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Class 12 Business Studies MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

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Business Environment Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Business Environment Questions and Answers

Business Environment Quiz Question Answer

Integrating domestic economy with world economy is called ________.

The most important elements in the micro environment of the business are _______.
Business environment refers to ___________.
all external factors which have a direct or indirect bearing in the activities of business
According to New Industrial Policy (1991)
Which is incorrect?
In projects where imported capital goods are required, automatic clearance will be given in any cases.
As per New Industrial Policy, 1991, the following were referred to Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction.
Sick Public Sector Units
Which of the following does not explain the impact of Government policy changes on business and industry? Change in agricultural prices
There is a close and  ________ interaction between the business and its environment. continuous
The insecurity about tomorrow's products that haven't even been invented yet, reflects which aspect of the technological environment? The fast pace of technological change
Analyzing process of change in the business environment involves conceptualizing it as ________. dynamic
PESTLE analysis is a useful tool for understanding the 'big picture' of the ________ in which an entrepreneur is planning to operate. Environment

Consumer Protection Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Consumer Protection Questions and Answers

Consumer Protection Quiz Question Answer
The desirable method of consumer protection is ___________.
Imposition of self regulation and discipline by the manufacturers and traders on themselves
Branch office kind of business form _________. can undertake activity which is, specifically permitted
A hire purchaser of the goods __________. Has an option to return the goods (or) buy it
Which of the following statements is true in the context of delivery of wrong quantity?
Right to rejection of wrong goods is subject to the general rule of law
According to the Section 2(7) of the Sale fo Goods Act, 1930, which of the following has not been included in the term of goods ?

Food served in a hotel
The provision for establishment of a 'District Consumer Protection Council' was made by the year _________ . 2002
A _______ is generally understood as a person who uses or consumes goods or avails of any service consumer
Consumer protection has a moral justification for business. True
The consumer protection act provides for six consumer rights. True
In addition to rights, a consumer also has some responsibilities. True

Controlling Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Controlling Questions and Answers

Controlling Quiz Question Answer
A holding company is one which controls one or more other companies by means of______________. Either (A) or (B) or (C)
Which of the following defines decision making? 
The process of selecting one action from two or more alternative courses of action
The longest path in the network of PERT/CPM is identified as _________ path. Critical
Which of the following is not an advantage of management audit? It ensures updating of upcoming managerial policies and strategies in the light of environmental changes.
Remy wants to separate his property from his neighbor's. He has proposed building a wooden fence on the property line. His neighbor Lucia thinks a wooden fence would be an eyesore. This scenario call for a ____________________ approach. integrative
Which of the following is correct in relation to "overcoming to resistance to change"? All of above
How have electronic data interchange (EDI) systems effected audits? Auditors often need to plan ahead to capture information about selected transaction over the EDI.
Management audit is a technique to keep a check on the performance of ________. Management of the Company
Through job evaluation we can ensure about ___________. Internal equity
The contents of job description includes _________. All of these above

Directing Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Directing Questions and Answers

Directing Quiz Question Answer
Mass communication tools available to marketers include ___________. all the above
Transfer from Executive level Ill to VI is a ___________. upgrading
________also known as grapevine. Informal communication
Under the time or day wage system ________.
the worker is paid a certain sum for a fixed period of time
The end to motivation will be __________. satisfying wants
Motivation is a complex process because __________. both c & b
Promotion of employee morale indicates ________.
all of the above
What is the main advantage of a day wage system?
It is simple in calculation
What does the term upgrading refer to?
A small scale promotion
Which of the following is NOT a barrier to effective communication? Channel richness

Financial Management Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Financial Management Questions and Answers

Financial Management Quiz Question Answer
The cost of funds raised through debt in the form of_____________. All of the above. 
Working capital is _______________. Either (a) or (b)
Permanent working capital is the ________________. minimum amount of current assets which is needed to conduct a business even during the dullest season
If on account of inadequacy of profits, a company wants to pay dividends out of previous year's reserves, it has to follow the rules made by Central Government
'Dividend' is defined under the fol1lowing section if Income Tax Act, 196 Section 2(22)
More working capital is required during the period of _______. prosperity
Dividend warrants must be posted within ______ days from the date of declaration of dividend. 30
Factors determining working capital: All the above
The dividend policy of a company is evolved within the framework of ___________. All the above
Which of the following is not a principle of working capital management? Principle of liquidity

Financial Market Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Financial Market Questions and Answers

Financial Market Quiz Question Answer
The relationship between the price of a share and the sensex is measurably _____________. Alfa
Capital market means _____________. Securities Market
Sale of securities after the trading hours of the stock exchange is known as _______________. Kerb dealing
Stock exchange deals with the _________________. Second-hand securities
Which of the following objectives states the key role of SEBI in economic development of the country? Promoting and developing capital market
The process by which allocation of funds is done is called ____. financial intermediation
_______ means the admission of securities of a company to trading on a stock exchange. Listing
The process of holding shares in electronic form is known as
Which of the following participants represent capital market?
All of the above
They can be issued to individuals, corporations and companies during periods of tight liquidity when the deposit growth of banks is slow but the demand for credit is high.
Certificate of deposit

