country measured by the development of manufacturing industries? Explain with examples.

Analyse the role of chemical industries in the Indian economy.

Give an account on Iron and Steel Industry in India Under the following heads:
(a) Availability of raw material 
(b) Main Centres of the industry.   

With reference to the cotton textile industry answer the following questions:
i. Give two reasons why Mumbai is an important cotton textile industry.
ii. Mention two more important centres of cotton textile industry in India.

Mention any two problems faced by the cotton textile industry of India.

'The Iron and Steel industry constitutes the backbone of modern industrial economy'. Give two reasons to justify the statement.

"The textile industry occupies a unique position in Indian economy." Elaborate this statement with appropriate arguments.

Distinguish between :
Agro based Industry and Mineral based industry 

Describe any three problems of small scale and cottage Industries in India. 

Explain the reasons for concentration of iron and steel industries in and around Chotanagpur region. 

"Iron and Steel industry is the basic as well as heavy industry". Justify the statement with suitable examples.

Industries are responsible for developing urban areas. Discuss

What are the inputs, processes and output of the iron and steel industry?

How does natural vegetation act as a boon for industries?

There have been fluctuations in the production of sugar in India. Justify.

Mention three advantages that a mini steel plant has over an integrated steel plant.

Class 10 Geography Extra Questions