Environmental Chemistry - Class 11 Medical Chemistry - Extra Questions

The smoke and dust particles are not the cause of air pollution.

____________ the second layer of the atmosphere reaches $$48 $$ km above the earth's surface.

What are the causes of water pollution? Discuss how can you contribute in reducing the water pollution.

Discuss why pesticides are used in very accurate concentration and in very appropriate manner?

In Antarctica ozone depletion is due to the formation of following compound.

What is ozone depletion?

Discuss why pesticides are used in very accurately in plants?

For your agricultural field or garden you have developed a compost producing pit. Discuss the process in the light of bad odour, flies and recycling of wastes for a good produce .

What are the major causes of water pollution? Explain.

What do you mean by Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

What are pesticides and herbicides? Explain with examples.

What do you mean by green chemistry? How will it help decrease environmental pollution?

Explain 'tropospheric pollution' in 100 words or less.

Do you observe any soil pollution in your neighbourhood? What efforts will you make for controlling the soil pollution?

How water gets polluted? How the pollution can be minimised?

Why does the increased level of nutrients in the water affect the survival of aquatic organisms?

How is the ecosystem under threat due to waste accumulation?

Which aerosol depletes ozone layer?

Why do we care about atmospheric ozone?

Write in details about the production of stratospheric ozone?

Explain stratosphere.

Explain the stratospheric pollution.

Explain the stratospheric chemical reaction.

What do you understand by ozone layer? Write an essay to participate in the elocution competition on the importance of ozone layer.

What emissions from human activities lead to ozone depletion? And what are the principle steps in stratospheric ozone depletion caused by human activities?

Give uses of ethanol as fuel. How it conserves fossil fuel.

What is sewage? Explain why it is harmful to discharge untreated sewage into rivers or seas?

2011 is the international year of chemistry. "Chemistry is our life, our future", is the motto.
"Chemistry is not a problem but a solution" is the message of green chemistry. Explain the relevance of this message.

What do you mean by the following:
i. Sewage
ii. Eutrophication
iii. Recycling

Very Short Type Question
How is ozone important for us?

What is green chemistry? Write one importance of green chemistry.

How pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are effecting the ecosystems?

What is an ozone layer in the starts the distribution of the ozone layer in the stratosphere?

Name of the chemical responsible for destructive of the ozone layer. Start the main  chemical from these chemicals which is responsible for more then $$80\%$$ onzen depletion. Start the man -made applications which make of the chemical.

What is meant by soil erosion?

Explain any six principles of green chemistry. 

Which liquid is found on the feather of birds and animal fur?

Which type of fertilisers pollute water?

"Solving the problem of pollution is an effective way of environmental management" Justify the statement.

Fill in the blanks : 
Use of excessive .............. by farmers causes water pollution.

What is Green Chemistry?

a) Name the following method of solid waste management.
b) What type of waste is used in this method ?
c) What kind of useful substance can be obtained from such methods ?

Write the future products of Green chemistry.

What are the principal chemical species present in the stratosphere?

Can pollution of environment occur without human intervention? Explain.

Describe stratosphere briefly.

Describe troposphere briefly.

Define pollution. Give its main causes.

Name the regions of atmosphere where global warming and ozone depletion phenomenon occur.

Give three suggestions for minimising pollution.

What is the wavelength range of the ultraviolet radiation which is removed in the stratosphere?

Growth in human population has direct effect on pollution. Explain.

How can air pollution be controlled.

Define green chemistry.

What do you mean by green chemistry? How it will help in decreasing environmental pollution?

What suggestions would you like to give to minimise the pollution?

Name at least four soil pollutants. Explain one of them.

Define green chemistry. What are its objectives?

Discuss the importance of dissolved oxygen in water. How is COD of a polluted water measured?

Define pollution. Give an account of environmental pollutants. Describe their sources and suggest suitable methods of control of air pollution.

What are the major sources of water pollution? Discuss the nature of the pollutants involved and suggest methods of control.

Do you observe any soil pollution in your neighbourhood?
What efforts will you make for controlling the soil pollution?

How should the management of domestic and industrial wastes be done?

Write an essay on green chemistry.

What do you understand by BOD and COD? How are these determined? Which one is preferred?

Differentiate between afforestation and deforestation

Explain the strategies which should be adopted to control environmental pollution.

Why does water covered with excessive algae growth become polluted ?