Marketing Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Marketing Questions and Answers

Marketing Quiz Question Answer
Which one of the following is not the mode of Direct Distribution System? Trading mediators
Which of the following is a brand name? None of the above
Secondary package refers to ________________________.
Additional layers of protection
Airtight containers and packets used for chips, biscuits and jams etc., are the example of ______________. Product Protection
Which of the following is a quality of a good salesperson? All of the above
Keeping the view of marketing an organization that enjoys competitive advantage in an industry has done so by ________. creating superior value for consumers
Which of the following statement is not true? Advertisements are never targeted to improve sales
Which one of the following is not a part of 'marketing mix'? Planning
Film production is done by which method of production? Job method
Marketing is a _______ concept than selling broader

Nature And Significance Of Management Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Nature And Significance Of Management Questions and Answers

Nature And Significance Of Management Quiz Question Answer
The principle of management are significant because of ________. Optimum Utilization of Resources
Which of the following is not a function of management ? Co-operating
Which of the following is not an objective of management? Policy-making
Who coined the word POSDCORB about functions of management? Luther Gulick
The subject matter of personnel management is? Human being
which of the following statement is false? We can have the same kind of experimentation in management as is possible in natural sciences.
Which of the following is exact science? All of above
According to Theo Haimann, a managerial linking process would be ___________. Coordination
Coordination is required because _________. All of the above
Successful coordination of activities results from effectively carrying out the function: All of the above

Organising Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Organising Questions and Answers

Organising Quiz Question Answer
Whole Brain Model is given by _________. Ned Herrmann
Which one of the following is not a function of a leader in an organisation? Fixing the remuneration package of the employees
Who has given Personality-job fit theory? John Holland
The design of an organisation that identifies the organisation's hierarchical reporting authority relationship is known as ____________. Organisational structure
An organisation that hires workers without regard to their membership in a labour union known as ____________. Open shop
The subjective factor theory of recruitment refers to ____________. both (a) and (c)
Chi-square distribution is __________. continuous
What are the three factors on which the determination of an individual's behaviour depends?
Distinctiveness, Consensus, Consistency
When an individual displays different behaviours in different situation, it refers ___________ behaviour of an individual. distinctiveness
Who proposed Attribution Theory? B. Weiner

Planning Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Planning Questions and Answers

Planning Quiz Question Answer
The conversion of strategic goals into managed executions is called _________. operational planning
Broadly speaking, administration is concerned with ________. planning and organizing
It involves looking ahead and projecting the future course of events ________________. Forecasting
Which one of the following is not a myth about business plans? Business plans should be concise and well written
Out of, the following which are to be considered as a part of seven trends that the organisation will face in next decades as they fight to survive, grow and remain competitive? All of the above
A series of related steps or tasks expressed in a chronological order is called _________. procedure
_______ was defined by Strategic planning. All of the above
Which of the following is the fruitful source for identifying business opportunities? All of the give option.
Collective Bargaining is a ___________. bipartite process
Newmann and summer classified managing process as Both a & b

Principles Of Management Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Principles Of Management Questions and Answers

Principles Of Management Quiz Question Answer
The cost of capital of a firm is _____________________________. The minimum rate of return it must earn on its investments to keep its investors satisfied.
Much of current knowledge of selection techniques, employee training and work design is built on the work of Hugo Munsterberg.
Hugo Munsterberg combined scientific management and industrial psychology in his work.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Both 1 and 2
Which of the following are associated with the Scientific Management Movement?
Functional foremanship
Time and motion study
Unity of command
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
1 and 3
The leveraging of a firm's internal resources, capabilities and core competencies accomplish the firm's goals in a competitive environment is known as ___________. strategic intent
One of the following is a training, provided to enhance decision making skills __________. Behavioural modelling
The quality of information is measured by its ___________.
he process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interest, knowledge, motivations; acquires information about opportunities; identifies career goals; and establishes action plans to attain those goals is called _____________. Career management
The process by which an organisation tries to determine what needs to be done to achieve corporate objectives and how these objectives are to be met is known as _______________. strategic management
The principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or organization are what comprise ____________________. Value System
Who is popularly known as the father of 'scientific management'? Frederick Taylor

Staffing Class 12 Commerce Business Studies MCQ Quiz

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Staffing Questions and Answers

Staffing Quiz Question Answer
BARS is combination of ________. critical incident technique and rating scale
Job posting is __________ . an internal method of recruitment
Who said ''Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in organisation''? Edwin B. Flippo
Job posting is ________ . a method of recruitment
Which is a component of work design? Both (a) and (b)
Group of people who take on responsibilities of their former supervisors, is termed as __________.
Self-managed work teams
Who is responsible for recruitment procedure? Line Official
Which is one of the key component of team effectiveness? Work design
The basic assumption made for using _______________ is that employees are distinguishable as outstanding, above average, average, below average and poor; and their number conforms to a normal frequency distribution e.g. 10% each in the highest and lowest categories, 20% each in the above average and below average categories, and 40% in the average category. forced distribution method
Importance of personnel is in Both a & b

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