MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Quiz with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10th Elements of Business Quiz with Answers

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Communication In Business Organisations Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Communication In Business Organisations Questions and Answers

Communication In Business Organisations Quiz Question Answer
________ includes the name and address of the reader.
The letter must include a _________.
B revokes his acceptance by telegram. B's revocation is complete as against B : When the telegram is dispatched
A revokes his proposal to B by telegram. The revocation is complete as against B: When B receives it
A person is sound mind for the purposes of contracting: All of the above
Which one of the following is a form of informal communication? Grapevine
Mainly in business the purpose of writing is to _______. both inform and persuade
Crosswise communication is also known as _________. Diagonal communication
Which of the following is NOT a consideration when choosing words to communicate an idea? Whether the message will be printed or sent via e-mail
Grapevine consists of a complex network of _______ communication. informal

Joint Stock Company Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Joint Stock Company Questions and Answers

Joint Stock Company Quiz Question Answer
As per the Companies Act, what is the maximum number of directors a public company can have? No limit is prescribed
Tick mark the correct answer.
The company auditor has a right of access to.
All the above
Identify the limitation(s) of Contract Manufacturing. All of the above
As per _____ of the Companies Act, 2013 "company" means a company incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 or under any previous company law. Section 2(20)
Who appoints the members of the board of directors? Shareholders
Who are the true owners of a joint stock company? Shareholders
Who undertakes the management and control of the affairs of the company on behalf of owners? Board of directors
The structure of an organisation in which there is separation of ownership and management is called ________. company
The appropriate sequence of the formation for a company are in the following order:
Promotion, incorporation, capital subscription and commencement of business
Outsourcing a part or entire production and concentrating on marketing operations in international business is known as ________. Contract manufacturing

Large Scale Retail Trade Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Large Scale Retail Trade Questions and Answers

Large Scale Retail Trade Quiz Question Answer
Name the advantages offered by Multiple shops to its customers. All of the above
Goods are kept on racks with clearly labelled price and quality tags in such stores. This is a feature of which of the following store? Super Markets
Each retail shop in case of chain stores is under the direct control of the ____________. branch manager
Major disadvantage of large shop retailers are that they lack in providing personalized service to the customers. True
The biggest advantage of mail-order business from the point of view of consumers is that unnecessary middlemen between the buyers and sellers are eliminated. True
_______ can be useful for selling pre-packed brands of low priced products which have high turnover and which are uniform in size and weight. Vending machines
The ________  may raise costs in super markets. mishandling of goods by customers
Operating costs of running a supermarket is less because of which of the following factors? Being operational on a large scale
Under Mail Order House, for obtaining orders, potential customers are approached through _________. all of the above
By selling directly to the consumers, the multiple-shop organisation is able to eliminate unnecessary middlemen in the sale of goods and services. True

Selling Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Selling Questions and Answers

Selling Quiz Question Answer
Effective writers visualize ______ before writing Publisher
Press releases are usually sent to the :
(I) Newspapers
(II) Government
(III) Electronic media
(IV) Leading new agencies
(V) Local authorities
Select the correct answer from the options given below.
(I), (II) and (IV) only
Which of the following is usually published by charitable institutions? Non-commercial advertising
E-Correspondence is an electronic, cost-effective and fastest mode of communication as of today. True
The psychological success of an advertisement depends on its ability to make the people _______.
look, like, learn and buy
An _____ means that only the company employees that are set up on the server can access the company pages. Intranet
The advertisement-"Usha: today's best selling fans", is an example of _______.
suggestive value
Advertising benefits to. All the above
Objections against advertising. All the above
Which of the following does not match with misleading claims and vulgarity in advertisement? Ethics in advertising

Sellling And Distribution Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Sellling And Distribution Questions and Answers

Sellling And Distribution Quiz Question Answer
The terms purchasing and procurement should not be seen as synonymous. As such, which of the following statements do you think has greatest validity? Procurement has a broader meaning than purchasing
_________ is the operation of continuously arranging receipts and issues in such a way so as to ensure that stock balances in quantity and/or value. Inventory control
Under network marketing the product reaches the customers from the

Manufacturers via distributors
Responsibilities that are carried by Stores Department include _____. all of the above
________ is the main factor in timely execution of industrial projects. Purchasing
Locating sources of supply is also called as ______. Product planning
________ is the basis for placing the purchase order for materials and supplies. Purchase requisition
Under internal marketing _________ are treated as internal customers. employees
One of the most negatively-perceived versions of ______ is known as robo-calling, telemarketing
Buyers can exercise high bargaining power over their suppliers if _________. all of the above

Sources Of Business Finance Class 10 Elements Of Business MCQ Quiz

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Sources Of Business Finance Questions and Answers

Sources Of Business Finance Quiz Question Answer
The life of a company is not affected by the ___ of a share holder. All of above
Expand ICD. Inter-corporate Deposit
Who, among the following, are called owners of the company? Equity shareholders
Debenture holders are also referred to as _______________. Creditors of the Company
The Principal sources of capital at the earliest stages of the firm ______________. Both (a) and (b)
A stock dividend is paid out of ________________. retained earnings
Funds are raised_____________. All of the above
The use of borrowings for the purpose of financial advantage for residual stockholders is also called ____________. Trading on equity
Which of the following is a requirement of financing a plan? Matching financial resources to physical targets
External sources includes :- All of the above

CBSE Class 10th Elements of Business Sample Paper MCQ Questions with Answers

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