Ozone is a gas heavier than air. Why does ozone layer do not settle down near the earth ?

Ozone is a toxic gas and is a strong oxidising agent even then its presence in the stratosphere is very important. Explain what would happen if ozone from this region is completely removed ?

What are the point sources of water pollution?

What is the importance of measuring BOD of a water body ?

Name any two :
Natural sources of atmospheric pollution.

Define the following terms 

List the advantages of 'reduce' and 'reuse' to save environment.

Answer in brief: Why is tap water a mixture?

What are the components of clean , dry air ?

Explain the effect of sulphur dioxide on the atmosphere.

What are the main causes of water pollution? How can it be controlled?

State the sources and effects of the following gases :
Water vapour 

How can you apply green chemistry for the following:
   To avoid use of halogenated solvents in dry cleaning and that of chlorine in bleaching.

Define pollution.

Describe the methods of saving ozone layer .

Which radiations are absorbed by atmospheric gas?

Besides air pollution, what are the problems that may arise when garbage is heaped? Discuss and record. 

Define an environmental pollutant. What do you understand by an environmental pollution model?

The pollutants such as $$ NO_2 , SO_2 $$ and $$ SO_3 $$  dissolved in the moisture of air are the cause of __________ .

Afforestation helps in soil______.

What steps does government introduced to stop the air pollution in Delhi?

What is COD? Which chemical substance is generally used in its measurement? 

Name any four methods for waste management.

What do you mean by “inversion temperature” in different regions of the atmosphere?

Which zone is called the ozonosphere?

Define environmental pollution. List three episodes of the recent past of environmental pollution.

What are the different sources of soil pollution? Name the pollutants being added by them.

Why COD is preferred over BOD?

"Oxygen plays a key role in the troposphere while ozone ln the stratosphere". Elucidate.

Fish do not grow as well in warm water as in cold water. Why?

Quote three incidents which proved disastrous due to environmental pollution. How can you classify environmental pollutants and environmental pollution into different types?

How is ozone formed in the stratosphere?

Why is use of excess fertiliser detrimental for environment?

What are the reactions involved for ozone layer depletion in the stratosphere?

Match the following sources of soil contamination.

Describe why stratosphere is important for earth?

Match the Column I and Column II and pick the correct matching from the codes given below.

Write short notes on,  (a) Biological concentration and magnification,  (b)DDT,  (C) Bordeaux mixture,  (d) IPM,  (e) Natural insecticides,  (f) Biopesticides,  (g) Bioinsecticides

The spores of Bacillus thuringiensis are used as bioinsecticide. Comment.

How have human activities caused desertification? Explain.

A Crane had DDT level of 5 ppm in its body. What would happen to the population of such birds?

Define the following terms:
a) Malathion
b) Simazine 
c) Disulfoton

A little amount of fertilizer makes your lawn grow better but a larger amount of the same kills grasses. Why?

Define a) Dalapon b) Metolachlor

Name any four gaseous pollutants.

Fill in the blanks in the following: 
A lead compound known as ...... is used as an antiknock in the petroleum industry to increase the efficiency of fuel consumption.

Describe the following in brief:
Ozone deletion over Antarctica (do not write reaction)

How can you apply green chemistry for the following:
   To reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel.

A farmer using pesticides on his farm. He used the produce of his farm as food for rearing fishes. He was told that fishes were not fit for human consumption because large amount of pesticides had accumulated in the tissues of fishes. Explain how did this happen ?

Answer the following question in your own words.

Which precautions will you take during the spraying of pesticides?

What is Green Chemistry and what are its contributions in prevention of pollution?

What chemical reactions are occurring in the stratosphere?

Discuss about 'Ozone Depletion and its solution'.

What are Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSCs)?

How to reduce the rate of depletion of ozone layer?

What is the role of dichloroethane and dibromoethane when added to gasoline along with tetraethyl lead?

What is anoxia or asphyxiations?

Name three methods generally used in green chemistry.

What do you understand by (i) polar stratospheric clouds (ii) polar vortex?

Give three examples in which green chemistry has been applied.

COD is found by using______.

Give some examples of the achievements of green chemistry.

What do you understand by (i) Mists (i) Smoke (iii) Fumes and (iv) Dust?

How does oxygen reach water? How is the oxygen content of a sample of water measured?

Comment on the statementGreen chemistry is an alternative tool for reducing pollution.

Class 11 Medical Chemistry Extra Questions